Monday, December 8, 2014

Community School Hubs - NYC

This is the set-up for Medicaid wrap around services. The last connection-health care in the schools-billing Medicaid for all of the affective domain, soft-skills, social and emotional learning, with outside providers. Note this sentence in the excerpt below: "The organizations are selectively paired to Community Schools to address the specific social, emotional, physical, and academic needs of the student population."

My blog has had many posts related to Community Education, its funding, its history, its communist "limited learning for lifelong labor" goals, fact it is international, fact it has been used in Communist countries for many years. We have provided readers with ALL the information they need to understand that COMMUNITY EDUCATION is the last stop on the train to GLOBAL CONTROL BIRTH THROUGH DEATH, with all services (work force training, health clinics, abortion clinics, euthanasia clinics (later), leisure (take grandma to see the leaves in the autumn, music, art, etc.),  unelected councils (allowed though new system of tax-funded charter schools, with individual schools providing specific job training).

I shake my head as I read this latest information out of New York. Does anyone else out there shake their head?  Is this what Americans want? Maybe the majority of Americans are Communist?  This new system is worse than Socialism or Fascism. It is the end of the line "Communism."

In the mid-1970s, while I was a local school board member, our Superintendent tried to foist off on our school the community education concept (it is known to community educators as a "process," not a program... "a brainwashing" process), by initially voting to have an unelected community education council attached to our local education agency (LEA: school).  Several of us elected board members were so upset by the unelected council idea we did major research on the subject.

I was fortunately in touch with many of the pioneer education researchers (Morris, Masters, Trotto, Lawrence) in Maryland. One of them explained to me, in a telephone conversation, what "it" was.  She told me she had recently attended a Community Education conference in Washington, D.C.  during which the "facilitator" (a community educator from Alaska) explained to the community education directors present that "Community Education is the Chinese Education System, borrowed from the Soviet Union." I taped our phone conversation and have held onto that tape for many years. 

We fought the "process" in Maine and evidently postponed its adoption in Maine until the 1980s when "it" came in under different labels, never again being referred to as Community Education. t is my personal opinion that Community Education, in the works since the 1940s,  has always been the  foundation for UN Agenda 21 (just a new label). The UN Agenda 21 could never have gotten off the ground without the early community education which established the new and radical unelected council form of governance. And, of course, "UN Agenda 21" is just the new label for GLOBAL COMMUNISM.


All of the research on the history of Community Education  can be found FREE at my website: See the following pages in my book the deliberate dumbing down of america which is available as a free download at my website:

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My website also carries FREE the 8-disc dvd set Exposing the Global Road to Ruin though Education. Disc #8, Written Submissions,  includes an exhaustive report on Community Education by researchers Feld and Wilson.

Google the term "Community Education" with the name of my blog "abcsofdumbdown" and up will come many posts that are on this topic, including the ones mentioning "Feld" .

Documentation is also at Simply type "Feld" into search box for a scanned copy of major report on Community Education. Type "Lepley" into the search box for scanned copy of Muscatine, Iowa newspaper article covering interview with Commissioner of Education Wiilliam Lepley in which Lepley explains exactly what was going in  Iowa in the 1990s and what he forecast for the future in education. Or add "Lepley" to your google search with my blog's name "abcsofdumbdown" and see our previous posts on this former director of Iowa's Department of Education.