Friday, October 2, 2015

An Open Letter To His Holiness Pope Francis

By Charlotte Iserbyt
September 24, 2015

For Your Holiness Pope Francis: Welcome to the United States of America!

Being a convert to the Catholic Faith, to traditional Catholicism, NOT to the NOUVELLE THEOLOGY being imposed on Catholics internationally, I pray that you will listen to those of us in America, Catholic and non-Catholic, who see nothing but moral, political, economic and social tragedy for the world's people, if the Church's present policies and pronouncements continue. These policies, with the exception of the Church's continued opposition to abortion and euthanasia, can only bring misery and the loss of faith in Jesus Christ's redeeming message to future generations.

How can anyone who knows history not understand that the destruction of America's pure capitalist economic system, hopefully practiced in the light of Rerum Novarum and a just civil society (not the United Nations atheistic public/private corporate fascist/communist system being imposed globally) can only lead to poverty for all, in all areas of endeavor, including religion, medicine, law, science, art, music, literature, etc? United Nations Communism does NOT work and has brought nothing but misery and physical, intellectual and moral death to hundreds of millions of persons internationally.

Why and how can the Catholic Church ignore the fact that the United States, prior to the godless globalism being presented to humans worldwide, in the name of "sustainability, etc., etc., became the home of refuge for millions escaping atheist communist and fascist tyranny. If the USA was the preferred nation to which millions of humans immigrated why, oh why, and how can the Catholic Church be part of denigrating what we stood for in so many ways?

Please read the recent (two) posts at my blog, which relate to this urgent plea to Your Excellency. Please especially hear the words of a great American, the late Norman Dodd, regarding the Satanic role of internationalist tax-exempt foundations in promotion of the globalist/New Age (anti-Christian) education agenda being foisted on innocent children from the earliest age.

I pray that you, as the world leader of Jesus Christ's mission and message, will rethink the present policies of the Catholic Church, which do not in any way relate to traditional Catholicism (dogma) as practiced and preached by Jesus Christ.

I am the author of the deliberate dumbing down of america, 1999, which is a free download at . This book provides much history regarding the content of this urgent plea to you, Your Holiness.

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