Thursday, July 24, 2014

Phony Baloney Choice

Charlotte Iserbyt - Radio Interview with Sarah Leslie

This week's CharlotteWorldWideWeb radio interview is posted online:
Listen and learn. . .
  • why Charter Schools are a "phony baloney" choice
  • how homeschoolers were deceived into thinking that cybercharters were private education -- and learned the hard way that they had just enrolled their children into a public charter school
  • how charter monies take away tax dollars from local public schools and put the money into corporate bigwigs' pockets.
  • how faith-based and education "choice" are both the brainchild of business guru Peter Drucker
  • how the pre-determined outcomes are assessed, standards-based, performance-driven, and totally controlled
  • where charter monies come from and where they go...
The following articles were discussed on the radio interview:

Information about Peter Drucker:

The New Orleans Charter School experiment:

Some of the David Barton and Glenn Beck information posted on this blog includes:

The Herescope blog, which includes much information about Glenn Beck, David Barton, C. Peter Wagner, Rick Warren, purpose-driven, etc. Read the following articles and follow the many hyperlinks.