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Is Gov. Jindal Breaking the Law?


Below is an important national alert from The People LLC in Louisiana, 11/20/2014. It is reproduced in its entirety. The original is posted HERE. Please spread the word about what is happening! 

During the 2014 Louisiana Legislative Session, the legislature unanimously passed Act 837 which provides the strongest student privacy protections in the nation.  The main objective of the law is to keep students' Personally Identifiable Information (PII) at the school district level. 

Additionally, the law provides for Unique Identification Numbers (UIN) to replace the use of social security numbers in student records. Parents all over the state felt that this was necessary due to the careless actions of the state’s own Superintendent of Education, Mr. John White, who actually gave student social security numbers to a Third Party Vendor.  The state Department of Education (DOE) is charged with assigning the Unique Identification Numbers to the districts so that duplicate numbers will not be used.  The districts are then charged with assigning the UIN to each student.
On October 1st of 2014, Governor Jindal’s Division of Administration (DOA) issued an RFP (Request for Proposal) on behalf of the DOE claiming the system that is described in the RFP is required to comply with Act 837. 

But a funny thing happened on the way to the RFP.  Somehow, the law has been ignored and instead of requesting just a "Number System," the RFP actually asks for a “Unique Identifier System”.  The Unique Number System that was envisioned by the Act is one which simply creates a system of unique numbers that are put in batches and distributed to the school districts.  
Louisiana Gov. Jindal

In the governor’s RFP, that straightforward system has now been replaced with a Unique Identifier System.  The system that the DOA and the DOE intend to build will require that our children's PII be maintained at the state level rather than locked-down at the school district level.   

Two additional concerns are that, according to the RFP, students' PII will be housed in a "Master Person Index"  and it will be maintained by a THIRD PARTY VENDOR.  Under the RFP, this Vendor will actually be considered a “school official” and shall be granted access to our children’s educational records.  The RFP also states that the contractor may share those records for “educational purposes," as long as the party they share that information with will promise to keep it confidential!

Do the governor's DOA and its collaborators think that "getting around the law" by giving our kids' data to an INBLOOM-TYPE ENTITY is what is in the best interest of the citizens of this state?!?

From the RFP:
“To the extent that Contractor has access to “education records” under this     Contract, it is deemed a “school official,” as each of these terms are defined under FERPA. Contractor agrees that it shall not use education records for any purpose other than in the performance of this Contract. Except as required by law, Contractor shall not disclose or share education records with any Third Party unless permitted by the terms of this Contract or to Contracted Personnel unless they have agreed to maintain the confidentiality of the education records to the same extent required of Contractor under this Contract.”

But wait, it actually gets better.  It seems that a state system to provide student ID numbers to the school districts already exists.  In fact, it was established by the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) and the DOE in 1992! 

Since the new law requires that a number system be established, why didn’t anyone from the governor’s administration mention throughout the bill drafting process, committee hearings or floor discussions in either chamber that Louisiana already has a system established since 1992 to assign identification numbers to students? 

From the SIS User Guide (Introduction):
“During the June 1992 Board of Elementary and Secondary Education meeting, Bulletin 741 was revised to include a requirement that all students present an official Social Security Card upon entry into Louisiana schools for the first time or be assigned an official State identification number.”
 The fact is the districts were never REQUIRED to use student social security numbers.

The larger fact is that, in the RFP issued by the governor's DOA, we have a snapshot of what it looks like when our administration is determined to harvest our children's Personally Identifiable Data at all costs and in direct contravention to the law.  This RFP actually claims that Act 837 requires it!

Do Governor Jindal and John White really think that they are above the law?

Stay tuned as there is more to follow.  Please, share this post with all of your contacts and on social media.  Please, also consider (and ask your contacts to consider) donating to our efforts as we fight against this agenda.  

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Little Emma Loses Her Vote

A 2nd Grader's Homework

What a lesson Little Emma is getting in "Being a Good Citizen." As shocking as is this 2nd grader's homework, the dumbed down educator who designed it at least does discuss and appreciate the RIGHT TO VOTE!

(An appreciation, by the way, which we cannot attribute to the Trotskyite neoconservatives involved in vigorously pushing for tax-funded school "choice"/charters with no elected boards and no voter representation!)

That right to vote will be taken away from Little Emma, the second grader who filled out the test above, once ALL education (public, private, religious, virtual, and home schools) becomes tax-funded and controlled by the federal government. AFTER ALL -- What the government funds the government controls!

(Remember: Tax-funded school choice/charters have no elected boards! )

So, education (nationwide) which has the second largest budget after the Department of Defense, will be controlled by unelected boards! This removal of the right to vote on such a huge portion of the nation's total budget can only be expected to commence the devolution of our right to vote, at every level of government!

See little Emma's points 7 and 8:
(7) Some day you will be given the right to vote. This is an honor. By using this right you can take part in the government...

(8) When you begin to work, you will have to pay taxes. Taxes help to run the country. Roads, schools, police forces, fire fighters and government worker are all paid from taxes.
Someone ought to warn Little Emma!

Common Core Charter Village Hub Schools


Farrell (Pennsylvania) "hub" community education diagram
Russia has been a key player in developing TAX-FUNDED SCHOOL '"CHOICE" & CHARTERS WITHOUT ELECTED BOARDS and its corresponding COMMUNITY EDUCATION!

Some history follows, starting with the Full-Service Community Schools Act of 2014 and going back to the 1946 Montgomery County, Maryland pilot project which was the beginning of the demise of our representative republic, to be replaced by socialism/communism. This pilot project, interestingly enough, followed the United States joining the Communist United Nations in 1945!

Watch Hoyer's speech by clicking HERE.

(1) 2014: Congressman Steny Hoyer: Floor Statements: "Hoyer: Full-Service Community Schools Act Will Help Close Achievement Gap." The most recent Full-Service Community Schools Act introduced in Congress July 23, 2104:  Congressman Steny H. Hoyer (MD) spoke on the House Floor earlier this morning on the Full-Service Community Schools Act of 2014, which he is introducing today with Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL). Read his remarks and watch the video:
Full-service community schools are an innovative approach to help students and their parents access a full range of critical services all in one place. Let me emphasize, these are services that are currently available but not as accessible because they are not centralized. We will encourage communities to put together the services that they already provide in an accessible way for children and their families.
“For low-income parents working multiple jobs as they send their kids to school, finding time to provide them with adequate checkups and dental screening is often very difficult. The full-community schools model locates these services at their children's school along with nutritional counseling, financial literacy education, and adult classes – services that in most communities are already offered – to make it easier for both students and parents to access these services under one roof. It also helps ensure parents have the tools they need to support their children's learning, so critically important to the children’s success. (Source) [bold added]
(2) 2014: "The Deliberate Dumbing Down of the Village: How New Orleans Charter Schools have become the Global Model for the Community Education Agenda," July 8, 2014. This article was also posted at NewsWithViews on July 12, 201. Below are some opening quotes:
“OPEN is a hub of hubs."
Orleans Public Education Network (OPEN), funded by W.K Kellogg Foundation
...New Orleans is... the nation’s first and only all-charter school district,
the Recovery School District [RSD]. The system of
charter schools, which are run by private groups
instead of a publicly-elected board
....RSD focuses less on the ABC's and
more on holistic child development,
including topics like socialization, independence, self-control,
communication skills and accepting responsibility.

"To come back, Cowen [Institute] decided: 'We have to build a village'."

(3) 2000: Russian Conference on Community Education: "Community Schools and Education Policy in Transition Countries During the 21st Century" from the Center for Civil Society:
October 9-13, 2000 in Omsk (Siberia), Russia, Krasnoyarsk Center
for Community Partnerships (KCCP) together with Organizing Committee
of Omsk City Community Schools (Department of Education of Omsk
Regional Administration, Department of Education of Omsk City
Administration, Public schools # 49, 63, 95, 142) is conducting an
international conference on community education/community schools in
transition countries.
Conference Goal
Establishing partnership between government education departments and
the community school movement. As a result: increasing number of
government programs and procedures to establish community schools as
part of the education policy in transition countries. [bold added]

(4) 1999: An article was published titled “Clusters Promote Community Growth” that described a second-step phase of a “systems change” effort outlined in a joint publication from the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Together We Can. The article described the shift from representative (elected) governance to regional (unelected) governance with partnerships:
Unique groups called Community Cluster Care Teams were born last April, comprised of 12 Gwinnett communities, and have taken their first steps toward uniting sections of the county into neighborhoods. [excerpted from page 439 of my book, emphasis added]
Soviet propaganda for Young Pioneers

(5) 1992: Russia was deeply involved in implementing school choice/charters necessary for school to work (limited learning for lifelong labor). The Effective School Report's Feb. 1992 issue carried an article titled "Free Education in a Free Society" that concluded, in part:
The education reform process will be built on the work of many small groups making their own decisions. We will need to build into our project structure of contract making (charters, ed), interdependence with autonomy and hold it within a regulated and boundaried field of action. These kinds of structures and models are new forms of organization for both East and West and represent a move away from hierarchy and role-dominated cultures.
The Consortium activity has the official support of the Minister of Education for the Russian Republic, Dr. Edouard Dneprov. [excerpted from p. 292-3 of my book, emphasis added]
Dr. Lepley's community "hub" article
(6) 1989: "Education in the Future: 21st Century Schools Will Offer Learning for All Citizens" was published in The Muscatine [Iowa] Journal’s April 22, 1989 issue. It articulated Dr. William Lepley (at that time director of Iowa's Department of Education) vision for the school as "hub" for all community services and life needs. At the time Iowans referred to his vision of the school superintendent's intrusive role overseeing the entire community as a "pseudo-benevolent godfather":
Dr. William Lepley's Iowa "hub" model
The ideal school houses social agencies such as health, job, and human service agencies, child care and serves as the community’s senior citizen volunteer center, [Dr. Lepley] said. And adults come to ideal schools—open round the clock—for educational opportunities ranging from childbirth and parenting classes to pre-retirement planning, he added. In the ideal community, Lepley said, the superintendent coordinates children and family services, in addition to education. [excerpted from page 253 of my book, emphasis added]

(7) 1985: Soviets in the Classroom! President Reagan-USSR President Gorbachev (US-USSR Education Agreements) signed in 1985. The agreements called for

“cooperation in the field of science and technology and additional agreements in other specific fields, including the humanities and social sciences; the facilitation of the exchange by appropriate organizations of educational and teaching materials, including textbooks, syllabi, and curricula, materials on methodology, samples of teaching instruments and audiovisual aids, and the exchange of primary and secondary school textbooks and other teaching materials... [and] the conducting of joint studies on textbooks between appropriate organizations in the United States and the Ministry of Education of the U.S.S.R.” [Read more in Appendix XXIII of my book]

From Feld's expose on "Community Education," p. 55
(8) 1980: Community Education, described by Ruth Feld and Jil Wilson in the Exposing the Global Road to Ruin through Education, Disc #8, (Written Submissions) is at, as a free download website (Click HERE). Also read this blogpost: "Community Education & UN Agenda 21."  This remarkably well-documented history of the Community Education movement is essential for a complete understanding of the almost one hundred year communist plan to put the USA and other countries under Limited Learning for Lifelong Labor/Community Education/Communism. Savvy education  activist/researchers/writers and ELECTED  school board members fought "them" and postponed full implementation by 18 years!

(9) 1946: Community-Centered Schools, The Blueprint, Montgomery County, Maryland schools. Immediately after USA joined the United Nations. Letter of transmittal states:
[The] program should be put into operation gradually… and Dr. Paul Mort and others have accumulated evidence which shows a period of almost fifty years between the establishment of need (need assessment, etc.) and the school programs geared to meet it.
If the school as an agency of society is to justify itself for the period ahead of us, it must be accepted that its fundamental function is to serve the people of the entire community, the very young children, the children of middle years, early adolescent youth, older youth and the adults as well. [Excerpted from Appendix 1 of my book, emphasis added]
To read more, see my book the deliberate dumbing down of america and read the following blogposts:

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Common Core-upt Charters

Arne Duncan in New Orleans

One post after the other (below) from the so-called school choice education experts relates to "everything you ever wanted to know - pro and con - about charter schools."

Watch the video at "DISCUSS: Are Charter Schools Beneficial To Education?" Learning Matters, 9/20/11:
Be sure to watch this video! Listen to this mother's pleas!

Charters are supposed to be the panacea! But they have problems -- documented in this video. Except it doesn't state the major problem: they are run by unelected councils rather than elected school boards!

If you can find one comment related to their not having elected boards in this video report, I will give you five dollars!

Relate this ignorance (related to the U.S. Constitution) of so-called school choice education experts in 2014 to  the following quote from Vital Speeches for the New Social Order, Augustine Rudd, 1948, wrote that "a carefully conducted survey recently revealed that nearly two-thirds of our college students favored socialism."

No wonder in thousands of words regarding charter schools, even including documenting their many problems, there is not one word -- NO MENTION -- of the fact that they operate with unelected boards, outside of the oversight and accountability to local voters, citizens and parents.

Two Armed Officers Burst Into A Classroom

“I thought he was going to shoot me.”

Maybe the Police Need Gun Controls?

A lawsuit is in order!!

From the article "Police Officers Draw Guns During Unannounced ‘Active Shooter Drill’ At Elementary School," 11/15/14,

Winter Haven, Fla. (CBS TAMPA) – Students, teachers and parents were taken by surprise after an “active shooter drill” brought the Winter Haven middle school into lockdown as armed police officers burst into classrooms with their weapons drawn.

Students at Jewett Middle Academy said they were terrified when police officers burst in the doors for a planned active shooter drill – but students and teachers are irked they were not told ahead of time.

The video has been removed from this website. Isn't that interesting?! However, we were able to locate at several other websites, including YouTube: .

For right now, the article is still posted online, but in case it is removed, here are some excerpts from it: 
Winter Haven Police Chief Charlie Bird said...
“It’s very important that, when you do your drill, you do it without everyone knowing that it’s a drill... How you train and how you prepare is how you’re going to react when everything goes bad.”
“It really is to protect the children and at no point in time would we endanger any of the children,” Bird insisted.
Stacy Ray told WTVT that she received a text from her seventh-grade daughter Lauren Marionneaux after two armed officers burst into her classroom. Winter Haven police told The Post that one of the officers had his duty firearm – a handgun – drawn.

The gun was loaded... The other officer was carrying an unloaded AR-15.... [O]ne of her children texted: “I thought he was going to shoot me.”... [bold added]

Only idiots in the administration of Winter Haven School District could dream up such a nightmare!

How would those adult idiots and the police involved like to have their favorite TV show interrupted by armed police breaking into their houses?

Monday, November 17, 2014


Forced Out?... Or Found Out?

An article titled "Tulane's Cowen Institute head, John Ayers, resigns after botched report on New Orleans schools," writer Jessica Williams of The Times-Picayune (New Orleans) reported on 11/10/14 that
John Ayers, executive director of Tulane University's Cowen Institute for Public Education Initiatives, said Monday he is resigning at the end of November. His announcement comes a month after the non-profit research organization retracted its widely cited report on gains in New Orleans high schools because of botched methodology.

The repudiated report used what's called a "value-added" model to predict academic performance at 25 high schools, based on students' socio-economic standing and past testing history. But the researchers' conclusion -- that many high schoolers do better than expected, given their background -- was inaccurate due to their flawed methods, Ayers said. "We apologize for this mistake," Ayers said. [links removed]
An earlier report in The Times-Picayune by this same reporter, "Tulane's Cowen Institute retracts New Orleans schools report, apologizes," (October 10, 2014) stated that
In a high-profile embarrassment, Tulane University's Cowen Institute for Education Initiatives on Friday retracted its widely cited Oct. 1 report on New Orleans public high school performance. The study concluded that most schools are posting higher graduation rates and better test scores than could be expected, given the socio-economic disadvantages of their students....

The repudiated report, "Beating the Odds: Academic Performance and Vulnerable Student Populations in New Orleans Public High Schools," has been removed from the non-profit institute's website. Cowen's executive director, John Ayers, said the research was inaccurate.
John Ayers
"Officials determined the report's methodology was flawed, making its conclusions inaccurate," Ayers said. "The report will not be reissued." The institute plans to "thoroughly examine and strengthen its internal protocols" to ensure its future reports are accurate and have been appropriately reviewed, he said.  [links removed]

Ayers told The Times-Picayune that the flawed report and his sudden departure are unrelated.

Is it possible that, in addition to the high-profile embarrassment discussed above,  that's initial and ongoing exposure of John Ayers' background may have contributed to Ayers resignation?

This blog has covered the following John Ayers' activities:
  1. John Ayers is the brother of Communist building bomber Bill Ayers;
  2.  John is the ex-VP of the Communist-leaning Carnegie Foundation for he Advancement of Teaching;
  3. John created the first eight charter schools in Chicago;
  4. John is involved in implementing, internationally, tax-funded school choice/charter schools with no elected boards;
  5. John has been involved in promoting, internationally, lifelong community education (limited learning for lifelong labor).

Common Core Poison

One Drop at a Time . . . .

Would you drink a glass of milk that contained a drop of arsenic? That is what American public is being asked to swallow.

The following is a perfect example ("tragic" might be a better adjective) of how our very good people buy into the big controlled right/left media lie. First, see this article published by Top Right News:
Fresh off a stunning re-election in a three-way race for Maine’s governor, Paul LePage is not wasting any time making good on a major campaign promise: to slash funds for cities who give welfare to illegal aliens.

LePage — called “America’s Craziest Governor” by Politico — was widely expected to lose by the media and even Republican establishment earlier this year. But he confounded the conventional wisdom of “moderation” on immigration in “middle of the road” Maine, by putting his fight against illegals in Maine front and center. Voters rallied to his side when he rallied to theirs.
Yes, Maine's Governor LePage has done many good things, for which many Mainers are pleased. However, at the same time he is facilitating the loss of representative government in the USA by his strong support for tax-funded private education and especially tax-funded charter schools, which are in reality public schools. Charter schools have NO elected school boards. Charters operate outside of the oversight or control of voters, citizens and parents!

With charter schools there is zero accountability to the taxpayers who fund them. Taxpayers'  hard-earned money will in the future go into the pockets of the globalist corporations whose desire is to create The New Soviet Man (lifelong Soviet polytechnical education being implemented across the nation today through tax-funded school choice proposals, including charters with unelected boards). AKA "Limited Learning for Lifelong Labor. 

Meanwhile I got the following e-mail about Gov. LePage from a good, but naive American that referred to the TopRight article above, and wrote the following "prayer request" for Gov. LePage:
May THIS man's stance be EMBRACED and SPREAD all over America!---

Heavenly Father, we ASK YOU, in the Name of JESUS CHRIST, to enlighten every Governor in America regarding the importance of eliminating welfare benefits and public education for ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS in America. YOU know exactly HOW to change the heart of a king, and we look to YOU to deliver us from the destructive enactments of the 'resident' in the People's House in W.D.C....
There is a problem here. No one is opposing prayer. But, this article cited above, published by TopRight, is a primary source of Neo-Conservative media bias! 
TopRight is an Atlanta-based strategic marketing consulting firm specializing in contemporary business brand and marketing strategy, operating strategy and marketing execution, and best practice research. Industry analysts such as Forrester Research, Gartner Group, AMR Research, and mainstream media such as Fox News, Fortune, Forbes, Business 2.0, and CEO Magazine, regularly look to TopRight for strategic marketing insight. TopRight also specializes in Creative, Sponsorship, Marketing Technology and Managed Analytics. TopRight currently has offices in Atlanta, Georgia, Chicago, New York and Washington, DC.
Once we have lost the right to vote (exemplified by charter schools), the other issues/questions which  the Neoconservative Trotskyites rightfully oppose (and make so much money opposing... out of your pockets) -- hot button issues like abortion, taking away our gun and land ownership rights, UN Agenda 21 (regionalism/communism) etc. -- will be MOOT issues since the government will have a free hand in taking those protected rights away with the click of the Washington, D.C. mouse. And, since we have lost our right to vote (taxation without representation) we will have no way to register our objections to any of the above italicized issues.

I am disgusted by this ad supporting a man who knows better. I explained the above problem with charters to LePage the day before he was inaugurated as Governor of Maine. The conversation went like this:
"Hello, Mrs. Iserbyt. I am calling you in regard to charter schools. Please explain to me why you find them dangerous."
I explained exactly what I have spelled out above. I told him that
"the only really important difference between a  publicly-funded  traditional public school and a publicly-funded charter school is that charter schools have NO elected school boards so there is no accountability to the taxpayers."
LePage responded, 
"Well, we will have to do something about THAT."
To which I replied,
"Governor, if you do something about THAT, you will be right back where you are right now, with a tax-funded public school which takes its order from UNESCO and the federal government, which has an elected school board."
Control through tax funding is horrible enough, but at least under the traditional public school system we have the right to complain and to change things at the ballot box!

Wake up, people.  Wake up! 

Let me ask everyone a question in regard to the Neoconservative agenda which appears to be so conservative.  "WHY do they oppose all the things traditional conservatives oppose, with one exception: the right of the taxpayer to be represented on the issue of education."

Look at it this way: Every part of the neoconservative agenda, opposition to all all communist proposals, looks wonderful, and we can almost give "them" an A+, can't we?

However, what happens to a glass of pure, fresh from the cow, milk, if one puts a drop of poison in it (e.g., the poison of taking away voter representation)?
The charter "solution" is a toxic mixture
for voters, citizens, parents and children

Go to my articles at and my hundreds of posts at for complete documentation on the this part of neoconservative agenda which will ultimately destroy our form of representative government over which we fought and won the Revolutionary War.