Monday, May 4, 2015


                                 #NO WAY ESEA    #NO WAY ESEA    #NO WAY ESEA


9:15 AM: Senate Majority Leader McConnell's (R) office 202-224-2541

9:17 AM: Spoke to McConnell's office 502-582-6304
He can only take comments at that office. Go to gov.track for information. Do not handle policy out of this office.
Asked Gordon when this session ends and was told to go to website. Explained the website was not updated and Gordon had to end the conversation to take another call.

9:28 AM: Spoke with Chairman, Senator [Education Committee] Lamar Alexander's (R) office 202-224-4944
No bill # yet. Has not been presented to the floor. This session ends in 3 weeks... Memorial Day.
If the bill does not reach the Senate floor before the recess, it will be rolled over after recess.
Explained I thought this was Sen. Lamar's top priority and was told other bills snuck in before this one.

9:52 AM:   Spoke to New York Sen. Chuck Schumer's (D) office 202-224-6542
The bill is S1177 and is #63 on the list. There is no date yet.   Education, Labor and Pensions Committee.
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No direct quote from Sen. Schumer on his position on this bill. Go to

10:13 AM: Called N.Y.  Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D) (202-224-4451

10:30 AM: Spoke to N.Y.  Rep Chris Gibson's (R) office:   202-225-5614
Rep. Gibson is supportive and closely involved  with legislation reversing standardized testing in NCLB. Hoping this spring for Senate bill to reach the floor.

9:45 AM: Called  office of Republican Sen. Susan Collins (ME), member of Senate Education Committee. Talked to her education person. She said Senate bill number is S. 1177.  Every Child Achieves Act.  This bill is #63 in line for action.  Said "this bill went through committee mark-up and passed amendments. It is awaiting date for vote  from Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, KY.  She said bill was a high priority for Alexander. Alexander hoping to get it voted on this month.  However, date for vote not certain.  Some legislation takes longer than expected.  May be post-Memorial Day." When I asked about HR 5 problems, she said "It didn't get voted out.  Number of members indicated that they couldn't support bill.   Number of members pulled out.  HR 5 is stalled. Leaders trying to get a vote." When I asked how Senate can continue working on a bill which has no support in House, she said:   "Senate goes ahead and publishes; then refers to House. House could pick up and vote on Senate Bill 1177.   With changes, it might make it through. Very remote chance.  Momentum is in the Senate.  If Senate acts, that would be a strong signal to House. If Senate bill not voted on within next month, Alexander hoping to move this summer.  The calendar is tricky.  Lots of bills.  Bill ready to go to floor.  Waiting upon Sen. McConnell."