Monday, February 2, 2015


Activism Ideas: 

1. Twitter: #NoWayESEA

2. Put "No Way ESEA" in any correspondence you send out.

3. Email or call your senators and congressmen asking that Anita Hoge's previous January 30th Rense Radio Interview HERE be submitted as Anita Hoge's testimony in opposition to Reauthorization of ESEA and included in Congressional Record. Be sure to title your emails 'NO WAY ESEA' (Read: Why Anita Hoge Needs to Testify Before Congress and IMMEDIATE ACTION Required - ESEA)

4. Anita Hoge has been invited BACK on Rense Radio this Wednesday evening. 

on Rense Radio Show
Weds., Feb.  4, 2015,
11 p.m. to 1 a.m. EST
click HERE to listen in. 

Anita Hoge and I will explain what happened and what Americans can now do, if anything!  We will expose all those who did nothing to stop this train wreck. We will name names of very single Neoconservative organization that intends use this legislation to get their favorite tax-funded school choice/charter school with unelected board in across the country. If you cannot listen to the late evening show, the archived link will be posted at my blog the next day.

5. Stay informed! Updates will be published as fast as they come in here on this blog. Reminder: This piece of legislation calls for this kind of choice! Which is in reality no choice. What the federal government funds the federal government controls. No more voting on the second largest item (discretionary) in the U.S. Budget, after defense: education. This is the beginning of the total unravelling of our representative form of government. Taxation without representation. 

6. Read all of the PREVIOUS blog posts that educate you about the terrible agenda behind this Reauthorization of the ESEA. If you click on the month of "January" on the right hand column under "Blog Archive" there are 48 posts listed that will pop up. Below is a brief sampling of the highlights: