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By Betsy Kraus

Has the average Catholic ever heard of Astana, Kazakhstan, or know anything about it?  If not, it’s time to learn. Why? Well, first a bit of information about the occult-like city of Astana, itself:
Astana, a planned city, has been constructed in more recent years in a remote region in the deserted steppes of Kazakhstan. This city has the appearance of a New Age metropolis adorned with symbols of secret societies. It has even been referred to as an Illuminati Capital.

As a picture is worth a thousand words, the occult symbolism of the structures in Astana becomes visibly clear when viewing this video.
There are yet more explanations of this disturbing city and its symbolism: "If you read other articles on this site, you might be aware of the objectives of the New World Order. One of them is the replacement of all religions by a form of neo-paganism. This is what those meetings are for. The city of Astana is truly a city of the New World Order." [bolding added]
 “The Palace of Peace and Reconciliation at Astana “
What meetings at Astana might these be and why should Catholics be concerned?  World and Religious leaders, including Prelates from the Catholic Church, convene in the occult Pythagorean second level, the “Enlightenment Level”, of the “Peace  Pyramid". Here they are seated around a symbol of the sun, to partake in the false premises of Ecumenism in pursuit of “peace". These ecumenical gatherings, including members from the U.N. and UNESCO, take place at the Congresses of the Leaders of World and Traditional Religions at Astana, where authentic Evangelization, the conversion to the one, true, holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, does not seem to apply.
 Many representatives attend  these Congresses at Astana. They assemble around this “ecumenical" pagan sun symbol to seek peace.  
Pope Francis, himself, was invited to attend the V Congress of World Religious Leaders, held in June of 2015. “Vatican Secretary of State [Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Ed.] conveyed his gratitude to President Nursultan Nazarbayev, for the invitation to take part in the V Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions and assured that the Vatican will continue to actively participate in the forum.

President Nazarbayev was the First Secretary of the Communist Party of the Kazakh, SSR. After Kazakhstan declared independence from Soviet Russia, he became president in 1991. According to the cited Wiki article on Nazarbayev, there are claims that he suppresses dissidents, and abuses human rights organizations.
Patriarch Kirill, of the Russian Orthodox Church, committed a heresy and an act of syncretism with paganism. By his gesture in Astana, he practically placed the worship of the one God on the same level as the worship of demons The betrayal in Astana was followed by other events in the spirit of apostasy and syncretism…” [bolding added]
In light of the above, does the recent article, The Pope, The Video, and the Concealed Crucifix appearing in the Remnant, perhaps reflect the syncretistic flavor of Astana's Congresses? This video includes a syncretistic display of Christian religious symbols along side non-Christian symbols. How is that to interpreted, and what of the Biblical truth clearly stated by John 14:6? 

Why are such attempts which appear to promote one-world religious compromise being pursued by some in our Holy Catholic Church?  We have only to look at the history of the Catholic Church and other Churches in the light of panentheistic Modernism and Nouvelle theology (Parts 3-8).  Beyond that, we must consider an obscure 13th century Monk, Joachim of Fiore, and his Age of the Spirit. Despite the fact that Joachim is a little-known monk, his work has had a profound effect on the world. 

Fiore’s historical scheme would culminate in mankind transcending and evolving spiritually beyond the institution of the Church itself. Joachim predicted that the end time "Age of the Spirit" would culminate in a “Collective Messiah” and a Monastic utopia resembling a Marxist utopia. There would be a “Spiritual Father” who would control all aspects of this contemplative (altered states?) society that includes monks, clerics, and laity. This community would be the center for all, including coexistence with other religions. Joachim prophesies twelve monastic founders who will rise in the beginning of the third age.  Joachim’s Trinitarian heresy (pgs.51-52) was refuted at the Lateran Council (1215) and was addressed and refuted again at the Council of Florence (1441)
Joachim’s Constitution for Future Society identifies the spiritual church of the third age as very like the heavenly society. Private property is strictly forbidden and all food and clothing come from communal property. There is a highly sophisticated division of labor as each group has special gifts. Whole families will be integrated into vocational groups. The throne of God will be situated in the center of 12 monasteries, and 12 spiritual fathers will sit on thrones as the highest prelates of a theocratic order.

Have the theocratic beliefs of the Dominionists, or Reconstructionists, become more prevalent in recent years, and have they been influenced by Joachim's condemned Three Ages? This will be discussed in Part 10 of Wake Up, Catholics.
Judging from his statement, it appears that the charismatic Pontifical preacher, Father Cantalamessa, has not been informed that The
Three Ages of Joachim are heretical, as he speaks of those ages: (translation from German to English):
“They appear, for example, in the Capuchin Raniero Cantalamessa, the official is the Pontifical Household preacher, represented theses (2002): ‘The sacred story has three phases. In the first, the Old Testament, the Father has revealed. In the second phase, the New Testament, Christ is revealed.  Now we are in the third phase, in which the Holy Spirit shines in all its light and animates the experience of the Church.’
Exactly Joachim had prophesied the coming of a third and final world age, which the Holy Spirit. With a new, completely spiritualized, tolerant, free, ecumenical church. That takes the place of the old, dogmatic, hierarchical [to] substantive Church. 
Father Cantalamessa is close to the charismatic movement, making it receptive to these visions. The influence of Joachim of Fiore on the Catholic thinking is much broader and deeper…” 
The  Joachim/ Marxist Connection
“This Joachite heresy would reappear in Auguste Comte’s idea (p. 101) of history as an ascent from the theological through the metaphysical up to the scientific phase; and again in the Marxian dialectic of the three stages of primitive communism, class society and a final communism which is to be the realm of freedom and in which the state will have withered away.”  

The founders of the Illuminati, Count Grabianca, a Pole, and Benedict Chastanier, a French physician and high ranking Mason, were both Swendenborgians. Swendenborg proclaimed the dawn of a “New Age” in 1757. These Illuminati proclaimed the approach of a new regime and a time of the third age. “The fact that their terminology is also so strikingly Joachimite might reinforce the suggestion that, at any rate among the more eclectic of Swendenborg’s followers, the advent of a New Church was being connected also with Joachim’s prophecies.”
Joachim's Utopian Marxist-like ideas and other forms of messianism were brought to Latin America [Footnotes 34,35] by Franciscans and Jesuits in earlier centuries. It has been concluded by some, perhaps many, that Nazism, Communism, and Liberation Theology all have their roots in Joachim's Three Ages.   
Current Popes, Pope Celestine V, and Joachim of Fiore
It is noteworthy that Pope Benedict XVI was not the first Pope to retire. Rather, it was Pope Celestine (1215-1296) who was the first to withdraw from the Papacy. Celestine was a believer of Joachim of Fiore’s Three Ages, and he considered himself the last Pope before the third age and the apocalypse. Joachim indicated that the age would begin in around 1260. It was thought that St. Francis of Assisi (1180/1182-1246) was to be one of the founders of two new religious orders leading the way to the Third Age.  
Pope Benedict XVIplaced his Pallium on Celestine’s sarcophagus after surviving the Italian earthquake of 2013.The views of Pope Benedict XVI regarding Joachim of Fiore are an extremely complex mix of teachings based on the studies of St. Bonaventure, St. Augustine (who later discarded his Platonic tenets), and the Modernist Theologian, Henri de Lubac.
Apparently  Pope Francis I, as well as  Benedict XVI, have a profound admiration and respect for Pope Celestine, as both have visited his burial place at momentous occasions, laying their Palliums on his tomb. Note that our current Pope chose the name of “Francis", which has never been used throughout all history.  Pope Francis I has also chosen Pope Celestine V as his “Guide Saint”.One can only guess at how much Fiore's concepts guide Pope Francis, given his support of the U.N. Agenda 2030, his Charismatic tendencies, the Vatican participation in Astana Ecumenism, and decentralization in the Church.
Is there a connection among the topics of Joachim of Fiore's Constitution for Future Society. the Charismatic movement  rooted in Protestant Pentecostalism and Enthusiasm, and a one-world syncretism taking place at Astana and elsewhere? The answer is left for the reader to decide.
Most ironic is the fact that a strong defender of the Faith, Bishop Athanasius Schneider, is stationed at the Archdiocese of Maria Santissima in Astana, Kazakhstan. He has known, first handthe sufferings of Catholics under a Communist regime. In February of 2015Bishop Schneider issued a call to Catholics the world over to begin immediately the work of resisting the false church which is arising. He said, “We must create groups of true Catholics.”  In light of the evils now confronting the Church, we are counseled by Cardinal Burke to, above all, remain serene and grounded in Jesus Christ and the truths of the Faith.
Until its recent independence, Astana, was a part of the U.S.S.R, and its President, Nazarbaryeu, is a Communist. We were warned by Our Lady of Fatima that it was Russia that would spread its heinous errors across the world. At that time, Our Blessed Mother also gave us the remedy for true peace - the Rosary.  Cardinal Burke has called for recitation of the Rosary to "storm heaven" and spread the light of Truth in America and throughout the world. May all our Bishops and priests join Cardinal Burke's  Operation Storm Heaven and call for the world-wide recitation of the Rosary.
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