Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Common Core 22 Years Ago!!!

"Testing for Common Core Learning," right column, second down.
Limited Learning for Lifelong Labor -
School to Work

There is nothing new about school to work in Maine. We have had it for 22 years! And it's not just for students. The National Association of Business, in the 1990s, called for workforce training for Americans up to age 80!

Here is the cover page and another page from the same MAINE document:

Especially read the first paragraph above.
So next time you hear that Common Core is new, here is the evidence that it has been around for awhile. And how it is connected with School-To-Work, limited learning for lifelong labor.

Download this document at the American Deception website. Type "Youth Apprenticeships" into the Search box. The following page will come up. Click on the red "Download Now" button.

Center for Youth Apprenticeship -6pgs-1990s-EDU.sml.pdf
Booklet explaining school-to-work agenda of Maine's Center for Youth Apprenticeships. Center headed by an International Advisory Board of Governors.