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S1177 (the Reauthorization of  ESEA...the old No Child Left Behind Act)  is a combination of  Republican Congressman John Kline's  HR5 Student Success Act and  Republican Senator Lamar Alexander's Every Child Achieves Act 2015 (S1177)     

 You, members of Grassroots America, killed HR5 last February.  You can  kill its companion bill S1177, which is coming up for a full vote in the Senate any day now.


Inside the School Silicon Valley Thinks Will Save Education | WIRED

"Of course, they're also money- making operations. This is a venture-backed startup, after all, and in the future, Ventilla and his investors envision hundreds of these schools dotting the country, all of them shaping young minds, while also turning a profit........."


(Another one of "alternative" schools,  awaiting charter school tax-funding with no elected boards?

By Mary Thompson, 3D Research Group

I read with horror the  model of AltSchool described in Wired, 5/15/2015.

If I had school aged children today, I'd not allow them near one of the AltSchools even if someone paid me twice the tuition to get them to attend.

I have no quarrel with  whatever the people behind  the AltSchool want to pay, as long as they do it as a PRIVATE SCHOOL. One person quoted in the article, compared the philosophy as similar to the theory of private Montessori Schools.  AltSchool is Montessori on steroids plus the saturation of  tech to mold every student and even teachers if that what one wants  to call the facilitators interacting with the kids.  The methodology also resembles the theories of  Waldorf Schools based on ideas of the early German philosopher without the tech steroid."

A couple little sentences reveal unsettling  admissions on the part of the promoters ,  i.e. actually saying teachers are viewed as "lab rabbits".  B.F.Skinner's behaviorist education ideas use children as "lab rats".  He called the computer his box (lab training box).  Teachers, do you really want to be observed as "lab rabbits" by the tech industry?

But as  I said,  "As long as people want to pay to send their own children to an AltSchool, that is  their business.  HOWEVER, and that's a huge HOWEVER, the people behind the theories involved have plans to impose their system  on tax- supported schools any way they can with $ signs in their eyes.  They speak of "licensing to education systems at  large", "partnering with new charter schools",  and "licensing to public schools".

Granted   that existing regular  government schools have  become a  disaster.  That didn't happen by accident, but  through 50years  of deliberate "unfreezing [of] the system" which was the envy of the world.  The "unfreezing" having been accomplished , the logical action should be to review what made them great and return to the precepts that did that.   But those who see the world and humanity itself only through tech-colored glasses, plan to use the crisis of the "unfrozen system" for their own unproven ends and financial gain in their edu-labs.

Do people really want their children subjected to having their personalities completely molded from feedback  provided from their every click or stroke recorded  by a tech "master" system euphemistically called "education"? 
Apparently some people do, but their fervor is fast resembling a religion.