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"Choice" Mixing Oil with Water

Why "Free Market Choice" can't mix with True Local Control

Please read the complete Don Bell Letter on this important subject, authored by the late Virginia Birt Baker, a pioneering homeschool mom and education activist.  Her report can be found at http://www.americandeception.com. It points to the problem with so-called free market "choice" mixed up with tampering with local control, i.e. local representative government such as your locally elected school boards that are accountable to voters, citizens and parents.

One of the most shocking things about Ginny Baker's report is how "education choice" was on the agenda of leaders of the New Age/New World Order!

From The Don Bell Report, July 9, 1990:

Virginia Birt Baker, has written some words of warning regarding the tax voucher scam. She knows whereof she writes and has the documentation to back it up. So we are pleased to reprint an excerpt from "Educational choice: An Innovative Report":
Once private education accepts tuition tax credits or vouchers it can no longer remain private, because through government regulations, it will be forced to become one and the same with its public counterparts. "Any state and a bureaucratic agency for the propagation of ideology and the enforcement of standards. And the standards will be devised not by the enthusiasts of vouchers,... but by the same old coalition of educationists... who know exactly what they want, and exactly how to get it."
What do they want and how will they get it? To start with, George Bernard Shaw of the socialist Fabian Society of England, said, "Nothing will more quickly destroy independent Christian schools than state aid; their freedom and independence will soon be compromised, and before long their faith."
His protege, Keynesian economist Milton Friedman, began in 1960 to promote the voucher plan, at first unsuccessfully in his Alum Rock Experiment. In 1970 he wrote Free to Choose, and in July, 1980, the First Global Conference on the Future was held in Toronto, Canada. One of its prime objectives was to push education choice on an unsuspecting American, Canadian and European citizenry. Some of the participants were
  • Edward Cornish (World Future Society);
  • Aurileo Peccei (Club of Rome);
  • R.T. Francouer (Aquarian Cabal);
  • Miriam and Edward Kelty (Natl. Inst. of Mental Health);
  • Dorothey MacLean (Findhorm Foundation);
  • Barbara Marx Hubbard (prominent new ager);
  • Mark Satin (anarchist, Green Revolution activist);
  • Marilyn Ferguson (world's leading new ager); 
  • Maureen Murdock (occultist);
  • Moshe Davidovitz (American Assoc. for Humanistic Psychology); and many others. 
Then, in 1981 the American Legislative Education Council, formed by Paul Weyrich ("We are radicals who want to change the existing power structure. We are not conservatives..."), mailed to 16,000 state and federal officials and legislators a suggested educational voucher. Thomas A. Shannon, Executive Director of the National School Boards Association, said, "Tuition Tax credits for private schools profoundly change the character of private education. Private schools that operate with public money will be subject to public regulations."
Sure enough, concurrently, on July 18, 1971, key federal legislation underlying and controlling any subsequent education legislation was adopted.
This master control system, "The Interagency Day Care Standards," hinged
upon the federal government's own definition of day care: "Day care is
defined as the care of a child on a regular basis by someone other than
the child's parents for any part of the 24-hour day." 
It states that "Any agency, public or private, which receives federal funds directly or indirectly through a grant or contract... or by way of a voucher plan" must meet all programs that are set down for public schools. Acceptance of Federal funds is an agreement to abide by the requirements."
The chronology, or evolution, of events has, by law, now placed the standards ("guidelines") within state agencies. It has linked increased school costs and unasked for, unwanted, yet mandatory programs, through "back door" administrative guidance policies and procedures and without the knowledge or involvement of elected representatives, to federal requirements as conditions of funding! These mandatory programs include sex education, psychological services, organizational changes, human relations activities, busing, bilingual education, etc., etc .
In March, 1984, the U .S. Supreme Court ruled that private schools are subject to government regulations because they enroll students who receive tuition money from the government. Even though the checks are payable to individual students, not the school, the Court says any scholarships, loans, or grants to students "constitute federal financial assistance."

Note to reader. Footnotes appear in the original document.  To download this document from the AmericanDeception.com website, simply type "Don Bell Report" into the search box on the main page. A new page will pop up, and the July 1990 issue appears in the second downloadable section that looks like this:

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America lost a great patriot today

Dr. Stanley Monteith: a selfless, talented in more ways than one, friend of all who care about the Constitution, the American family, and Christianity.

Dr. Stan interviewed me for the last time in June 2014 and, very graciously, permitted me to describe the war in which we are all involved. The war in which it is often difficult to determine who exactly in the so-called "liberty" movement is our friend, and who is our enemy.

I will never forget that interview and the graciousness of this Christian gentleman, orthopedic surgeon turned DAILY radio host, over the past many years.  

Dr. Stan will remain in my memory as the equal of many of our great patriots who died with their boots on.

God bless you, Dr. Stan, and bless Barbara and all your family.

Views expressed in the interview are covered in the following post:



Charlotte Iserbyt was on the radio with Dr. Stanley Monteith, 6/18/14. Click on following link: 

Charlotte Iserbyt, Hour 2. Scroll down to 6/18/14

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Mind Warfare

The following article was just posted at NewsWithViews today:

This article was also a blog post the other day. The graphic exhibits are important. They were not included in the NWV version of the article, but are in the original posted HERE.

Related to this article theme, a note to my blog readers. During the month of October we will be running a post every day under the theme "Skinner Horror Stories." 31 days of factual documentation about the use of Skinnerian operant conditioning in the classroom, planned by the Power Elite, implemented by change agents who have worked to gain access to children. This Skinner horror story series will detail the terrifying methods that are being used on children in schools, and the frightening consequences.

Stay tuned!

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Is Dr. Stotsky Coming out of the Skinner Box?

Questions that must be asked.... 

We appeal to Dr. Sandra Stotsky to clarify her position on the following matters. Often scholars are USED by those promoting political agendas. And in the case of opposition of Common Core, the "cure" is much worse than the disease!

First read this article "BOARD TO LAUNCH REWRITE OF READING STANDARDS," by William Lutz,Special to DallasBlog.com, June 27, 2006:
The State Board of Education is about to conduct a major rewrite of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for English, Language Arts, and Reading....

When the TEKS got adopted, it was agreed that the board would revisit the curriculum in each subject area before issuing a call for new textbooks in that subject....

...[A] board member Don McLeroy (R-Bryan) requested a workshop to discuss the issue in more detail. Afterwards, board members agreed the TEKS needed major changes.

The workshop featured presentations from three national experts on the science of reading: Reid Lyon, Barbara Foorman, and Sandra Stotsky....

[Lyon] said, by using the best science in teaching, schools can dramatically reduce failure rates.

Stotsky emphasized the importance of clear and measurable standards....

"If you focus on the objectives that are measurable, you’ll quickly see how many you can discard," Foorman suggested.

"You discard the repetitions, and you discard the ones that aren’t measurable, and you’ll probably reduce this document in half," she added.

Miller predicted the board will rewrite the curriculum to make it shorter, clearer, and measurable. "The standards have to be so that they are measurable..."

...Cargill said, "...the best celebration of all will be the day that our teachers actually have the new and improved TEKS in their hands and can start using clear, concise, measurable, non-repetitive standards with their students." [emphases added]

The words highlighted above are "buzz words" associated with the form of teaching phonics that is based on Skinnerian operant conditioning methods (Mastery Learning, Direct Instruction, etc.), a topic frequently and recently discussed on this blog.  "Measurement" is defined as a critical component of Skinnerian operant conditioning. "Measurable objectives" means that only the prepared script will be taught and tested; in other words, "teach to the test."[1]

Those involved in fighting Communist Core should ask questions about where Sandra Stotsky is coming from, especially if she is going to be the poster child of the neoconservatives in Texas opposing Common Core.
In this article Stotsky calls for the “Explicit Instruction” of “skills” and “mastery” and “scientific research in education” as opposed to the Whole Language approach that disparaged it. But what does she mean by this?

The powers-that-be need Skinnerian Direct Instruction for tax-funded school choice/charters which will be used for school-to-work training. What is Direct Instruction? This is a major theme of my book the deliberate dumbing down of america. Below is an explanation:

STEPHEN BROADY OF TARKIO, MISSOURI PRESENTED TESTIMONY IN 1984 AT THE U.S. Department of Education’s Region VII hearing on “Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to further implement Section 439 of the General Education Provisions Act, 34 CFR, Parts 75, 76, and 98, 20 U.S.C.A. Section 2132(h) 20 U.S.C. 1231e–3(a)(1), 1232h (Hatch Amendment).” Broady’s statement exposes the controversial nature of the two leading mastery learning programs —Exemplary Center for Reading Instruction (ECRI) and Project INSTRUCT—both of which use Skinnerian operant conditioning and both of which submitted claims of effectiveness which have been questioned by persons involved in implementing and evaluating the programs. The third program, DISTAR (Direct Instruction for Systematic Teaching and Remediation), which is similar to ECRI, is the highly recommended “scientific, research-based” phonics program so popular with conservatives in the late 1990s. The following are some excerpts from Stephen Broady’s testimony:
...Although Project INSTRUCT is only one of over 300 “approved” educational projects, Project INSTRUCT and the educational project upon which it is based, the Exemplary Center for Reading Instruction (ECRI), are the most widely used mastery learning educational projects in the United States.
...These mastery learning systems use a type of psychological manipulation based on the Skinnerian ideology of rewards and punishments, and individual feelings are irrelevant.... More commonly referred to as “behavior modification,” the Skinnerian ideology which is used in the teaching techniques of these mastery learning systems, breaks down the process of learning into small bits of information and actually codes a type of behavior that is desired into the learning process itself.

The real objective of these mastery learning systems with their behavior modification, is a deliberate attempt to make children conform to an artificial environment which is more suited to the thinking of the school than to the needs of the children.

These federally funded mastery learning systems require the use on young children of a highly structured curriculum, test and re-test with the use of criterion tests, stopwatches, direct eye contact, physical contact, and psychological manipulation until the so-called “mastery” of the subject is achieved. These ideas and practices form a complex philosophy in which the “authoritarian” concept predominates.

In the early part of 1983, I obtained the evaluation report of Project INSTRUCT from the superintendent’s office of the Lincoln Public Schools....

The evaluation results clearly referred to behavioral objectives which were… established for: (a) students; (b) parents; (c) administrators; (d) media specialists; (e) project staff; (f) teachers; (g) paraprofessionals and volunteers, and (h) prospective teachers. The wholesale use of behavior modification is part of Skinnerian psychology. As it was outlined in the evaluation, Project INSTRUCT includes rewards and punishments, not only for school children, but for anyone who comes in contact with the school system itself.

The Evaluation of Project INSTRUCT, Executive Summary, written by Carl Spencer,
project director for Lincoln Public Schools, also explains that:

"Project INSTRUCT grew from beliefs that to reduce reading failure reading programs must (1) be diagnostic and prescriptive so that failure does not begin to occur, (2) be implemented by regular teachers in regular classrooms, (3) provide direct rather than indirect teaching, (4) correlate instruction in all language skills, particularly reading, spelling and handwriting.…"
The intent and emphasis... was on behavioral indices and concrete ways of showing accountability; and the data would suggest that the reading of the students themselves may not have increased.... (pages 203-204)[2]

See also pages 210-213 of my book, which is downloadable free, and read about the National Council for Educational Research (NCER), Professor Robert Glaser, and 
Siegfried Engelmann’s DISTAR (Reading Mastery) and ECRI are both based on the very sick philosophical world view that considers man nothing but an animal—an “organism” (in Skinner’s words)—responsive to the manipulation of stimulus-response-stimulus immediate reinforcement or rewards to bring about predetermined, predictable behaviors. Skinner’s quote about making a “pigeon a high achiever by reinforcing it on a proper schedule” is repeated often in this book to impress on the reader the horrifying aspect of animal training masquerading as education in these programs.
The National Research Council’s Preventing Reading Difficulties in Young Children, compiled by Catherine E. Snow, M. Susan Burns, and Peg Griffin, Eds. (National Academy Press: Washington, D.C., 1998) acknowledged G. Reid Lyon, Ph.D., chief of the Learning Disabilities, Cognitive, and Social Development Branch of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development of the National Institutes of Health (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) who supports behaviorist reading programs like ECRI and DISTAR (Reading Mastery) as well as instruction based on so-called “medical and scientific research.”
For those who are still not persuaded, see Appendix XXV in my book, where much more extensive documentation on the usage of Skinnerian operant conditioning in the schools can be found. Here are a few choice nuggets, one of which is relevant to the state of Texas, which has long used Direct Instruction (Skinnerian):

Of course, for those who don’t have any problem with this type of education/training, STOP: you need read no further. For those who may have questions, please bear with me. First, you will want to be sure I am correct in my claim that this is, in fact, Skinnerian dog training. Following are some excerpts related to two of the nine programs discussed in the book What Works in Education, which is "the result of a collaborative effort between two organizations: The Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies and Division 33 of the American Psychological Association...." Gratitude is extended to "Doug Carnine, Professor of Education at the University of Oregon, and Bonnie Grossen, Editor of Effective School Practices, for consulting on this project."

Here is Grossen's reply to an American education researcher who called her in the mid-nineties to ask if Iserbyt's contention that  Direct Instruction was based on B.F. Skinner's philosophy was correct: "Yes, "Iserbyt is correct. Direct Instruction is based on the psychological theories and methodology of B.F. Skinner" The chapter of What Works in Education entitled “Mabel B. Wesley Elementary” states:

The Mabel B. Wesley Elementary School in Houston, Texas, has had a schoolwide Direct Instruction language arts curriculum since 1976, and has implemented other direct instruction programs and other programs based on related approaches in other subject matters.... Dr. Thaddeus S. Lott, Sr. is the Project Manager for the Northwest Charter District and Mrs. Wilma Rimes is the principal of Mabel B. Wesley Elementary School.
In 1975... in searching for a means of improving reading skills, Dr. Lott, then the new principal, visited a campus that was implementing the DISTAR reading curriculum (see Direct Instruction for Teaching Reading and Remediation, Carnine and Silbert, 1979), developed by Engelmann (reported in Becker, Engelmann and Thomas, 1975A and 1975B). He was impressed by what he observed and began the implementation of DISTAR [now called Reading Mastery, ed.] in 1976. (page A-152)  

Edward Curran, the former Director of the National Institute of Education, was fired by Secretary T.H. Bell in 1982 due to Curran’s recommendation to President Reagan that the National Institute of Education—the research and development arm of the U.S. Department of Education—be abolished.... Abolishing NIE could have removed much of the controversial federal government influence in our local schools. In an article entitled “Success Eludes Old Research Agency,” Education Week (December 9, 1982) quoted Dr. Curran as follows: "NIE is based on the premise that education is a science whose progress depends on systematic 'research and development.' As a professional educator, I know that this premise is false."[3]

In conclusion, here is an example of the subtle use of terminology. This comes from a Texas report recommending Direct Instruction (Skinnerian), also referred to as "direct, teacher-centered instruction." Dr. Stotsky's name can be found throughout this report, and she is credited under "Acknowledgement" for her "valuable input and assistance" on this project. The question remains -- is she advocating Skinnerian Direct Instruction? See HERE 
Finally, it should be always kept in mind that Skinner experimented with his animal methods of behavior modification on his own infant child:

1. See page G-27 of my book where these glossary terms are defined.
2. All bold emphases added in quotations excerpted from my book.
3. From my book, page 191. 

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Cookie Cutter Common Core & Private Education

(And all others with children in private & religious education!)
Read Part 1
 By Betsy Kraus, 3D Research Group
The U.N. (United Nations) advocates Communist Common Core education for all students on this planet, no matter the religion and no matter whether the school is public or private. The “UN, Obama, and Gates are globalizing education via Common Core.”(1) Here is a summary of the educational aims of UNESCO, The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization.
This pedagogical revolution attempts to impose an ethic for the creation of a new society and to establish an intercultural society. The new ethic is nothing more than a remarkable presentation of a communist utopia. A study of the documents leaves no doubt, under cover of ethics and behind a rhetoric and remarkable dialectic, of a communist ideology for which only the presentation and the means of action have been modified.... Also it is no surprise that the level of scholarship will continue to go down since the role of the school has been redefined so that its principal mission is no longer intellectual but social formation....One no longer gives students intellectual tools for liberation but imposes on them values, attitudes, and behavior using psychological manipulation techniques. (emphasis added) (2) 
With the usual disclaimer, UNESCO’S International Institute for Educational Planning(3) released the working paper, Strategic Planning, Concept and rationale, in 2010.(4)  This is a world blueprint for “managing” education (restructuring and governance for community control and Common Core) across the globe.  This paper describes the structural business model of Total Quality Management (TQM) for education to assure each child in the world becomes a global product of Communism.

TQM was put in place in public education years ago through funding from the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) of 1965.  Cookie-cutter Common Core goals, objectives, performance indicators, and assessments were in place in all public schools by the mid to late 70’s. At that time the management program was called Planning, Program and Budgeting System (PPBS).Benjamin Bloom’s Taxonomy (to destroy faith and values) was mandated for this system. Now this same Strategic Planning Management Control System is being applied to Catholic Parishes and the Parish Community.
The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ (USCCB) Strategic Plan Roadmap, Journey with Christ: Faith – Worship – Witness calls for Strategic Planning and affords an overall view of this paradigm shift slated for Catholic dioceses and parishes.(5) What could possibly be wrong with such glowing mission proposals and strategic planning from the USCCB which include the participation of so many arch/dioceses and parish members?  It appears that the same format for strategic governance and restructuring proposed by UNESCO is now being applied to dioceses across the country.  Such Planning and Programming controls always start from the top down.

The first report, Wake Up Catholics (6), documented that Catholic education has not escaped Common Core and TQM planning and governance. Diocese after diocese has succumbed to Common Core and restructuring and funding for governance under the heading of “Strategic Planning.” Simply search the internet for ”Catholic dioceses strategic planning” to see how widespread this is. Check your own arch/diocese’s Mission Statement for references to ‘strategic planning.
Compliance to this planning is required at the parish level to complete the global transformation. Professionals train or retrain those on existing parish committees and boards, and create and train new committees and small groups. Who knows how many professional organizations exist in which to assist in training and transforming members of local parishes? The following organization is perhaps one of many parish planning groups. Their format demonstrates what can be expected to take place in the Parish Community.

The Catholic School Development Program (CSDP), now called the Healey Educational Foundation, sponsored workshops at the major National Catholic Education (NCEA) Conference in April, 2014. It is probably safe to conclude that their program would have been made available to many of the attending school superintendents and principals.

The stated CSDP model is based on Governance and Strategic Planning. They inform us that to be an effective (outcome based, OBE) school it takes a teacher’s teacher, a CEO, a financial planner, a personnel evaluator, a family counselor, a child psychologist, a crisis manger, a curriculum designer, and a pastor as well.  However, in addition, the school must have a marketer. Schools are referred to as businesses and families as customers.  Wouldn’t parents who “foot the bill” find all this community authorization to administer to their children and their parish school rather audacious as well as usurpative?

CSDP recommends “Boards of Limited Jurisdiction” which would have official authority governed by “operating principles” (O.P).  Of great interest, this board does not get involved with management, staffing or curriculum issues, which only the principal controls. Why would there be a school board that has nothing to do with the school?  The board’s purpose is to promote the school’s mission and policy positions, etc. and demonstrate this support within the community. Are they to become “Alinskyian-type” Community Organizers?

In other similar governance plans, the principal must also follow the Common Core dictates of the diocese superintendent, either directly or through parish “Consortiums.” Such structures can render fruitless parental input and efforts for authentic Catholic education at their parish school.

CSDP says the necessary qualities for school boards require the “right people” to serve as Board members. They recommend another site, The Blue Avocado, where choosing boards is further discussed.(7) For “diversity,” The Blue Avocado suggests that questions need to be asked such as: “Do we need someone who can reach the Arab grocers’ association to get their support for the plastic bag ban?”(8) They also recommend Community Organizers (Alinkyianism?) for positions on the Board.

In addition “The Effective (OBE, Ed.) Parents Association” has been recommended by the CSDP.  Parents would go out into the community to approach new parents, etc. and to present the school’s mission (Common Core and progressive education). These parents are to follow the direction of the principal and work with an advancement director in the areas of development, enrollment, management, constituent relations, and communications.  Is this more top-down organizing of the Community? CSDP offers workshop sponsorships, school sponsorships, and service as a school board member. Schools in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and the Diocese of Allentown, PA. are among their clients. How many more are on CSDP’s list of subscribers?      
The Amazing Parish is a newly formed organization. Its first conference was held in Denver, Colorado in August, 2014. There was a capacity attendance of 500 Catholic leaders and pastors from across the United States. Their workshops focused on parish leadership teams, formation programs and evangelization. One of their resources is A Guide to Building Teams for Catholic Parishes by staff member Patrick Lencioni who is also founder of the Table Group. This Guide deals with teamwork for transformational improvement in parish leadership, trust, conflict, commitment, and accountability to produce results (outcome/results/performance-based). To accomplish this, parish leaders must overcome “dysfunctions.” They must trust their fellow team members and be comfortable with each other’s weaknesses, fears, mistakes, and behaviors. They should engage in passionate dialogue to reach decisions. The guide says accountability means “calling out” team members for their behavior and performance.

In addition, parish team leaders must allow their weaknesses to be exposed to others members. They must become vulnerable and be pushed outside their emotional comfort zones. They must be willing to engage in constructive conflict. [See footnote 10, second site, for the harm this can cause.]
“When it comes to teams, trust is all about vulnerability. Team members who trust one another learn to be comfortable being open, even exposed, to one another around their failures, weaknesses, even fears.  Now, if this is beginning to sound like some get-naked, touchy-feely theory, rest assured that it is nothing of the sort.”(9) 
If not that, does it, at the least, sound like it is beneath Christian dignity, Christian decorum, and counter to the some of the Fruits of the Holy Spirit, such as charity (or love), joy, peace, patience, benignity (or kindness), goodness, long suffering and mildness?

According to this guide, achieving “commitment” is apparently not “consensus.” The guide defines “commitment” as a group of individuals buying into a decision with which they don’t naturally agree.
Team members should also submit to Behavioral Profiling such as the Myers-Briggs diagnostic questionnaire. The guide states:
“Once all types have been identified, have team members each read a short description of their own type out loud to the rest of the team… After the exercise has been completed, have team members read a more comprehensive description of their own type, highlighting sections that they find particularly insightful and descriptive of their tendencies.   Also, have them choose one or two areas that they would like to improve about themselves, based on their Myers-Briggs type. Have all team members report these findings to the group, preferably on day two of an initial off-site...[regarding “conflict” the guide continues, Ed.]… Have the team members each share those implications, along with other conflict influences in their lives, including family and life experiences as well as cultural background.”(10)
Anyone engaging in this type of group disclosure format might want to become familiar with the Group Dynamics of Marxist Kurt Lewin (Group Process/Sensitivity Training... brainwashing... out of the National Training Laboratories/NEA, Bethel, Maine, founded by Kurt Lewin in 1947, and the destructive Encounter Groups once led by Robert Coulson. (11)

Amazing Parish had quite a few sites for all kinds of parish leadership for pastors and others. These sites can be reviewed at http://amazingparish.org/real-leadership-team.

Boston College’s Barbara and Patrick Roche Center for Catholic Education also has a “Leadership Team Initiative” for principals, pastors, teachers, schools boards, and other stakeholders to collaborate and manage mission-driven centered institutions.(12) There are probably many more of these types of college-sponsored and professional team training programs for strategic governance around the country.

In the meantime, the massive quest for philanthropic money to support funding and governance continues.  Note the scope of the Philanthropic Roundtable and what they support. http://www.philanthropyroundtable.org/topic/k_12_education.

Footnotes and Sources: 
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12. “The Leadership Team Initiative”, Boston College. http://www.bc.edu/content/bc/schools/lsoe/cce/leadershipteaminitiative.html

Saturday, September 20, 2014


Mind Warfare

“What is absolutely essential is that
the full facts be given to all our people,
for mind warfare is total war.”
Edward Hunter, Brainwashing: The Men Who Defied It, 1953  

“MIND WARFARE” includes the Skinnerian brainwashing called for by leading Neo-Conservative organizations, including the Heartland Institute. 

This is a war to destroy our constitutional rights, including our right to vote, and the destruction of our children’s minds, souls and consciences. After 12 years of Neo-Conservative supported Skinnerian animal training computer instruction, your children will no longer have a conscience, nor will they be able to take an unpopular stand, for fear of being punished. They will act only to get a reward or praise.

Did hundreds of thousands of American servicemen and women give their lives in foreign wars to end up with our free constitutional republic being turned over to the globalist communists (the communist/ socialist/ corporate/ fascist/ libertarian Neo-Conservative wolves in sheep's clothing) ? Without firing a shot? On a silver platter?

It is time to stop the 100% Neo-Conservative boycott of the truth regarding their communist agenda! Don't forget that Wall Street funded the Bolshevik Revolution. Don’t forget the NeoConservative Heritage Foundation drafted the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) which has robbed Americans of hundreds of thousands of good jobs. Don't forget Karl Marx, who drafted the Communist Manifesto, was a strong supporter of Free Trade! And, lastly, don't forget that Mind Warfare, referred to by Edward Hunter (above) is what the neoconservative Heartland Institute recently recommended for use on our children in America's "new" schools/training laboratories!  

The National Alliance of Business, in its newsletter Work/America... The Business Force on Workforce Development, Vol. 15 Issue 5, May 1998  carried the following article entitled "Knowledge Supply Chain: Managing K-Age 80 Learning." Repeat Kindergarten through Age 80?! Workforce Training. Yes, Grandpa... that means YOU! And YOU, too, Grandma! This is what is called "Limited Learning for Lifelong Labor." Using the Skinnerian Operant Conditioning method called for by Heartland Institute.

The following quotations from Edward Hunter, the man who coined the term “brainwashing” and author of Brainwashing: The Men Who Defied It, speak to what we as Americans can still do to reverse the process. When Hunter speaks of brainwashing he is referring primarily to the Skinnerian/Pavloviananimal training method supported by the neoconservative movement:
"Surely there can no longer be a trace of doubt that brainwashing is sheer evil. The fight against it is the culminating issue of all time, in which every human being is protagonist. There can be neither escape nor neutrality where such responsibilities lie. There can be neither front nor rear, for the great lesson that came from the brainwashing chambers was that while every man has a cracking point, every man’s cracking point can be immensely strengthened. That is the job of home, school, and church. The mother, teacher, and pastor are in the front lines in this ideological conflict, and every word they say to their sons and daughters is important to the struggle, for character more than anything else will determine the outcome.
"Truth is the most important serum and integrity the most devastating weapon that can be used against the totalitarian concept.... Nothing should be allowed to interfere with the task of getting those facts across to the people who need and can use them." (Read the entire Hunter quotation on page 450 of my book)
Read on below for a perfect example of what Hunter is talking about, how the brainwashing is being carried out in the United States. In this case, it is a "choice" advertising campaign. This is a huge media blitz calling for tax-funded school choice (federally-controlled private education run by unelected boards). Hunter refers to this as "mind warfare is total war." The “controlled” media is in a special position to conduct “mind warfare.” For example, see the following Philly School Choice media campaign to promote "choice" to the public. 
Watch the ad HERE
It was announced today that Choice Media has launched PhillySchoolChoice.com, a major media campaign involving a website, Facebook page, television commercials, YouTube videos, Twitter & Facebook ads, traditional newspaper ads and earned media coverage.  The campaign will include eight separate 30-second television commercials that will air on the early and late evening news programs of all four broadcast local news stations (ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC affiliates), for five days/week, four weeks in a row. Two new television ads will be released each week during the four-week run. The commercials feature only Philadelphia parents talking about their experiences -- no politicians or union officials will appear.

Below you will find the first two spots produced by Choice Media. They feature Philadelphia area parents sharing stories about the positive impact that school choice has had on their lives and the lives of their children. These personal accounts are illuminating and heart warming. They manage to capture in thirty seconds exactly what is at stake in the great debate over expanding choice; ensuring every child in America has access to a top-notch education.
Watch the ad HERE

Politico promo for Philly Choice ad campaign
Recently the Skinnerian/Pavlovian Cat jumped out of the 34-year denial bag. As was mentioned earlier on the blog, the book Rewards has just been published. Subtitled "How to use [SKINNERIAN/PAVLOVIAN, ed.] rewards to help children learn - and why teachers don't use them well." Paperback – October 1, 2014. The President of the Heartland Institute, Joseph Bast, who has written a book Rewards, with long-time educator Herbert Walberg, calling for the Skinnerian/Pavlovian method to train our children, like pigeons, dogs, etc., for the workforce rather than to teach them academics. See the blog post HERE and especially HERE

The deliberate dumbing down has now become the excuse for complete social change, including the privatization of education (the handing over to the unelected multinational corporations the responsibility for education—actually training—of future citizens). Such a transfer of responsibility will be facilitated by the creation of charter/magnet schools and passage of legislation providing tuition tax credits/vouchers. The workforce development system will, of course, be international, as is indicated by many quotes in this book. Parents who may be enthusiastic about the various choice proposals may change their minds regarding “choice” when their child becomes part of the corporate fascist quota system, being tracked into a career chosen for him/her by unelected corporate managers who set labor force requirements. Such quotas will be a part of the global planned economy. Parents will have no say regarding their child’s placement since there will no longer be an elected body, such as a school board, to whom they can complain.

Only a dumbed-down, brainwashed, conditioned citizenry could willingly accept what is being offered Americans under the guise of “remaining competitive in an increasingly global economy,” and relinquishing our sovereignty in the name of “global understanding and peace.” (excerpted from page 450-51 of my book)

Good Americans  are being lied to. What is going in now, supported by the highly-funded Neo-Conservative Trotskyites, and its controlled media, is described in my book the deliberatedumbing down of america, a free download at http://www.deliberatedumbingdown.com or available at amazon.com. Get informed! It isn't too late!