Saturday, March 7, 2015

THEY are coming for your children. . . .


THEY want our babies.
THEY want our children.
THEY want our country.
THEY, the federal government, are closing in upon us on all all sides.
THEY have declared war on our families, and on our freedoms.


WE fight for our freedoms by wielding our Constitutional liberties.
WE publish the truth and disseminate it. 
WE win the war with our words.
WE raise our voices.
WE sound the alarm.
WE fight for our lives, our families, and our country.
WE must do everything in our power to stop this federal legislation from passing... and then...

WE must take our country back.


STOP the Reauthorization of ESEA

STOP H.R. 5. 
STOP S.144. 
STOP S. 227. 
STOP Pre-K. 

YOU call your state and federal legislators. 
YOU become informed, read this blog, study my alerts, learn the true facts about these bills. 
YOU do not hesitate for a minute to send emails, letters, phone calls, and tweets.
YOU get 'in their face', confronting THEM about their bad legislation.
YOU protect your families by spreading the word about this bad legislation across our great country. 
YOU tell your friends and neighbors about these bad bills.
YOU do NOT wait for the media to help. 
YOU do not trust leaders who profit from this legislation or by compromising away your liberties.

All this can only be done by YOU
YOU pay attention! 
The future of YOUR children and this country is at stake.

THEY are Declaring War!  
YOUR army is YOU, and YOU, and YOU --
the true grassroots citizens of America.

"America loves a winner,
and will not tolerate a loser,
this is why America has never,
and will never, lose a war."
George Patton 

No Way, ESEA!