Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Celebrate the 4th of July every day this week by non-stop calling your Senators (202-224-3121) and telling them to vote "NO" on Republican Senator Lamar Alexander's S. 1177.
Be a part of a New American Revolution to restore the guarantees contained in our precious Constitution, the guarantees many men and women have died for in foreign wars!
This is the most important week for our nation.
Whatever freedoms are left are hanging by a thread.

Only YOU can save America. SPREAD THIS ALERT FAR AND WIDE!!!

Marcus Tullius Cicero, (106-43 B.C.)
[And, simultaneous with killing S. 1177, don't let "them" get away with stealing your precious Constitution through a call for an Article V Convention, Constitutional Convention and or recent calls for amending the Constitution in light of the Supreme Court decisions!!]
Use all social media available to forward this message. This very dangerous legislation, which includes limited learning for lifelong labor under the umbrella of the schools (ultimate provision of ALL services, including mental health (BRAINWASHING), now 100% enabled by decision on Obamacare),  may well be voted on during the week of July 6th!  Debate starts Tuesday, July 7th. Don't forget the National Alliance for Business, on it's letterhead in the 1990's, called for kindergarten to age 80. Think about that!
Every Child Achieves Act Scheduled for Debate: Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) scheduled S. 1177, the Every Child Achieves Act, for floor debate on July 7. The Senate is expected to convene at 2:30 p.m. for consideration.
Anita B. Hoge spells out the above dangers in the following clip from NewsWithViews article:
Senator Alexander Reshuffles His Deck of Cards and Slips A New ESEA Out From Under the Table
MEDICAID, Birth to Age 21, is EXPANDED in Senator Alexander’s and Congressman Kline's fast-tracked effort to force through the Reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.
Backdoor politics are being used to expand ObamaCare using education legislation and MEDICAID in the schools. This agenda is moving forward, without citizens’ knowledge and without state legislatures understanding the entire agenda of the Reauthorization of ESEA, the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. This legislation expands MEDICAID services in the schools, ages birth to 21, extending MEDICAID in a Universal Pre-Kindergarten, birth through Kindergarten, heralded by Senator Murray (D WA) and Senator Bob Casey (D PA). (Read: Open Letter to Senator Bob Casey, Pennsylvania)
Concurrent with this, school-based mental health clinics and psychological interventions are also “Number 1” on Sen. Alexander and Rep. Kline's overall legislative agenda. This would effectually change over our public school system from schools of knowledge to community indoctrination centers.           
Every state legislator must be contacted immediately about the impact of this ESEA/MEDICAID expansion in the schools, which will milk MEDICAID dollars and negatively affect each state’s budget.
Betsy Kraus has described ongoing activities in Missouri to implement the life long community controlled system:
And, more recently, Betsy describes the  serious implications of the Supreme Court's decision on gay marriage:
CALL, CALL, CALL before what remains of your freedom is taken away from you by the likes of Senators Alexander and Patty Murray, Representative John Kline, and Dr. Shirley McCune, Director of the  federally-funded Midcontinent Regional Educational Laboratory (McREL), who is the mother of the 21st century schools' call for restructuring of America through education, which includes acceptance of "androgyny" recently embraced by the U.S. Supreme Court  as a normal lifestyle.
Go to  www.americandeception.com  and type "Trend Report" into search engine to read one-pager that includes the federally-funded McREL's support for concept that androgyny is normal, implying that it be encouraged. This one-pager also recommends that our constitutional republic be replaced by participatory democracy (unelected councils...soviets... required by UN Agenda 21's use of regionalism which is COMMUNISM).
[Go to www.deliberatedumbingdown.com (free download) for proof that regionalism is communism. Additional research related to McREL project can also be accessed by going to www.deliberatedumbingdown.com. Just locate Zeitlin and McREL entries in 3D Index and scroll to pages where research is located.] 

Rense internet radio show was taken down last night just prior to my interview with Jeff which dealt with the vote next week on Senator Alexander's Reauthorization bill. (My interview has been rescheduled for next Monday July 6 at 11 P.M. EST.) I was going to spill the red beans in the cancelled interview and plan to do so next Monday. The red beans, all of which are included in S. 1177, are also included in the following Alexander and Shirley McCune 1989 You Tube interviews: 
1989 Governors Conference-Lamar Alexander - YouTube
Fast forward from 1989 to 2015. Senator Alexander, chairman of the Senate Education Committee and Dem. Senator Patty Murray, are the major proponents of  S.1177 which will ultimately control all Americans lifelong under the schools with their unelected council form of government. If you don't have time to read S.1177 [the text is avail­able here], just listen to Sen. Alexander speaking at the National Governors Conference in 1989 (above link)!!!!
Also, of perhaps even more importance, due to the recent Supreme Court decision regarding gay marriage, listen to  Dr. Shirley McCune, Director of the federally-funded (McREL) project which calls for a complete restructuring of America's political, economic, and values systems and uses the Naisbitt Groups Trend Report (link below) which calls for the following, amongst many other radical changes:
Moving from a Representative Democracy to a participatory democracy; from family as the basic unit to individual as the basic unit; and the aforementioned move from a "machismo" society to an "androgynous" society. (see Betsy Kraus's link above)
Some history from Charlotte: In the mid-nineties I had a meeting with Maine's Commissioner of Education, Leo Martin, during which I showed him McCune's federally-funded McREL pilot project for Kansas and Nebraska, which included the call to move from a machismo society to an androgynous society.  He looked at me in a bewildered manner and asked "what's androgynous"? To which I responded: "Leo, that means you're more like me and I'm more like you."  I then asked him to take a stand as the only commissioner in the country against this very evil political, economic and social (values)  restructuring of our nation through the education system.   He didn't reply but I sensed he understood the dangers involved.  Rather than taking a stand, however, his response to me came in the form of a five pound package in the mail containing all of Maine's restructuring plans including Maine's historic role in development of Soviet polytechnical school to work plans, tax-funded school choice/charters run by unelected councils, and Communist Core. 


Strategic Planning and Furthering Excellence, 1983 Page from important U.S. Dept. of Education funded project "Strategic Planning and Furthering Excellence, in Millard, Nebraska Public Schools", by Shirley McCune, Midcontinent Regional Educational Laboratory, Materials Prepared for the Millard Public Schools Board of Education, July 1983. Content taken directly from John Naisbitt's "Megatrends" to be used as pilot project for the nation. Draft Materials---Not for General Distribution. Calls for incredible shifts in American culture, politics and economics, amongst which are: move from a representative democracy to a participatory democracy; move from family as basic unit to individual as basic unit; move from machismo society to androgynous society; move from left vs. right to a politics of the radical center.."
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Trend Report Restructuring-Naisbitt_Group-198

Over the past ten years,, the Trend Report has developed an analysis of the basic restructuring of America. The following list identifies basic shifts which are part of this restructuring. The "FROM" column identifies where we have been and the "TO" column identifies where we are going.


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