Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Common Core Charter School Agenda

"The election is over. What next?"
Exhibit A: Letter from Nina Rees, 11/6/14

The charter school agenda is cranking up into high gear. This quote at the top was in the "Subject" line of an e-mail from Nina Rees of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools sent today (11/6/14). This is the planned agenda for the charter schools now that the elections are over. While many conservatives are out in the political world opposing the CRISIS of Common Core, few realize that the SOLUTION of Charter Schools will effectually eliminate voter representation in grassroots American education.

If you click on the two links in Rees's letter they both take you to a webpage where you can sign a pledge. Warning: This site acts for your cell phone number so that they can send you text alerts. Here is Exhibit B -- what the page looks like when you go to sign up:
Exhibit B: Pledge webpage HERE

Nina Rees, President and CEO of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, did not get her leadership position pushing for charter schools by mistake. Ms Rees has an extensive background with the Heritage Foundation, and there is no excuse for her to not know what she is doing in leading our nation off the cliff with tax-funded charter schools with their unelected boards (taxation without representation), part of the publicly-funded private education agenda. Read more about her at my blogpost from June.

Charter Schools will destroy our American form of government. As Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, stated very openly:
Well, that all comes down to governance.  A charter school is generally non-profit and the board-members pick the new board-members.  It's called "self-perpetuating governance."  They're not elected by the general public.
Watch this for yourself. This is why the charter agenda is so dangerous:

Netflix CEO. Reed Hastings
Keynote Speaker, CCSA Conference 2014
California Charter Schools Association
Published on YouTube Mar 4, 2014

Watch Reed Hasting by clicking on this link:

Get informed! Read the transcript and get more information about this crisis from my article "Charters Kill True Choice."