Saturday, May 9, 2015




S1177 (the Reauthorization of  ESEA...the old No Child Left Behind Act)  is a combination of  Republican Congressman John Kline's  HR5 Student Success Act and  Republican Senator Lamar Alexander's Every Child Achieves Act 2015 (S1177)     

You, members of Grassroots America, killed HR5 last February.  You can  kill its companion bill S1177, which is coming up for a full vote in the Senate any day now.


I received this from a perfect stranger (a musician) who shared with me his sentiments. Thought it appropriate to share with the ABCSOFDUMBDOWN Blog Moms and other Moms as well.

Enjoy, and Happy Mothers and Grandmothers Day.

(1) From John to Charlotte:

I have not been paying attention to education. The little I've seen is so overwhelming I just shut down with it. Instead , as a life long musician ( Carnegie hall twice ) I have been looking at media...
In particular comedians and music,and people in their 30-50's.
This is so overwhelming... to witness the destruction and reconstruction of e.g. musical values - what makes ESP painful is it is as if the past never occurred. Or like a dusty museum .
I cannot get into music details with you. But the sense of disorder.  Of "anything goes". Of helter skelter in music is very frustrating.Then in comedy area. Just listen to comedy radio station .
The mentality....
The all important atheism....
Or nihilism,  whether it is owned or not.
Listen to comedians, even Letterman.
They mock presidents... other people.  But generally not themselves
Compare them to Laurel and Hardy.
Viewed by the duped hypnotized as passé.
Yeah, passé... because they were making fun of THEMSELVES; not sarcastic.
Political humor designed to influence, instead of that most abhorrent phrase "OLD SCHOOL" aka. To ENTERTAIN.
Journalism has changed its focus also.
Judicial same idea .
Everyone is a reformer now.
This is more than education. I can tell you as a musician.
Musicians have been influenced  to bypass tradition almost entirely.  It's impossible. But they try.
We are living in a nightmare of intellectual spiritual confusion.
Culture thrives or degenerates on ideas.
(2)  From John to Charlotte:
Wisdom is reflected in going from "the many" to one short pithy phrase.
To ignore that wisdom is folly .
I feel. I see. I know in my bones that NIHILISM has blossomed in my country.
Nihilism is the natural enemy of wisdom.
Look at the people. They turn their backs on the older ways without knowing what they are doing or what is being done to them.
They are being turned against religion. 
Against older rules in music. 
In my generation, without explanation,
ADVERBS have disappeared to a great degree.
Worse - all the hundreds of wise old sayings we grew up with are "AS GONE".
"A stitch In time saves nine;
People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones;
If the shoe fits wear it."
On and on. A beautiful and wise part of American culture;
decimated in a few generations.
Replaced by what? I say "nihilism".
How could that wisdom be so quickly destroyed?
Even GENERALIZATION has been under attack 
Generalization is viewed as ignorance now.
When it's merely a tool to help understand life. 
Anything resembling common sense is "old " and not to be admitted into the human mind.
Then there is so-called "entertainment," but entertainment with an ugly hidden twist.
Think of Seinfeld show - its huge success, 
I never watched it.
But I looked on the net and a thinker said of Seinfeld show:
"It is a show about nothing. Nothing matters.. And ha, ha, ha."
When you watch this crap, you are unaware of the hidden attitude of its creators.
The duped just giggle about it .
Seinfeld show is a seemingly innocuous form of shoving  nihilism down our throats.
Which is the opposite of wisdom 
Opposite of duty. 
Opposite of the older ways.
I would imagine etiquette would be laughed at today;  not that I know anything about etiquette.
It comes down to behavior;
Some behaviors lead to wisdom;
But I'm guessing the behaviorists are only interested in behavior for purely utility - with no eye on beauty - truth or the good.
Because these people, who appear to be in charge, want obedient, complacent "educated " workers who listen to mind-numbing music and watch tv.
Orwell's prophetic horror of a monitor in every room 
Almost doesn't need to be accomplished now.
The powers that be made it so we follow their hints without knowing what we are doing to our Freedom.