Monday, May 19, 2014

Charter Schools - Brainchild of the Left...

...that became the Agenda of the Political Right

Who would have guessed that tax-funded school choice/charters with unelected boards, ostensibly promoted by neoconservatives and corporations, is, in fact, a brain child of the NEA and leftist education change agents? And has been since Carnegie Corporation's Eight Year Study 1933-1941, the pilot for Outcomes Based Education??

Read all about it in my book the deliberate dumbing down of America, page 169:

“A BROAD-GAUGED RESEARCH/REFORM PLAN FOR SECONDARY EDUCATION—IN  THE TRADITION of the Eight-Year Study,” proposed by The Project on Alternatives in Education (PAE) in 1981, was submitted for consideration and received funding from the U.S. Department of Education and the National Education Association. The project was conducted by leading American change agents, including Mario D. Fantini, John Goodlad, Ralph Tyler, Ronald S. Brandt, Herbert J. Walberg and Mary Ann Raywid. Explanatory cover sheet of the grant proposal was submitted on “The John Dewey Society” letterhead. PAE called for publicly funded choice schools using “effective school [outcome-based education] research” and principles of the Eight-Year Study. These called for “inculcation of social attitudes, development of effective methods of thinking, social sensitivity, better personal-social adjustment, acquisition of important information, consistent philosophy of life,” etc.[color/bold emphasis added]

The scanned copy of the 1981 original 76-page request for federal funding of this tax-funded school choice plan is available at American website on this webpage (click HERE).

"Project on Alternatives in Education 
"A broad-gauged research/reform plan for secondary education 
--in the tradition of the famous Eight-Year Study"

Note the Steering Committee list which is headed up by leading change agents such as John Goodlad and Ralph W. Tyler. Extremely important document on John Dewey Society letterhead, which spells out high school restructuring and calls for revolutionary changes in education suitable for school to work training. Clearly this was an early part of the school choice agenda. It demonstrates early NEA involvement.