Friday, May 16, 2014

Charlotte Iserbyt Interviews Anita Hoge

Here is a link to Charlotte's recent interview with Anita Hoge:

Anita has the latest vital information on government databanking and what it means for our children and nation. She explains "cross-walking" which is frightening.

She also talks about HB5 passed by the house and the Senate bill (being worked on) which pertain to ESEA.  If this is passed in it's present form, Title 1 ramifications and changes have the capacity to turn all schools over to the government, even including Catholic and private schools.

This information is especially pertinent for those who work legislators on writing legislation. Anita also explains how she is working to counter this.

Anita's background is extensive. In the 1990s Anita won a case against the Pennsylvania Department of Education under the Federal Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment regarding its illegal assessing of students' attitudes, values and beliefs. 


Anita Hoge - The End Game of Assessment