Saturday, May 24, 2014

School Choice from the Left

I consider this short interview with Santilli the most important one I have ever done regarding tax-funded school "choice." In this interview I discuss a key SMOKING GUN document...

Start listening at 33.03

This radio interview is also archived HERE.

There is important research in this interview regarding school choice/charters coming from the hard Left.  I obtained the original 1981 proposal for funding from U.S. Dept. of Education when it came across my desk at the time, on John Dewey Society letterhead listing leading leftist American education change agent John Goodlad, etc., promoting school choice and charters. This promotion came from the hard Left which knew "it" couldn't get the average homeschool Mom or average public school Dad to accept it from "them." So the Left got the neoconservatives to promote it. Disgusting? You bet! Surprise? No!

Please be sure to forward this interview I did with Pete Santilli to ALL your contacts, especially to those who do NOT understand that the tax-funded school "choice" agenda comes from the hard Left and has been in the works since at least 1981, supported by guess who? The NEA and well known leftist education change agents.

Tax-Funded school "choice" came from the hard Left, including the NEA, but was adopted by the Neoconservative Right, who pushed the agenda for tax-funded school "choice." In other words, the NEOCONS ARE CARRYING THE WATER FOR THE HARD LEFT!!!!

I consider this to be the most important document that I took out of my office before I got myself fired for leaking the technology document to the press.


  • Click on the earlier May 19 post on my blog, "Charter Schools - Brainchild of the Left... ...that became the Agenda of the Political Right," 
  • Go to American and download the 1981 Project on Alternatives in Education. A broad-gauged research/reform plan for secondary education---in the tradition of the famous Eight-Year Study, headed up by amongst other leading change agents, John Goodlad and Ralph W. Tyler. Extremely important document on John Dewey Society letterhead, which spells out high school restructuring and calls for revolutionary changes in education suitable for school to work training. Clearly part of school choice agenda. NEA involvement. Below is the first page:

NOTE: I also have my own radio show where I frequently discuss all of this. The archives can be accessed HERE.