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Gradualism Takes Its Toll on Representative Government (1951-2015)

From the state of Vermont, the article above, "ALTERNATIVE ED BILL WOULD REDUCE NUMBER OF SCHOOL DISTRICTS IN VERMONT TO 15," by Amy Nash Nixon, Mar. 23 2015, (see opening paragraphs above) we additionally learn  that:
H.361, the House Education Committee’s legislation, uses incentives and penalties to encourage small school districts to form larger school systems with a minimum of 1,100 pupils.

Scheuermann wants to make a structural change that she believes could address the quality of education and concerns about school efficiencies.

“This is a real opportunity for us to do something more,” Scheuermann said. “We want to address the quality of education. What seems to be lost in this conversation is realizing that we have an opportunity here to really transform our system into a 21st century educational system.”
Teaching methods have changed dramatically, and graduates need technology and critical thinking skills in the new economy, Scheuermann said.

“I hear in my economic development committee too many students aren’t prepared for the work force, for college,” said Scheuermann, a member of the House’s Commerce and Economic Development Committee.

Her bill, she said, seeks to prepare students for the global economy.
[emphasis added]
Is her comment about reconnecting taxpayers to the budgets voted on and the money being spent a JOKE? Consolidation of schools does exactly the opposite! As the Superintendent of Schools in Brunswick, Maine, once stated regarding loss of local control, “I hope everyone listening knows that local doesn’t mean what local means for us.” Sheuermann's proposal offers the whole education transformation "ball of wax" including phony "choice":

Maintaining equal opportunity for Vermont’s public school children is also a must, Scheuermann says.

Scheuermann’s proposal also expands school choice. Students would have the option to attend any elementary or secondary school within their consolidated administrative district.

“This would create a marketplace for our local schools, and allow for our schools to become beacons of high quality,” Scheuermann said.
Note that all of this is happening just as the John Birch Society and its historical opposition to regionalism, recognizing it as Communism, has now been totally compromised. (Read: "John Birch Society Comes Out of Closet.")

Perhaps Rep. Scheuermann should bone up on the nation’s history of regionalism and consolidation, especially in public education. She should start her education by reading the following quotes from a 1964 article related to the unconstitutional nature of regionalism. These are taken from an article entitled "Metro-1313 and the Schools," dated 1964, by the late Jo Hindman, a nationally-known writer/journalist during the 1960s/1970s.[1] Hindman was one of the nation’s foremost experts, along with Maureen Heaton, author of the The Impossible Dream, which can be downloaded at AmericanDeception.com, on the subject of regional/metropolitan government.

Hindman, circa 1964, wrote: 
“Metro-1313 has declared that there would be no separate school districts in this country whatsoever under Metropolitan government. Metro experts have stated that it is '"unwholesome" for the educational system to remain autonomous, and that separate school districts stand as obstacles to the spread of Metro's reorganization (consolidation) of American government into collectivized Metropolitan government. 

Supporting such declarations, past, present and future events prove out the fact that Metro indeed is assaulting the nation's schools. [emphasis added]

Hindman also said: 
Next year, [1965] the Ohio Legislature will be confronted with a move to abolish local school boards and to destroy the county system by allowing the combination of counties or parts of, to create the successor to the public school, something called "Area Education Center." The AE appears to be Metro strategy for public eduction, multi-county style. [emphasis added]
Area Education Centers (AE) are now known as Hubs for womb-to-tomb services for all members of the community, lifelong, run by unelected councils, going in across the USA as I write. The State of Vermont was discussing boarding schools back in 1979. From my book, the deliberate dumbing down of america, page 155, you can read excerpts from the article “BIG SCHOOL CHANGES PROPOSED,” which was printed in the Bangor (ME) Daily News on November 30, 1979. This article covered what could easily be described as futuristic plans for Vermont public education. It stated in part:

MONTPELIER, VT—A blue ribbon commission has recommended a radical restructuring of education in Vermont with year-round, ungraded schools and a policy of allowing some students to drop out at age 13. In addition, the commission suggested creation of a 4,000- student, residential school for students ages 4 through 19. The state-run school would be a center for educational research and teacher training.... The commission recommends students should be permitted to drop out of formal schooling at age 13, as long as they get a job or enroll in an alternative training program. 

This extraordinary plan for radical restructuring seemed beyond the pale in 1979. However, it doesn’t seem so out of reach now, when most of its recommendations are being introduced nationwide. Year-round school has been proposed in many locales. Boarding schools were openly proposed by former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, but have not been widely embraced. However, the concept of allowing students to drop out at age 13 has its parallel in school-to-work efforts which force students to select a career emphasis by the end of eighth grade. Is Scheuermann not aware of the controversial history of the consolidation/regionalization of schools in its next -door neighbor, Maine, since 1958 under the Sinclair Act?

Let me point out that ALL of Maine’s Governors, Republican and Democrat, have supported consolidation of Maine schools since passage of the Sinclair Act in 1958.

A fairly recent news item entitled “School Board Rips State Proposal” by Rachel Garong, in the Times Record, Brunswick, Maine, January 11, 2007, says in part: 
“School Board members slammed Governor John Baldacci’s plan to save on administrative costs by reducing the number of the school districts in the state from 152 to 26. When done lashing the proposal during its meeting Wednesday night, the School Board resolved to author a statement formally opposing the plan. 

“The superintendent had not been apprised probably as well as the press,” Superintendent James Ashe said, lambasting the governor’s plan and the way it was disseminated during his report to the School Board on Wednesday night. He warned the plan could mean a higher per-student cost for Brunswick, possible budget cuts that would affect teaching staff, and a potential clash of educational philosophies between Brunswick, Freeport and the towns of School Administrative District 75 that would share one administrative office and one school board under the proposed plan.
“I hope everyone listening knows that local doesn’t mean what local means for us,” Ashe said. 

“School Board member Bob Morrison, reading a prepared statement, called the plan ‘totalitarian,’ asserting a difference between schools and factories and how they should be run.” [all emphases added]
Scheuermann should follow up in her research by reading article by Morris Zeitlin, Professor of Sociology, University of California, San Diego, which was published in the THE DAILY WORLD of November 8, 1975, entitled “Planning Is Socialism’s Trademark.” The Daily World (newspaper of the Communist Party USA) was formerly known as The Daily Worker and was founded in 1924. The importance of this article lies in its blatant admission that regionalism, which is gradually becoming the accepted method of unelected governance in the United States (unelected councils and task forces, participatory democracy, public-private partnerships, etc.) is the form of government used in democratic socialist and communist countries.

Here is an excerpt from the Zeitlin article found on page 134 of my book the deliberate dumbing down of america where you can read it in its entirety:
In socialist countries, metropolitan regions enjoy metropolitan regional government and comprehensive planning. Of the many regions on the vast territory of the Soviet Union, the Moscow Region commands special attention, for it has been, since the 1917 Revolution, the country’s economic and political center. The economic and functional efficiencies and the social benefits that comprehensive national, regional and city planning make possible in socialist society explain the Soviet Union’s enormous and rapid economic and social progress.” [emphasis added]
 Below is the remainder of the Hindman article, copyrighted 1964 by Jo Hindman, found as 1313's Model County Charter (1956); The Units of Government in the U.S., 1313's Public. Admin. Service, Chicago; Congressional Record, 9/23/64. Here it is in its entirety:
Persons alarmed by Metropolitan government's takeover have asked if Metro also has designs on the nation's schools. 

In review: Metro government cancels city and county governments, homogenizing them into a single regional government. Spearheaded by self-styled "experts," the overall Metro movement is powered by a New York-Chicago axis known as 1313--a network of lay organizations with a major center housed at 1313 E. 60th. St., Chicago. 
Merging of units of government, reducing the number into a single unit government, is a prime Metro goal. School districts, numbering many thousands of units, naturally become Metro targets

In fact, American schools suffer a double barrel Metro attack. Not only does Metro insist on fewer (and larger) school districts, Metro strives to kill school district autonomy, to demote school budgets under the Metro budget, and to administer schools under the Metro single unit of government at whichever level the last merger may have beached "local" government--county, multi-county, state or region. 

Metro-1313 has declared that there would be no separate school districts in this country whatsoever under Metropolitan government. Metro exerts have stated that it is '"unwholesome" for the educational system to remain autonomous, and that separate school districts stand as obstacles to the spread of Metro's reorganization (consolidation) of American government into collectivized Metropolitan government. 

Supporting such declarations, past, present and future events prove out the fact that Metro indeed is assaulting the nation's schools. 

When the schools reorganized during 1951 in one of Colorado's 63 counties, approximately 95% was taken into one district with the urban area voting in the rural area which did not wish to be included. In another Colorado county, reorganized into a county-wide school district unhappiness also resulted when the cities' vote overwhelmed the rural. 

The city of Carlsbad, California, successfully defeated Oceanside's move to force Carlsbad elementary and high schools into a single system. Now Carlsbad faces second jeopardy, due to terms of the Unruh Education Act of 1964 whereby consolidation will be decided on the total vote (as in Colorado) rather than on the former "inside-outside" voting rule. 

Introduced in the California Senate by a Metrocrat who powerfully supports all types of Metro district consolidation, the school legislation also proposed to reduce 1585 school districts to just 108. The mandatory clause was stripped from the measure, but huge financial bait substituted to enhance school consolidation. Now, fights against total unification are springing up throughout California. 

Next year, the Ohio Legislature will be confronted with a move to abolish local school boards and to destroy the county system by allowing the combination of counties or parts of, to create the successor to the public school, something called "Area Education Center." The AE appears to be Metro strategy for public eduction, multi-county style. 

Fifteen years ago, Metro writers were talking about county level government as the "single important administrative unit." Now, Americans are being conditioned to the multi-county (regional) single unit of Metro. The "Area Education Center" slips neatly into the Metro slot. 

Even private schools are not beyond the Metro reach. Metro master-planing can exercise pressure through land use controls, urban renewal and highway condemnations: all can be fatally damaging to private school property. [all emphases added] 
Want more history like this? Download Maureen Heaton's book The Impossible Dream at AmericanDeception.com. Simply type in "Maureen Heaton" in the search box. When this screen above comes up, click on the red "Download Now" button.

Read more:

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FINNISH Education will FINISH Freedom

The Finnish Model for USA School to Work:
~Tony Wagner's Agenda

~Carnegie Marc Tucker's Agenda
“This is going to be a big change in education in Finland that we’re just beginning,” said Liisa Pohjolainen, who is in charge of youth and adult education in Helsinki – the capital city at the forefront of the reform programme."(Source)
The John Birch Society, which recently announced its support for tax-funded school choice (see our blog's article "John Birch Society Comes Out of Closet"), has a computer home school program which is tailored to some of the elements of the "new" Finnish education model being promoted by major change agent Tony Wagner of Harvard.  Below is a screen shot of the John Birch Society promoting Tony Wagner on its New American webpage titled "FreedomProject Education: In the Tradition of the Founders":

Maine's Dept. of Education brought Prof. Tony Wagner into Maine as a consultant on restructuring a couple of years ago. Read, "Wagner: Schools should retool, teach ‘survival skills’," from the Maine DOE Newsroom webpage:
U.S. schools need to move the emphasis away from a model in which teachers transmit information to students. Instead, Wagner said, schools need to teach students how to engage with and process information at a higher level than they’re used to. Part of the solution, he said, is more group work for students in which students tackle complex problems, much as employees do in today’s workplace.

“We’re moving from what I call an information-based learning system … to a transformation-based learning system,” Wagner said. “The world doesn’t care about what you know. What they care about is what you can do with what you know.”
[emphasis added]
Important background on Wagner is covered in following blog post: "Birds of a Feather Flock Together." Tony Wagner, long-time associate of Don Davies, is now heading up Davies' "Community Education" group known as the Institute for Responsive Education. Wagner, a leading change agent/writer who focuses on "deeper learning" activities and small school philosophy, recommends the Finnish education model for the USA. Wagner, in the early 1980s, founded Educators for Social Responsiblity (ESR), a very far-left anti-war/pro-disarmament group that has worked extensively with the Soviet Union and Russia on education restructuring. (Read more HERE and HERE.)

I have written extensively warning about the significance of the Finland model. See blog articles HERE and HERE and HERE. See also: "More Sightings of Finnish RED BIRDS..." and "Federal ESEA Reauthorization has its eye on Finland."

The John Birch Society FreedomProject Education webpage goes on, after the Tony Wagner quote, to cite its endorsement and promotion of the Wagner's workforce skills agenda:
Here is a summary of this Finnish model from the The Independent (UK) article "Finland schools: Subjects scrapped and replaced with 'topics' as country reforms its education system" by Richard Garner, HELSINKI, March 20, 2015. Is this what you parents and citizens want for American schoolchildren? Compare these remarks to those made by the John Birch Society promoting Tony Wagner, and note that this Finnish education tracks students into two tiers, like worker bees (elite highly trained "knowledge workers") and drones (low-level "cafeteria services" workers): 
Pasi Silander, the city’s development manager, explained: “What we need now is a different kind of education to prepare people for working life.

“Young people use quite advanced computers. In the past the banks had lots of  bank clerks totting up figures but now that has totally changed.

“We therefore have to make the changes in education that are necessary for industry and modern society.”

"They are being replaced by what the Finns call “phenomenon” teaching – or teaching by topic. For instance, a teenager studying a vocational course might take “cafeteria services” lessons, which would include elements of maths, languages (to help serve foreign customers), writing skills and communication skills.

More academic pupils would be taught cross-subject topics such as the European Union - which would merge elements of economics, history (of the countries involved), languages and geography.

There are other changes too, not least to the traditional format that sees rows of pupils sitting passively in front of their teacher, listening to lessons or waiting to be questioned. Instead there will be a more collaborative approach, with pupils working in smaller groups to solve problems while improving their communication skills. [emphases added]
(Source) Chapter 5 is all about the Finnish model
Valerie Strauss of The Washington Post, in an article "What the U.S. can’t learn from Finland about ed reform" regarding Finland's education reform, quotes Pasi Sahlberg, author of "Finnish Lessons:  What Can the World Learn About Educational Change in Finland?" Sahlberg's views should be taken in mind when considering if the United States  could or should adopt the Finnish system recommended by Tony Wagner.

By Pasi Sahlberg
As the United States is looking to reform its public school system, education experts have increasingly looked at other countries for examples on what works and what won’t. The current administration has turned its attention strong performing foreign school systems. As a consequence, recent education summits hosted in the United States have given room to international education showcases. This commitment to think outside of the box was illustrated two years ago, when Education Secretary Arne Duncan asked for a report titled “Strong Performers and Successful Reforms: Lessons from PISA for the United States,” prepared by a team of analysts — I was one of them — with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). One of the strong performers that is gaining increasing interest in the United States is my home country, Finland....
What, then, can’t the United States learn from Finland?

First of all, although Finland can show the United States what equal opportunity looks like, Americans cannot achieve equity without first implementing fundamental changes in their school system. The following three issues require particular attention.

Funding of schools: Finnish schools are funded based on a formula guaranteeing equal allocation of resources to each school regardless of location or wealth of its community.

Well-being of children: All children in Finland have, by law, access to childcare, comprehensive health care, and pre-school in their own communities. Every school must have a welfare team to advance child happiness in school. [emphases added]
The John Birch Society has a problem. A BIG problem. It is now supporting the Communist agenda of Workforce Education.

To read about how Communism is alive and well in education reform, see:
"Governance" - Eradication of Representative Government
The Death of Local Education... & Representative Local Government
Communism is NOT Dead!

RENSE Radio Interview Tonight!


Charlotte will be on Rense Radio 
with Jeff Rense  

LISTEN to this LIVE interview:

This blog has been covering the details of the Reauthorization of the ESEA and its disastrous consequences if passed. See the posts listed on the right side of this blog, since the first of the year especially. Below are some important links to blog posts that will be mentioned in the radio interview:

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What is Title I Portability?
This is Title I Portability
Sydney Smoot for President!
John Birch Society Comes Out of Closet
"Wrong, Wrong, Wrong on H.R. 5."

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Teacher Says Refuse the Tests

DAWN ASKS WHY NOT Refuse the Tests?
By gutsy teacher D.A.W.N. in New York State

Parents have the power to stop the madness. Refuse the unfair test!

It is really quite simple. Yes, Goliath, the giant testing steam roller, which includes everyone and everything that is tenaciously moving forward to implement the testing schedule can be defeated by David. The young boy who picked up a stone and flung it at the forehead of a giant defeated the Philistines in the Bible.

The young children in grades 3 through 8 who come to school and refuse to participate in the ten hours of high-stakes standardized testing can bring the whole invalid, unfair, worthless testing system to a halt. Parents have the power to stop the madness. Refuse the unfair test!

Notify your child’s school principal that your child will be refusing the PARCC tests or the Common Core standardized tests in April and May. PARCC stands for the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers which is one of the two multi-state consortiums that every state has to participate in. New York is administering the Common Core test this year, not PARCC, but it is still a lousy product created by Pearson.

Last year over 44,000 students in New York State refused the test. The recent reports confirming that Pearson and the NJ Department of Education is aggressively surveilling student social media such as Facebook and Twitter should inspire an exponential increase in that number.

Pearson is an international corporation, with headquarters in London, which has no business tracking the conversations of our children. Who knows where these conversations will end up?

The NJ superintendent of the district including Watchung Regional High School, Elizabeth Jewett, stated that “her testing coordinator received a late night call from the state education department saying that Pearson had initiated a ‘Priority 1 Alert’ for a test item breach within our school. The DOE informed us that Pearson is monitoring all social media during the PARCC testing.”

Jewett continued: “I have to say that I find that a bit disturbing—and if our parents were concerned before about a conspiracy with all of the student data, I am sure I will be receiving more letters of refusal once this gets out.”

School officials may tell you that you can’t “opt out.” Tell them that you are not “opting out,” you are refusing the test, which you have every right to do. You, the parents, are ultimately in charge of your children’s educational experience. You do not have to allow the district to subject your child to ten hours of boring, tricky, frustrating, and ultimately pointless testing.

The PARCC tests, created by Pearson, are poorly designed and confusing. It has been discovered for many of the sample released questions that there is no correct answer. There are many plausible answers which supposedly requires “higher-order thinking” in order to discern the “best” answer.  In actuality these tests are confusing to adults with PhDs in English so how valid can they be as assessment tools for children?

The tests are diagnostically and instructionally useless because teachers and students cannot even see the tests to find out what they got wrong and why. Even the simple scores are not published until the following year when the child is in a different grade with a different teacher, therefore, they cannot be used to drive instruction.

The PARCC tests have not been validated by any of the normal procedures for test validation. Validation requires that the test maker show that the test correlates strongly with other accepted measures of what is being tested, both generally and specifically. This has not been done.

It is a much more difficult test that will increase students’ anxiety and feelings of inadequacy. The cut scores have been adjusted to intentionally and predictably fail more than 60% of all students. Many of these newly designated “failures” were quite bright and on level just months ago. We are fools if we accept these snake oil tests.

The PARCC tests have an enormous financial cost. The PARCC contract itself is worth over one billion dollars to Pearson in the first three years. It is especially egregious that this money is going to a foreign corporation headquartered in London.

This is a complete misuse of tax dollars that could be spent on things that matter, such as making sure poor children have eye exams, warm clothes, and enough food to eat. This money could go to make sure libraries are open and school nurses are on duty in every school in America.

This money could go to hire more teachers and reduce class size which is the one change that every school could immediately make that has been proven to improve learning. Check out any good private school and notice the class size. Small works best. Ask any teacher. “What is the one factor that impacts their teaching ability the most?” They will invariably answer, “Class size.”

Teachers know how to teach. They know how to create diagnostically valid assessments. They know how to create relationships with the unique students in their classrooms. They know how to use their creativity to motivate hard to reach students and inspire students to soar to explore their full potential. They are tired of being micromanaged by Arne Duncan who knows nothing about how children learn best. Let teachers teach.

No other nation is implementing a testing regime like this. It is not valid and not necessary. It is costly and counterproductive. See the following website for helpful forms and sample letters. http://www.nysape.org/refusing-the-test-resources.html  

The quicker we reject these new tests, the quicker we can get back to teaching and learning. 

New York Common Core standardized tests begin on April 14. Help your child refuse the test! Notify the schools now.

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John Birch Society Comes Out of Closet

Birch Society Sells Out Our Freedoms!
With Public Support for School "Choice" & Tax Credits
Read the above article published in the John Birch Society's magazine, The New American, "Tax-credit Private-school Scholarship Funding Explodes in Oklahoma," This article needs to be read in its entirety to realize the terrible depths of compromise into which the Birchers have fallen. Below are a few snippets, alarming excerpts, including -- unbelievably! -- lauding the Friedman Foundation:
The movement, called “school choice,” began in the mind of free-market economist Milton Friedman, who, with his wife, Rose, established a foundation in 1996 to promote his vision of school choice for all children. Operating on a modest $5 million annual budget, that foundation — now called the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice — has moved some big mountains in the field of public education....

Thanks once again to the Friedman Foundation, in its groundbreaking study “The Fiscal Impact of Tax-Credit Scholarships in Oklahoma,” it was learned that those tax-credit scholarships were vastly more effective in putting dollars where they would do the most good....

In a perfect world, families would pay directly for the education of their children, at the school of their choice. Oklahoma comes close: Tax credits fund scholarships to the most deserving and needy of the young people, while keeping government interference at a minimum. These programs are growing ever more popular across the nation. The ultimate goal should be to let the money follow the students to whatever school their parents want them to attend. [emphasis added]

 Whoa!  Doesn't that last sentence come right out of the Reauthorization of ESEA legislation this blog has been trying to kill? Read: "What is Title I Portability?"

The John Birch Society finally has come out of the closet. They have fallen hook, line and sinker for the  STATE-controlled fake "choice" proposed for decades by BOTH the Friedman Foundation and the Leftists like Bill Ayers. In this article the Trojan Horse of "Choice" has just gained a key entrance to the city! So many groups and people are coming out of the phony "choice" closet recently. This has to be the last domino to fall!

Here is the ultimate disinformation found in the conclusion of the New American article:
Tax-credit scholarship programs such as the one in Oklahoma are helping to move education to that ultimate destination. As those tax-credit notices from Oklahoma’s Tax Commission show up in the mail, they will add to the momentum of a good idea where everyone wins. [emphasis added]

We regret to inform the John Birchers that NO ONE WINS! This is the biggest myth since the earliest days of education reform. The parents lose, the children lose, the teachers lose, the voters lose, true local control and representative government loses. NOBODY WINS! All John Birchers need to read this one post -- if nothing else -- and then grasp the ramifications of how they have just been sold out: "Charters Kill True Choice"

Read more at this blog where we have been reporting on these issues for the past year:
Read about the Reauthorization of ESEA bills in Congress. See:
For a complete listing of Anita Hoge's alerts on this blog, see the post "It Wasn't US!" and scroll to the bottom.

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A 3D Research Report by a Grassroots Mother


Paper Tiger: a person, group, nation, or thing that has the appearance of strength or power but is actually weak or ineffectual. (Source)

OPT-OUT is meaningless if STATES and LOCAL RIGHTS disappear through STEALTH LEGISLATION or INTERNATIONAL UN TREATY ratification.

From the article, "UN Treaty on Child's Rights Legally Binding, and Absurd," by Michael Farris of HSLDA, come the following statements:
"The CRC is a comprehensive treaty covering the economic, social, political, civil, and cultural rights of children. No area of our law regarding children lies outside of its scope. And virtually all American law on children comes from the laws of our 50 states. Yet our Constitution says treaties override state laws....

"Many school districts allow parents to allow their children to “opt out” from certain controversial courses such as sex education. The UN body holds that such parental involvement violates the treaty. The CRC will trump all state “opt out” laws....

"The UN treaty establishes the law; American courts and child welfare agencies can, will, and must enforce the UN standards by virtue of Article VI of our Constitution." [bold added]

So, if Farris is right, all of the OPT-OUT language we are hearing will be rendered useless if UN Convention on the Rights of The Child is ratified here in the U.S. -- and it is coming.

[ED. NOTE: BUT bear in mind that Farris is working both sides of the issue here, as has been reported on in detail at this blog. His solution to the "crisis" of UNCRC is "Parental Rights and Responsibilities" language in legislation (which "coincidentally" happens to be embedded in H.R. 5 language which Farris supports) in which the Big Brother State defines parental rights and prescribes (assesses?) parental responsibilities, including penalties non-compliance. Get it? Farris hypes the crisis, and then proposes the "solution." (See article links at the end of this blog post for more information.)]

The U.S. HAS SIGNED this U.N. Treaty but has NOT ratified it yet. This will be coming down the pike SOON, as this presidency INTENDS to ratify it, especially in its final destructive hours as it throws all globalist waste at the wall.

Here is the Wikipedia entry description: "U.S. ratification of the Convention on the Rights of the Child":
"Under the United States Constitution, the ratification of treaties involves several steps. Firstly, the president or his representative would negotiate, agree and sign a treaty, which would then be submitted to the U.S Senate for its "advice and consent". At that time the President would explain and interpret all provisions in the treaty. If the Senate approves the treaty with a two-thirds majority, it goes back to the President who can ratify it....

"On 16 February 1995, Madeleine Albright, at the time the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, signed the Convention. However, though generally supportive of the Convention, President Bill Clinton did not submit it to the Senate. Likewise, President Bush did not submit the Convention to the Senate. President Barack Obama has described the failure to ratify the Convention as 'embarrassing' and has promised to review this. The Obama administration has said that it intends to submit the Convention to the Senate, but there is no set timeline for it....

"...ratification of the Convention would require the United States to submit reports, outlining its implementation on the domestic level, to the U.N. Committee on the Rights of the Child, a panel of child rights experts from around the world. Parties must report initially two years after acceding to (ratifying) the Convention and then every five years...."

Something to be considered carefully. When international education policy is being sold and set by UN insider "Education Experts," like recently confessed Canadian PEDOPHILE, Professor BEN LEVIN, it bears consideration. Especially if his policy agenda furthers his own perverse personal agenda. (Read this court case against Benjamin Levin HERE.)

HOW then can we TRUST any EDUCATION POLICY PUSHERS who TAKE AWAY PARENTAL RIGHTS? What are any of their motives to take away parental rights with the UNCRC treaty? With omnibus education bill's like HR5 and Lamar Alexander's Senate Bill version of the ESEA, to keep children away from their parents by 12/7/365 (12 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year) schools desired by both Arne Duncan and Lamar Alexander? (Read "Lamar the Tsar.")

These are questions we PARENTS NEED to ask ourselves and ASK The POLICY PUSHERS! Why? See, for example, the following alarming article about Levin, a high level Educrat who has been arrested for child pornography:
"Levin has been invited by school districts around the world and in Canada in recent years to deliver keynote addresses on sustainable education, policy and education leadership." [emphasis added]

The extent of Levin's influence in setting United States education policy is unknown, but he has participated in high level Education Summits with big U.S. EDUCRAT POLICY PUSHERS such as ARNE DUNCAN, the United States Secretary of Education. BEN LEVIN held a high level position here on the conference masthead, one of 4, including LINDA DARLING HAMMOND as "Rapporteur" for this 2011 international summit on the Teaching Profession. This summit was hosted by both Arne Duncan and Secretary General of the OECD, a UN partner. See the following list of speakers from the International Summit on the Teaching Profession, March 16-17-2011:

Ben Levin has also been a regular with the OECD over the years.
Both the Policy Pushers and the International Education Experts will be influencing and deciding law for American parents and their children if we do not stop both ESEA Reauthorization AND the ratification of UNCRC.
Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)
Members of this UN committee which will be deciding how AMERICAN PARENTS will REQUIRED by LAW to act are from Bahrain, Morocco, Togo, Ecuador, Slovakia, Russia, Egypt, and Venezuela, and other countries like Monaco and Spain. No representative from the USA. But Bahrain will impose its values on our children if we RATIFY the UNCRC, or if it is ALLOWED in by STEALTH or SOFT LAW through an OMNIBUS BILL. (See: http://gvnet.com/humantrafficking/Bahrain.htm and read the following:
"Bahrain is a destination country for men and women trafficked for the purposes of forced labor and commercial sexual exploitation. Men and women from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Ethiopia, and Eritrea migrate voluntarily to Bahrain to work as formal sector laborers or domestic workers. Some, however, face conditions of involuntary servitude after arriving in Bahrain, such as unlawful withholding of passports, restrictions on movement, non-payment of wages, threats, and physical or sexual abuse.  - U.S. State Dept Trafficking in Persons Report, June, 2009   [full country report]" [bold added]

AMERICAN PARENTS: DO YOU WANT YOUR RIGHTS and YOUR CHILDRENS RIGHTS DECIDED BY "a panel of child rights experts from around the world"? LIKE BAHRAIN?? OR by a PEDOPHILE LIKE BEN LEVIN? Below are a collection or articles in the press about Ben Levin. When parents no longer have rights, will Educrats like him be in charge?

"Via online communications, Levin urged a woman who’d presented herself as the single mother of two girls aged 8 and 14, to engage in sexual acts with the kids, claiming that he’d sexually abused his own three daughters when they were as young as 12."
In case you think this is an over-reaction, examine the facts. How many PEDOPHILE's have been setting policy in children's schools all over the world? PEDOPHILE's want access to children to GROOM them for abuse. Social emotional learning dominating curriculum combined with porno/pedo sex ed is potentially catastrophic, GROOMING on a MASS SCALE. Read more, if you can stomach it:
OUR CHILDREN HAVE NEVER BEEN LESS SAFE IN SCHOOL!!! And, finally, don't miss this article reported by the Toronto Sun:

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