Thursday, May 29, 2014

Getting the "choice" camel's nose under the tent

What more proof do American parents need in order to motivate them to stop tax-funded school choice run by unelected boards (taxation without representation)? All tax-funded school "choice" proposals (charters, vouchers, etc.) will put private and religious education, as well as tax-funded public education (with its elected school boards) out of business. Note: Business corporations could not possibly get their agenda approved as long as there are elected boards representing taxpayers and parents.

School choice proposals are necessary for the global planned economy. Is it any wonder that the school choice agenda came out of the hard Left with its support of Socialism, i.e., a planned economy? See this earlier post HERE

Corporations and the government are unable to implement the full school-to-work (STW) agenda. This STW agenda eliminates the traditional academic focus of education.
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For a thoroughly researched paper on the history of school choice, see "Exposing the Global Road to Ruin through Education" where the 8-disc (one cd) set is a free download. It is also available at as a free download. Click on "Written Submissions" for  Billy Lyon's superb expose of the neoconservative wolves in sheep's clothing.

CONNECTIONS AND CONFLICTS OF INTEREST (or, There Ought’a Be an Investigation!)
Private, for-profit, design team projects. Connections of those involved.
New information on vouchers (educational “choice”). Legislation, etc.
By Billy Lyon, October/November, 1992

Excerpt from my book the deliberate dumbing down of america, pp 288-289:  

VIRGINIA BIRT BAKER’S PAPER, WRITTEN IN 1991,”EDUCATIONAL CHOICE—THE EDUCATION Voucher, Tax Credits, and the Nonpublic Schools” explains very clearly that educational “choice” is a Trojan Horse carrying government control of all schools and schooling. Excerpts follow:
“Education is an emotional issue,” he said. “We’re staying away from the word ‘voucher’ because ‘educational choice’ sounds a little more palatable to parents. Educational choice is giving students and their parents a voucher... and we want to mobilize a significant number of people... to get the camel’s nose under the tent.... We’ve got to prepare for the long term… so we can strengthen our position and that of our friends.”
So reported a leader of a covert “new right” Dallas think tank at a recent White House
Conference on Education. The pro-choice activists are vociferous proponents of tuition tax credits and the education voucher, and we wonder why they want to “improve the schools’ and parents’ attitudes” by confounding our intellectual inquiries with an emotional and illusory word change.
The Associated Press has reported that... President George Bush said, “Choice will be
a critical element in education reform for years to come.” This recent upsurge in support of “choice” and the voucher program is nothing new and deserves closer scrutiny by parents and especially by private and home school patrons....
The Private School Trap—
To parents who have been paying taxes to support government schools, it sounds wonderful to be able to choose the better school not necessarily in their neighborhood. To parents who have been paying taxes to government schools and paying the tuition costs to send their children to private schools, a tax break or a government-paid incentive would be a welcome relief from financial strain, seemingly encouraging a sort of free-market approach to education.
But stop and think: The state has its fangs into private and home schools now; what
will it be like when schools are recipients of “choice” money?
The truth of the matter is, once private education accepts tuition tax credits/vouchers
it can no longer remain “private,” because through government regulations, it will be forced to become one and the same with its public counterpart. [color added]