Thursday, April 23, 2015


                                               Tsar Lamar's Education agenda 1983


(Lamar Alexander comment begins at 19 min 45 sec  to 20 min 2 sec mark)

 In 1983 Republican Lamar the Czar (Alexander), Chairman of the Senate Education Committee, which just unanimously passed the Reuthorization of ESEA, said the following :

"What I hope is that our K thru 12 education system looks more like our higher education system. By that I mean that we have, you know, 1000's of autonomous schools. We can call them charter schools. Most of them will be public. And, that parents have broad choices among those schools so the school can fit the child. Just like we do when we pick colleges and universities. I'd like to see us over the next 30 years particularly taking advantage of all that the states have done to begin to move decision making back out of Washington and let the federal role for education  be more like A NATION AT RISK."

Isn't that exactly what Carnegie's Marc Tucker is calling for???
"I propose to greatly strengthen the role of the state education agencies in education governance, at the expense of “local control,” and of the federal government. In this plan, school funding would be the responsibility of the state, not the locality, and the distribution of state funds for schools would have nothing to do with the distribution of local property wealth. Thus the governance roles of the local districts, as well as the federal government, would be significantly decreased. Independent citizen governing boards would be eliminated."

Most of the  individuals included in the video have  been responsible for the mayhem  this nation has encountered in education since publication of A Nation at Risk, in 1983.  Every single facet of the present controversial restructuring of education, including tax-funded school choice/charters with unelected boards, emanated from the Office of Educational Research and Improvement where I, Charlotte Iserbyt, served as Senior Policy Advisor during President Reagan's first term, under Secretary of Education T. H. Bell, Utah.

 The inclusion of Dr.  Milton Goldberg, Milton Goldberg | National Board for Professional Teaching Standards | ( NBPTS) is of special interest since the NBPTS  was funded by tax monies AND  the Carnegie Corporation.  See 3D, page 235.  An article entitled "Carnegie Teaching Panel Charts 'New Framework' -- Grants Totaling $900,000 Made to Press Reforms” written by Lynn Olson appeared in the May 21, 1986 issue of Education Week. .. Last year, the corporation created the Carnegie Forum on Education and the Economy, a multi-million dollar initiative designed to help chart U.S. education policy during the next 10 years. The forum assembled the 14-member task force on teaching as one of its first initiatives. The foundation awarded $817,000 to Stanford University for a 15-month research project to develop prototypes of the kinds of assessments the task force’s proposed National Board for Professional Teaching Standards might use to certify teachers....
…According to David A. Hamburg, president of the corporation [psychiatrist and negotiator of the Carnegie-Soviet Education Agreements], the grants illustrate Carnegie’s commitment to the task force’s work.... Of additional interest is fact that Dr. Goldberg  also served as   former Director of the National Diffusion Network (NDN )  The NDN approved for funding,  developed, and  disseminated (diffused) the highly controversial brainwashing "no right/no wrong" humanistic/global education teacher training programs into every state of the nation.  Parent and teacher resistance to these programs resulted in passage of regulations to enforce the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment in 1984.  (The transcript of the  hearings is included in "Child Abuse in the Classroom" available as a free download at American  

Diane Ravitch's views appear to be the least offensive since she at least calls for holding onto the traditional hierarchical public school structure.  She  does unfortunately call for a psychologist in every school.  Parents and education researchers know what that means.