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Gutsy Teacher Warns About ESEA

Grassroots Teacher Says "No Way ESEA"!
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A gutsy New York State public school teacher explains dangers of the REAUTHORIZATION OF ESEA. This teacher also has a column in the local newspaper with a circulation of 11,000: 
Please call now before the vote.
Lamar Alexander's contact info: 202-224-3121.
Parents testimony has been shut out of the hearings.
Read the PA Press Release on ESEA Violations.
Below is this public school teacher's testimony in opposition to Sen. Lamar Alexander's Reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. This testimony should be distributed far and wide.

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Do we really want a “womb to tomb” worker training program to replace the public education system we grew up with? 

Congress is fast tracking companion bills in the House and Senate that will cause monumental changes in our lives if we allow them to become law. A huge federal power grab is underway. Stop it now! (202-224-3121)

Arne Duncan commented on Lamar Alexander’s senate bill, Every Child Ready for College or Career Act of 2015. “… I am concerned that his proposal makes optional far too much of what the law needs to ensure the promise of its title.”

Anything that appears to be optional in this bill is a ruse. Duncan will get his wish that every classroom in every school will be the same. An accountability system is being put in place to assure that standardized inputs produce the desired standardized outputs. Docile workers able to follow simple instructions but not inclined to ask questions seems to be the goal.

If Duncan wanted an education system which celebrates unique student and teacher interests and abilities, he would not be insisting on the Common Core which is Outcome Based Education (OBE.) OBE limits our brightest students to a dumbed down curriculum in order to achieve “equity.” It limits our teachers’ creativity in order to achieve uniformity required for dubious “accountability.”

We could be educating our children to imagine and create their own individual self-directed futures. That concept seems to have left the room while nobody was looking. Do we want a nation of good test takers or a nation of innovators registering new patents every year? Who invented the term career ready? I always look to the CFR when a new concept seems to have come out of left field.

Lamar Alexander has been a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) for many years, which means he advocates their agenda. David Rockefeller, Honorary Chairman of the CFR, has already admitted he has been actively working to establish a one world government. (P. 405 of his Memoirs) Alexander is legislating policies for the purpose of indoctrinating our children to accept the concept of global unification. 

Lamar Alexander said, "The book that changed my thinking the most during the last ten years was, 'A God Within,' by Rene' Dubos." Rene' Dubos, who sits on the Board of Planetary Citizens, clearly expounds the view, "The world is one, humanity is one, and our future together is one."

The globalists have made it clear that as a sovereign independent nation, the U.S., with a long tradition of liberty, cannot be allowed to continue in its existing form. It has to be brought under “a new world order” as G.H.W. Bush and others have stated publicly. George H.W. Bush once commented, "If the American people knew what we have done, they would string us up from the lamp posts." 

As George H.W Bush's Secretary of Education, Lamar Alexander created the New American Schools Development Corporation (NASDC).  NASDC's goal is education restructuring from academic teaching to Skinnerian/Pavlovian training of our children for the global workforce.  (Back to Basics Reform…Or O.B.E. Skinnerian International Curriculum? by Charlotte Iserbyt)

At the 1989, Governors' Conference, Lamar Alexander stated, “I would go down to the maternity ward of the local hospital…find out how many babies are born out of wedlock… I would think the Brand New American School would be year-round, open from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.… these schools will serve children from age 3 months old to age 18. That may be a shocking thought to you; but…if you were to think about what the needs of those babies were for the next five years, you might see that those needs might not be served any other way…” Alexander clearly thinks the state would do a better job of rearing our children than we do. That is a common misconception among Totalitarians.

The privatization of education through charter schools and online education is key to this plan. This bill contains financial incentives for charter schools, which would undermine our neighborhood public schools. In case anyone is interested New Orleans charter schools, attended by 9 out of 10 students, are an example of rampant corruption and student failure.

So called “school choice” is not a viable option. Lamar Alexander is pretending he didn’t get that memo. His bill touts “school choice” as the answer and places federal Title I funds in the backpack of At-Risk students to be taken to any private, religious or charter school.

Let’s look at Lamar Alexander’s bill to see if we detect an intent to indoctrinate our children toward one-world governance. There are hundreds of pages of giveaways to charter investors, test making companies and consultants. The bill creates policies that undermine every value Americans purport to hold dear:  individual freedom, creativity, innovation, competition, reward for excellence, entrepreneurialism and the story we have been told since birth, “You can be anything you want to be.” Dream big.

The bill supposedly removes the ability for the Secretary of Education to mandate the use of the Common Core. However, it inserts language that compels every state to utilize “standards aligned with entrance requirements for higher institutions,” in other words the Common Core. The Common Core aligned materials are filled with collectivist drivel about the importance of being global citizens as opposed to being individual citizens of a sovereign country with a national identity.

This is evident in a fifth grade English lesson created by Pearson that asks students to simplify the following sentences. “The wants of the individual are less important than the well-being of the nation. The commands of government officials must be obeyed by all.” This bill cements the Common Core and testing into place.

The bill codifies the changes already made to the definition of Title I eligibility to include “educationally deprived,” which means anyone not passing the standards in any area. Title I funds were originally designed to be used to teach poor children how to read, to give struggling students extra support. Now these funds will be used in conjunction with IDEA (special education funds) to remediate every child so that they can meet the Common Core dispositions and behavior standards.

Brilliant curious energetic children, who can be rebellious at times, will be remediated until they conform. The government standard is a “minimum positive attitude.” Operant conditioning, known as Positive Behavioral Intervention Strategies (PBIS) is a tool already being implemented by many school districts. Medicaid funds will be accessible to schools to provide interventions for children having difficulty learning how to be good collectivists. This change alone could end up bankrupting the states.   

When a school data collection surveillance system is put in place to track and monitor complete compliance to a predetermined outcome… we have to admit we are not in Kansas anymore. This system is designed as a womb to workplace training program that purports to assess everyone’s value to society. That’s crazy.

In 2011, FERPA laws were changed by executive order which is a violation of federal law. It gave third party vendors and the federal government access to personal information of every child and every teacher.

If you are appalled, flood the house and senate with phone calls demanding this bill be tabled until hearings can be held at which citizen voices, such as that of Anita Hoge, are welcomed and listened to. She has read every page of this stinker of a bill and knows exactly what it contains. Her extensive research can be accessed at or just search PA Press Release on ESEA Violations.

Congress needs to send this bill back to the drawing board. It can’t be amended. It needs to be shredded. Make sure your senators and your congressman vote NO! Our children deserve better. They deserve a future in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Or do we not believe in that anymore? 

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