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Your Child the Guinea Pig

DAY 20: Skinner Horror Files

Behavioral Science Teacher Education Program (BSTEP)

George Orwell

“We are getting closer to developingeffective methods
for shaping the future
and are advancing in fundamental social
and individual evolution.”
Few Americans know about this program unless they were trained in education. Even fewer know how seriously bad this program was. And very, very few have ever spoken out publicly and repented (or at least recanted) their indoctrination experiences in this dangerous change agent training. Teachers have been trained to become psychological manipulators, humanistic "change agents" to modify children's behavior.
Behavioral Science Teacher Education Program (BSTEP), 1965–1969, funded by the U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, was initiated at Michigan State University. Its purpose was to change the teacher from a transmitter of knowledge/content to a social change agent/facilitator/clinician. Traditional public school administrators were appalled at this new role for teachers. Long-time education researcher Bettye Lewis provided a capsule description and critique of BSTEP in 1984. Her comments and verbatim quotes from BSTEP follow, which is taken from Appendix V in my book the deliberate dumbing down of america. This has been adapted, and portions emphasized, for blog posting.
Objectives of BSTEP are stated as follows:
Three major goals:
1. Development of a new kind of elementary school teacher who is basically well educated, engages in teaching as clinical practice, is an effective student of the capacities and environmental characteristics of human learning, and functions as a responsible agent of social change.

2. Systematic use of research and clinical experience in decision-making processes at all levels.
3. A new laboratory and clinical base, from the behavioral sciences, on which to found undergraduate and in-service teacher education programs, and recycle evaluations of teaching tools and performance.
…The BSTEP teacher is expected to learn from experience through a cyclical style of describing, analyzing, hypothesizing, prescribing, treating, and observing consequences (in particular—the consequences of the treatment administered)….
The program is designed to focus the skills and knowledge of Behavioral Scientists on education problems, translating research into viable programs for preservice and in-service teachers. The traditional concept of research as theory is not discarded, but the emphasis is shifted to a form of practical action-research in classrooms and laboratory.
The humanities are designed to promote an understanding of human behavior in humanistic terms…. Students are to be exposed to non-western thought and values in order to sensitize [read "desensitize," ed.] them to their own backgrounds and inherent cultural biases.... Skills initiating and directing role-playing are developed to increase sensitivity and perception. Simulation games are included for training in communication skills as leaders or agents of social change. (p. 1)
Lewis’s comments regarding “Systematic Analysis of Future Society,” taken from p. 237 of BSTEP:
B.F. Skinner’s behavioral philosophy is quite apparent in this BSTEP Design which states 
Calculations of the future and how to modify it are no longer considered obscure academic pursuits. Instead, they are the business of many who are concerned about and responsible for devising various modes of social change.

One can’t help but wonder—who gave the educators the “responsibility” or the “right” to devise modes of social change, to use teachers as the “change agents,” and to use the children as the guinea pigs through which society is to be changed? One realizes the extent to which this “future society planning” has already gone after reading through the following lengthy list of organizations involved in this behavioral designing:
1. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare—Exploring Possibilities of a Social State-of-the-Union
2. American Academy of Arts and Sciences—Commission of the Year 2000
3. American Academy of Political and Social Science
4. United Nations Future-Planning Operation in Geneva, Switzerland
5. World Future Society of Washington, D.C.
6. General Electric Company—Technical Management Planning Organization
7. The Air Force and Rand Corporation [designer of PPBS, ed.]
8. The Hudson Institute [funded New American School Development Corporation of the Hudson Institute’s “Modern Red School House” proposal. The Design Team was headed by former Secretary of Education William J. Bennett and includes Chester Finn, former Assistant Secretary to Education Secretary, and former Governor Lamar Alexander and author of America 2000 (President Clinton’s Goals 2000)]
9. Ford Foundation’s Resources for the Future and Les Futuribles—a combination of future and possible
10. University of Illinois, Southern Illinois University, Stanford University, Syracuse University, etc.
11. IBM (International Business Machines)
This section of the report concludes with: “We are getting closer to developing
effective methods for shaping the future and are advancing in fundamental social and individual evolution.”

In the section entitled “Futurism as a Social Tool and Decision-Making by an Elite” (p. 248) which Lewis quotes at length. This is a scary section. BSTEP veered far away from education into full-fledged orchestrated futurism. Note what is highlighted in red. Obviously a behavioristic approach to transforming society would rely on pressing the pleasure buttons to control the masses of people:
The complexity of the society and rapidity of change will require that comprehensive long-range planning become the rule, in order that carefully developed plans will be ready before changes occur.... Long-range planning and implementation of plans will be made by a technological-scientific elite. Political democracy, in the American ideological sense, will be limited to broad social policy; even there, issues, alternatives, and means will be so complex that the elite will be influential to a degree which will arouse the fear and animosity of others. This will strain the democratic fabric to a ripping point….
“A Controlling Elite”
…The Protestant Ethic will atrophy as more and more enjoy varied leisure and guaranteed sustenance. Work as the means and end of living will diminish.... No major source of a sense of worth and dignity will replace the Protestant Ethic. Most people will tend to be hedonistic, and a dominant elite will provide “bread and circuses” to keep social dissension and disruption at a minimum. A small elite will carry society’s burdens. The resulting impersonal manipulation of most people’s lifestyles will be softened by provisions for pleasure-seeking and guaranteed physical necessities. (p. 255)

“Systems Approach and Cybernetics”
…The use of the systems approach to problem solving and of cybernetics to manage automation will remold the nation. They will increase efficiency and depersonalization.... Most of the population will seek meaning through other means or devote themselves to pleasure seeking. The controlling elite will engage in power plays largely without the involvement of most of the people.... The society will be a leisurely one. People will study, play, and travel; some will be in various stages of the drug-induced experiences. (p. 259)
“Communications Capabilities and Potentialities for Opinion Control”
…Each individual will receive at birth a multipurpose identification which will have, among other things, extensive communications uses. None will be out of touch with those authorized to reach him. Each will be able to receive instant updating of ideas and information on topics previously identified. Routine jobs to be done in any setting can be initiated automatically by those responsible for the task; all will be in constant communication with their employers, or other controllers, and thus exposed to direct and subliminal influence. Mass media transmission will be instantaneous to wherever people are in forms suited to their particular needs and roles. Each individual will be saturated with ideas and information. Some will be self-selected; other kinds will be imposed overtly by those who assume responsibility for others’ actions (for example: employers); still other kinds will be imposed covertly by various agencies, organizations, and enterprises. Relatively few individuals will be able to maintain control over their opinions. Most will be pawns of competing opinion molders. (p. 261)

Lewis comments further:
In order to implement this training and to make sure that future elementary teachers accept the “right attitudes” and “behavioral objectives,” the use of computers and the collection of information are stressed. The “Central Processor” or the computer programmed to accept or reject on the basis of behavioral objectives, will be the “judge and the jury” as to who will and who will not be the future teachers. For anyone who loves individual freedom, who desires it for their own children, and prays for a future America with individual freedom held sacred—BSTEP has to be a most frightening and devastating plan. It is indeed the “world” of Orwell’s 1984, the Identity Society, and the Walden II of B.F. Skinner. In reference to the latter, it is indeed Beyond Freedom and Dignity, the title of a B.F. Skinner book. It is a “nightmare” created by the Behaviorists and Humanists who are fast becoming the Major Directors of Public Education.

Suggestion: After you read through this the first time in an education mindset, then re-read the entire post from the perspective of the BSTEP utopian futurist dream that turns into an ugly totalitarian nightmare for children, teachers, and the rest of society. 

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"The 'Skinner Box' School"

Day 19: Skinner Horror Files
" control a child’s attitudes and values
it is first necessary to modify the child’s behavior."

 "Parents have been told that Outcome-Based Education has nothing to do with changing the attitudes and values of their children;
that OBE will improve learning for all children through “best-practices” research.
What parents are not being told is that the research base for OBE
is from the field of psychology, not education;
that in psychology the term “learning” is synonymous with the term “conditioning.” 

What parents are not being told is that Outcome-Based Education [Common Core]
is not education at all;
it is but the hollow substitute of psychological conditioning or,
as it is sometimes called, behavior modification."
~Jed Brown, "The 'Skinner Box' School" [emphasis added]

Jed Brown's report "The 'Skinner Box' School is reprinted in its entirety as Appendix XX in my book the deliberate dumbing down of america. This is material that every parent in America should know! Especially when they realize that Common Core is but the latest manifestation in a long lineage of aberrant education reform agendas. Below are some further insightful comments and history from Brown's report. At the time he wrote it, Outcome-Based Education (OBE) was in full swing. His comments are are very relevant: control a child’s attitudes and values it is first necessary to modify the child’s behavior. If the child has the “right” behavior, then his attitude will change to accommodate the behavior, his value system will change to reflect his new set of attitudes. It is like falling dominoes: if the first piece is toppled, then the rest will tumble after. Thus, conditioning, i.e., modifying behavior, is the perfect method for instilling in children the new value system required of citizens of the New World Order. Our schools know that changing behavior is the first domino. Remember, “the student shall demonstrate.”

To understand the devastation of OBE conditioning, it is important to know its origins and how it is being used to change children forever. The lineage of psychological conditioning can be formally traced back to the early part of this century, to an American psychologist named John B. Watson. Watson is credited as the father of the Behaviorist School of Psychology. He believed that psychology should become the science of behavior, discarding references to thoughts, feelings, and motivation. For Watson, only that which was observable was important. The goal of psychology, he thought, should be to predict a behavioral response given a particular stimulus.
John B. Watson

Further, it was a time of great debate in psychology. The debate centered on whether heredity or the environment had the most profound effect on the development of the individual. Watson believed that heredity had little or no effect, that a person’s development was almost totally dependent upon his environment. In fact, Watson boasted,
"Give me a dozen healthy infants, well formed, and my own specified world to bring them up in, and I’ll guarantee to take any one at random and train him to become any type of specialist I might select—doctor, lawyer, artist, merchant-chief, and yes, even beggar-man and thief, regardless of his talents, penchants, tendencies, abilities, vocations, and race of his ancestors."

Watson’s statement is at the heart of OBE. Watson became the most influential force in spreading the idea that human behavior was nothing more than a set of conditioned responses. According to the narrow view of Behaviorism, learning is nothing more than “a relatively permanent change in an organism’s behavior due to experience.” Other psychologists first, then educational leaders, and finally rank-and-file teachers have been persuaded to adopt the Behaviorists’ view of education. The richness of education is thus lost, as the schooling experience is reduced to only applied learning. No longer does learning enhance the internal locus of man—it is but an external shell. The curriculum has become hollow and learning has become mere conditioning.
In case one wonders about Watson, here is a brief summary of his child-rearing ideas:

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What Educrats Won't Tell You...

Day 18: Skinner Horror Files

Your Child, the Lab Rat?!

See yesterday's post “School-To-Prison-Pipeline” System? Then examine carefully the graphics in this post. This tells a more complete story about Operant Conditioning. Similar graphics were used on previous posts this month during our "Skinner Horror Files" series. But these images have an added element.

Note the words "electrified grid" and "shock" and "electric grid" and "to shock generator."  Examine these diagrams. Then ask yourself: Do I want my child in schools that are performing these experiments? Is this is a more complete picture of the method being used on American children?

Once again, watch the video at this website: and listen to what this mother is saying happened to her child. Doesn't it sound just like what you see in these diagrams?

Look below and across. The cord that goes "To shock generator"?! What is happening to these rats?!
Now ask what is happening to children.

Arm yourself with facts, information and valuable history in this month's Skinner Horror Files series.

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“School-To-Prison-Pipeline” System?

Day 17: Skinner Horror Files

Operant Conditioning Includes PUNISHMENT
Don't ever forget this! Penalties, punishment... it is all part of the system of operant conditioning and an integral part of the method. And when parents find out about this, they often get upset. Very upset.

Read this article: "Mom Says NO to School System Intimidation," September 26, 2014, by Heather Callaghan, Contributor, Waking Times. Here is the summary:
This British mum smacks down the punishing culture of the public school system. She gives a chilling account of what happened when her son was given confusing commands, humiliated in front of class, brought to tears and trauma and how it was covered up with a false accusation towards him from the system. She didn’t just take to YouTube, however – she confronted them....
She also explores “the Bullying phenomenon”....

And, lastly, she alludes to Common Purpose. Officially, it poses as a charity for “leadership development” education and networking, but people in the UK (including teachers) have noticed a menacing and secretive force trickling into all facets of society that wreak of Common Purpose, since 1985.....
Watch the video embedded in this article by clicking this highlighted text. And then read the following below this image:
Don't forget. This "shock grid" is part of behavioral psychology

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Skinner Tentacles

Day 16: Skinner Horror Files

Skinner's Tentacles Extend to Private and Home Education

An oldie from 2002 highlights the problems with Skinnerian education and computers. Once a tiny bit of government monies comes to private education, the government's tentacles will fully encircle and start to suffocate.

In an article published on NewsWithViews on July 8, 2002, titled "DEATH SENTENCE FOR PRIVATE AND HOME EDUCATION, COURTESY OF SUPREME COURT," I described what was happening with computer-based education. Below are a few brief excerpts:
The Supreme Court's recent 5-4 decision allowing the constitutionality of financial aid to parents which they may use at religious or private schools, including virtual academy (computer-assisted-instruction) charter schools available to home schoolers, will result in the deliberate dumbing down of all education.

In this latter regard, the writer of this article was told in 1981 by the Director of the Office of Libraries and Learning Technology, U.S. Department of Education, that "in the future all education will take place in the home, using computer-assisted-instruction, but that we will always have the school buildings for 'socialization' purposes." This is the United Nations lifelong learning/brainwashing concept (International community education) which places all community services under the umbrella of the community school. (The National Alliance of Business refers to this agenda as Kindergarten-Age 80).

The public sector succumbed years ago to federal control through funding. Now, private schools, willing to go the "voucher" route in order to get the money to stay in business, will have the opportunity to be equally dumbed down, denied a liberal arts curriculum, and stripped of all sound moral education. I can already hear the howling from voucher-supporting conservatives the first time the heavy hand of the federal government lands on a private school denying it the right to determine "what is right and what is wrong" in its curriculum, hiring practices, recital of the Pledge of Allegiance, The Lord's Prayer, etc. Those private schools which courageously, for reasons of conscience, resist vouchers will eventually be forced out of business due to their inability to remain competitive.

Interestingly enough, the blame for this incredibly dangerous Trojan Horse decision can be laid at the feet of the conservative majority on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Is school choice a plot to implement the socialist, corporate fascist, workforce training agenda for the global planned economy?

You 'betcha....

If the question of school choice is considered in a vacuum, without the benefit of an in-depth understanding of the history and highly controversial goals of American public education, if it is considered simply in the context of providing a better education for low income children, if it is considered only as an issue of equal funding for all children, one escapes the very dangerous crux of the matter: ACCOUNTABILITY... accountability to the government which is granting the voucher or tax credit.

So, why is it that those promoting tuition tax credits and vouchers have missed this point of accountability?...

Let me warn parents and private school administrators: "Freedom to choose" is exactly the opposite of what they and the private sector will receive if they take one penny of federal, state or local tax money to educate  children. Believe it or not, slavery is right around the corner, since once the private sector is controlled through vouchers, thereby creating a partnership with government (corporate fascism), students , having been psychologically profiled, will be tracked into specific training at an early age and later into job slots to suit the needs of the corporate sector and the global economy. That is the failed international socialist quota system that in essence provides NO CHOICE!... 
What school choice is all about is not giving parents a real choice without strings attached; it is about controlling all children (referred to as "human resources"), everywhere on this planet, in order to implement the corporate fascist global economy, with 100% participation in the global computer!
Read the whole article here:

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Shaping A Child's Behavior

Day 15: Skinner Horror Files

More history that would upset parents if they only knew...
B.F. Skinner

In 1961 PROGRAMMED LEARNING: EVOLVING PRINCIPLES AND INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS (Foundation for Research on Human Behavior: Ann Arbor, Mich., 1961) edited by Jerome P. Lysaught was published. An excerpt from the introduction by Thomas H. Miller follows:
To introduce the subject, we would like to have each of you work through the first lesson of Dr. B.F. Skinner’s course in psychology. We would hope, incidentally, that a portion of the material is somewhat new to you so that some learning will actually take place in your encounter with the subject matter. Further, we hope it will demonstrate certain phenomena that will be spoken of repeatedly today, such as effective reinforcement of the learner and progress at the individual rate....
Your introduction to the course consists of the presentation of the programmed learning sequence on the next pages.
The directions are simple. You should read the first stimulus item, S-1, consider it, and then construct in your own words the best possible answer. As soon as you have done this, turn the page and compare your answer with the answer listed at R-1, the first response item. Proceed through the program, going on to S-2 on the next page.

Under the section entitled “Principles of Programming,” written by Robert Glaser (see previous blogposts here and here), we find
the following excerpts to be revealing:
It is indeed true that this book would never have been conceived without the well-known and perhaps undying work of Professor Skinner…. It is largely through Professor Skinner’s work that all this theory and excitement about teaching machines and programmed learning has come about.
The essential task involved is to evoke the specific forms of behavior from the student and through appropriate reinforcement bring them under the control of specific subject matter stimuli. As a student goes through a learning program certain of his responses must be strengthened and shaped from initial unskilled behavior to subject matter competence.... Our present knowledge of the learning process points out that through the process of reinforcement, new forms of behavior can be created with a great degree of subtlety. The central feature of this process is making the reinforcement contingent upon performances of the learner. (Often the word “reward” is used to refer to one class of reinforcing events.)...

The term “programming” refers to the process of constructing sequences of instructional material in a way that maximizes the rate of acquisition and retention and enhances the motivation of the student.... A central process for the acquisition of behavior is reinforcement.
Behavior is acquired as a result of a contingent relationship between the response of an organism and a consequent event. In order for these contingencies of reinforcement to be effective, certain conditions must be met. Reinforcement must follow the occurrence of the behavior being taught. If this is not the case, different and perhaps unwarranted behavior be learned.  
The computer (Skinner's "teaching machine") was  particularly suited for providing immediate "reinforcement" to children. This was Skinner's "Programmed Learning," and we are now 53 years later. Just what is happening to your child in the classroom these days? Do you even know?

The above material was adapted for blog posting, with emphasis added. It comes from page 61 of my book. Want to know more? See Appendix 3 of my book the deliberate dumbing down of america. Be sure to read yesterday's post HERE for more context and background.

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DAY 14: Skinner Horror Files

Direct from the horse's mouth

"It is always to be kept in mind that these principles
are quite in contrast to “rote learning” or drill.

"In rote learning, many wrong responses are permitted to occur,
and the student eventually learns to develop his own prompts
often to a relatively unrelated series of stimuli.

"Programmed learning, on the other hand,
is designed to take advantage of the inherent organization of the subject matter
or of the behavior of the subject in relation to the subject matter
in shaping up the student’s learning."

~Robert Glaser

The quotation above is proof positive. Parents and teachers have been misled -- deliberately lied to -- by the neoconservative leadership pushing the Skinner method and passage of the Reading Excellence Act. They have been told over a period of thirty years that Skinnerian Direct Instruction and Mastery Learning are merely rote learning or drill! I myself have had the experience of that excuse (lie) thrown in my face on numerous occasions. No wonder my book Back to Basics Reform or OBE Skinnerian International Curriculum was boycotted from 1985 to the present. 

The neoconservative Right leadership, in bed with the hard Left globalists and the corporations, needs the Skinner method for the Soviet polytech workforce training; i.e., using our "trained" children to spin off profits for the global elite! 

The statement by Professor Robert Glaser at the top of this post is evidence documenting that Skinnerian Direct Instruction/Mastery Learning is NOT simple rote learning. Glaser himself is very clear that the Skinner method denies the very freedom which comes with rote learning. Lest the skeptical reader thinks that this quote was taken out of context, read the following excerpt from Programmed Learning: Evolving Principles and Industrial Applications (1961), which included Glaser's "Principles of Programming":
Putting the Student on His Own
The next point is called “fading or vanishing.” Thus far it has been indicated that programming techniques utilize the principle of reinforcement, the principle of prompting. The next one we come to is the principle of fading or vanishing. This principle involves the gradual removal of prompts or cues, so that by the time the student has completed the lesson, he is responding only to the stimulus material which he will actually have available when he performs the “real task.” He is on his own, so to speak, and learning crutches have been eliminated. Fading can then be defined as the gradual withdrawal of stimulus support. The systematic progression of programmed learning is well set up to accomplish this. It is always to be kept in mind that these principles are quite in contrast to “rote learning” or drill. In rote learning, many wrong responses are permitted to occur, and the student eventually learns to develop his own prompts often to a relatively unrelated series of stimuli. Programmed learning, on the other hand, is designed to take advantage of the inherent organization of the subject matter or of the behavior of the subject in relation to the subject matter in shaping up the student’s learning.
[bold added to text of paragraph]

Essential background on Professor Robert Glaser and his role in passage of the Reading Excellence Act which calls for the use of Skinnerian Direct Instruction and Mastery Learning can be found in the blog post "Your Child, the "Organism": Day 10: Skinner Horror Files: More History You Aren't Supposed to Know..." Read it to understand the significance of this man and his agenda.

This blog post is excerpted, updated and adapted for blog posting from Appendix III of my book the deliberate dumbing down of america, p. A-16. Read it in its entirety for factual information, direct from the horses' mouths, that tells the truth about the difference between rote learning and Skinnerian Programmed Instruction. (The quote under the image above comes from Glaser's New York Times obituary.)