Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Listen to my radio interview yesterday. Click HERE. The interview starts at 1:06:30 through to end. Pete Santilli Episode # 745 - Charlotte Iserbyt (Warning: PLEASE CLICK "Skip Ad"! Yikes!)

Listen to the interview to hear the discussion by Charlotte Iserbyt, Angela Alef and Karen Champagne of The People LLC (Louisiana), and Pete Santilli regarding the dangers of tax-funded private and religious school "choice"/charters and the neoconservative betrayal of The People LLC in Louisiana (and nationwide?). Find out how the political Right is using opposition to Common Core as a diversion from the real Trojan Horse, tax-funded school "choice."
Also learn how, in Freedom Works' own words, the neocon groups used the hyped-up anti-Common Core bandwagon in Louisiana to build email lists and garner financial support from deliberately hyped-up parents to support their agenda for tax-funded school "choice."

Click especially on 1:25:16 - 1:28:30 for Angela Alef's segment regarding how the neocons are leading people astray - and what The People LLC's Karen Champagne referred to as leading them to their own demise:

"One thing that may be able to help people in other states is to understand the role (and Charlotte posted this info on her blog) of Freedom Works, Heritage Foundation, Eagle Forum, the American Principles Project, and Pioneer Institute in this deception.  We have details on our Facebook page - screen shots of them saying that what they were going to do was to take fear about Common Core - use that fear to 'community organize citizens' around it so that they could then use that to further the school choice agenda."

This is a MUST must listen-to radio interview. It explains exactly what is happening now in the USA in order to put in an unelected system of governance through tax-funded private education and  charters schools/no elected boards (taxation without representation)! And it reveals who is behind this anti-American agenda.