Thursday, May 29, 2014

Common Core before Obama


From my book the deliberate dumbing down of america, pages 173-174:

TWO IMPORTANT CONFERENCES FOR “SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT” WERE SPONSORED BY THE NORTHwest Regional Educational Laboratory (U.S. Department of Education) in 1981. They are described below:
MEETING THE FUTURE: Improving Secondary Schools with Goal-Based Approaches to Instruction. Marriott Hotel, Portland, Oregon. Major addresses: “Alternative Futures for Our Society and Implications for Education” by Dr. Harold Pluimer, Futurist and Educational Consultant, Minneapolis, Minnesota and “School Effectiveness and Implications for Secondary School Improvement” by Dr. Alan Cohen, Professor of Education, University of San Francisco.
Sessions on Innovative Practices:
  • “Improving Goals, Objectives and Competencies; Making the Community a Resource for Learning” ;
  • “Learning through Mastery Techniques; Organizing for Continuous Progress”;
  • “Involving Teachers as Advisors to Students”;
  • "Individualizing Programs for All Students”;
  • "Managing Instruction with Computers”;
  • “Developing Options for Student Assessment”;
  • “Improving Record Keeping and Reporting Procedures”;
  • “Increasing Staff Motivation through Group Planning and Decision-Making”;
  • “Techniques for Managing School Improvement”;
  • “Concerns-Based Adoption Model”;
  • “Force Field Analysis”;
  • “Curriculum Alignment Processes”;
  • “Staff Development Models,” and
  • “Wisconsin R&D Center Model for School Improvement.”[bullets added]
MICROCOMPUTERS IN TODAY’S SCHOOLS: A Conference for Educational Leaders. Benson Hotel and NWREL Headquarters, Portland, Oregon. Major addresses: “Why We Went for Micros and What Our Community Had to Say about It” by Dr. Billy Reagan, Superintendent, Houston, Texas Public Schools; “Tomorrow’s Technology in Today’s Schools” by Dr. Dexter Fletcher, World Institute for Computer-Assisted Teaching, and others.[underlining added]