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Glenn Beck's "CHOICE"?

Glenn Beck, David Barton and their "choice" connections 
Glenn Beck lauding David Barton (SOURCE)

Below is a PARTIAL TRANSCRIPT of the radio interview with Louisiana activists, Karen Champagne & Angela Alef on Charlotte's WorldWideWeb, July 15, 2014,

Charlotte:  The gate is open, girls....

Angela:  We’ve been very concerned about Glenn Beck recently; I think you have been too. We thought it would be important to share with your listeners our take on Glenn Beck's role in all of this. Just as an introduction, because I know anytime people challenge or call-in to question any of Glenn Beck's operations or theories or anything, they really come under attack as being not Christian or un-American. Especially, some people think we shouldn’t dare challenge someone who talks so often about God and country. We certainly understand that, because we were those people at one point. 

Actually, to give people an idea of how much we’re not haters just for the sake of creating conflict:  Back, way back, had to be ’09, early in ’09, maybe even… yeah, had to be. He was at CNN I think at that time, and my sister called me and she kept calling me and she kept saying, "Man, have you heard this Beck guy? You just really gotta listen!” And, I wasn't interested. I thought the world and the country was in just fine shape at that time. Finally, she got me to listen and I was just mesmerized and I learned a lot from him, I really did. But I’m the kind of person who does my own research, and so I didn't rely on him or anyone else solely for the information. And that’s how I found your information which I do rely solely on. And my sister spearheaded his very first event that I think kinda kick-started his whole mega-millions structure that he’s got going. It was the “We Surround Them” event, and the idea was that, you know, we’re not alone… there’s more of “us” than “them”… and, we believe that’s true. But, it was such a good thing to hear at the time… it was very, very much a gravitational pull. And, so, my sister spearheaded that in New Orleans for him. And she was on the radio with him doing promotions and everything and we were very grateful for it and it was a huge, huge success in New Orleans. And, from that my sister started the Greater New Orleans Tea Party. As I started researching she knew way, way, way more than me at that time and was teaching me. But, as I learned more and started getting concerned especially in the childcare and the education realm, I started sharing that through the Greater New Orleans Tea Party. So, as I learned anything, they learned it.

And, I was always very grateful to Glenn BeckI got on his show by calling in one time because he was talking about educationand I thought he’d want to know about a charter school out in Los Angeles, I believe it is. So, I got on and I was able to speak about it. But, it was i­­­nteresting to meand, it was the first twingethat it didn't really capture his attention. And, I thought that surely would do it. Not that I was trying to get his attention, but I thought it was something that he could really do research on and he just really never did.

Then, as I’m watching and he was at Fox News later, and I am watching for, you know, yearsI finally got really concerned because he was talking about the One World Order and I know there’s a few clips out there about this but the one that really struck me I haven’t found on youtube, but it’s similar.... He told us all that the One World Order was inevitable and we just needed to decide how we’re gonna manage it once it was all in place.... And, I took great offense to that and that is when I turned off Glenn Beck because I’m an American and, you know, our DNA just doesn't have that in us which is why people are waking up and coming to the fight. And, for such a long time, you and your great researchers and activists were able to hold this off for us to finally wake up and join you, because that’s not what we’re made of and that’s not what the United States of America is about.... You know, they may get what they want, but it won’t be because we lay down and just give it to ‘em which is what it felt like Glenn Beck was suggesting. ­­

The next thing that caused me great concern was recently he had an event where he got all of the ministers from all the different faiths and branches of religion together… and this clip is also out there if anybody wants to look for it. And, what he says to everyoneand, understand, Karen and I are Christian. But, now I’m very concerned about whatsince he feels that way about One World OrderI’m very concerned about what his theories might be on One World Religion, because, at this event, he made a point to tell everyone that the message we have to give to everyone in the world and in the country is about “God.” Well, as a Christian, my message to everyone is that Jesus lives and Jesus saves and in giving the message of the Word, you know, that’s how we are free. It’s a message of personal responsibility and freedom which is the same message we find in our Constitution and I just feel like that message is now getting lost. And, whether you are a Christian or not, you know, is not the point. My point is that was a very surprising message that I heard him giving at a time when he could have given the message that Christians are supposed to go out in the world to give.

Karen: I have the same, you know, background basically as far as listening to him. I actually started listening to him after I had started the Tea Party movement in my area. My concern, too, is the same thing… not only that but the people that he surrounds himself with and the people that he points to as expertsDavid Barton being one of themand their background in historyand the Christian Reconstructionismis what they are really all about. It’s that theory that concerns me because that’s not where my faith lies; and, I think that a lot of people need to understand that when they look at who they are going to follow and where they are going to follow them.
David Barton speaking at a 2008 Dominionist event (Source and Source)
Charlotte: The theory, I understand from our great researcher, Sarah Leslie, who has incredible writings on the Internetyou can google "Dominionism" with the blog [For example, see:, ed.] Her writing on Dominionism and Reconstructionism is vital for people to understand. This is the belief that they’re looking toward the Kingdom of God on Earth which is surely NOT what we’ve been promised as Christians. Never, never… so, this is unbelievable and it ends up, basically, moving towards ­what I talked about when I was introducing all of youthe Community Lifelong, Community Education concept to rebuild America’s society in that image which is based, I believe on Old Testament Law which is “eye for an eye; tooth for a tooth.” This is certainly not what Jesus Christ came to expound, right? It has nothing to do with that and it’s very, very scary and there are lots of people involved in this. Gary North certainly is the leader, I believe; and, you’ve got a lot of other people that we are identifying now, too.

Karen: Yes, North is a co-founder of this theory with his father-in-law who is R.J. Rushdooney. I wanted to add that because I think it is important for people to look up Rushdooney. [See, for example, HERE, ed.] He firmly believes in the Old Testament.... He believes that the punishment should be given here on Earth and that judgment should be made here on Earth for your behavior. So that, if you were going against God’s will and what they believe God’s will was… well, the punishment for the majority of the sins is death and that’s basically what Rushdooney believes. Now, I don’t know if all of the Reconstructionists believe as strongly in that as he did but I just think that it’s important to point out that that’s where it’s founded. 

Charlotte: A couple of days ago someone sent me an incredible article by a gal [Rachel Tabachnick] and we’re going to put up [excerpts] at We’re gonna put that up — it’s actually quotes from Gary North in regard to the  kind of punishment you are talking about. I could not believe what I read. 

For those out there who are not politically savvy I do believe they will understand when they read these words out of the mouth of Gary North who, by the way, is involved with the Ron Paul’s Home School Curriculum and Thomas Woods. Now, they can say that Gary North’s views are not part of the Ron Paul Curriculumit would be difficult for me to believe that Ron Paul would ever believe in what Gary North and Rushdoony believe. I have to say that having been a great follower, until recently, and supporter of Ron Paul. But, we will get that information out… the documentation that Gary North, is the son-in-law of Rushdooney. We’ll get that out so that the listeners will know what this country is up against and they’ll understand the role of School Choice here, as well. [Below are selected quotes from the article being discussed, ed.]
The plan for a Ron Paul Curriculum has been in the works for several years.  American Vision, Gary DeMar's Reconstructionist ministry, was soliciting readers in 2010 to contact Ron Paul and encourage him to support North's curriculum plan.  North also wrote about the planned curriculum in 2010 on the blog of Lew Rockwell, founder of the Ludwig von Mises Institute...
North is  advertising the program as home schooling curriculum and also as a way to start a profitable K-12 private school....
North is one of the leading thinkers and writers of Christian Reconstructionism, or the belief that the nation must be "reconstructed" according to biblical law.  He advocates the use of the "doctrine of religious liberty" in order to advance theocracy.(SOURCE)
Angela:  Charlotte, I want your listeners to understand that the reason we are covering this is not because we are in the mood to preach to anybodythat’s not our role; but, it’s to understand as you are beginning to explain the politicization of religion which is happening and what that means down the line for Community Ed. and that they’re gonna get to it through charters. 

But, it’s important to understandwith my concern that’s growing for this One World Religion along with the One World Government is that there’s a covenant... that has a Board of Directors on which Tony Perkins sits who is the head of Family Research Council. And Karen and I have been studying this and it details that we all need to be ruled through government according to the Old Testament. Now, when I processed that, what came to my mind was — isn’t that really the only way to accomplish a One World Religion is by going to the Old Testament. It’s something that the major faiths of the world can kind of come together under—you know, under “God,” not “Jesus.” 

I just want people to think about it and to listen to the words coming out of these people's mouths and really process the words coming off the papers that they write. Because, I do really fear that that’s what they’re helping to organizecommunity organize; and, we have to be very careful. 
EXHIBIT A: Gary North quote
"So let us be blunt about it: we must use the doctrine of religious liberty to gain independence for Christian schools until we train up a generation of people who know that there is no religious neutrality, no neutral law, no neutral education, and no neutral civil government. Then they will get busy constructing a Bible-based social, political, and religious order which finally denies the religious liberty of the enemies of God. Murder, abortion, and pornography will be illegal. God's law will be enforced. It will take time. A minority religion cannot do this. Theocracy must flow from the heart of a majority of citizens, just as compulsory education came only after most people had their children in schools of some sort."
(Gary North, SOURCE)
EXHIBIT B: David Barton with Dominionist leaders
David Barton with "apostle" Cindy Jacobs of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) Dominonists
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