Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Anita Hoge's Call to Activism

What Citizens Can Do

Anita Hoge's groundbreaking article, "The Greatest Christmas Present to America 2014," published yesterday on abcsofdumbdown is now also posted on NewsWithViews. Anita has now followed up with some important activism. She advises:

My article gives a link for every state to look up their National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) grant for a state longitudinal data system that uses a "national unique ID" and connects to the national data warehouse. This is a "womb to workplace" system that monitors individuals creating a complete government dossier including attitudes, values, and beliefs. 

Background information (4 articles): 
The Greatest Christmas Present to America 2014 
Pennsylvania Citizens Call for Moratorium on Data Collection: The Story Behind the Pennsylvania Press Release and Open Letter

Follow These Steps:

  • Read my comprehensive overview on Charlotte Iserbyt's blog:
  • Please share this article with other states. 
  • Please send this article all over the United States to all of your friends, neighbors, and relatives. 
  • Send my article to your elected representatives. 
  • Get your state longitudinal data system and read what the government has in store for you in the tracking and trafficking of your family.
  • Demand an investigation into this data tracking and trafficking. 
  • Please look at Pennsylvania's Press Release as a model to request your moratorium in your state. 
If you want to see the national model, look at Pennsylvania's grant first.

  • Sec of Labor letter, page 48 of 174
  • Connecting wages and SSN, page 48 of 174
  • EScholar, page 16 of 174
  • FERPA needed changed, page 19 of 174
  • Standardize the content, page 23 of 174
  • National ID, page 36 of 174