Friday, June 6, 2014


While serving as a member of an appointed  Philosophy Committee for my school district in 1975, prior to becoming an elected board member, I was called on to express my views on the purpose of education. I said:
"To live happy, productive and responsible lives in a free society."
The highly-trained change agent Superintendent, out of Harvard,  questioned my inclusion of words "in a free society,"saying:
"What if they should want to live happy, productive and responsible lives in a society that is not free?"  

To which I replied that I thought it was impossible to live happy, productive and responsible lives in an unfree society, although possibly there are many who live responsible lives since they feel a moral obligation to be responsible for those who are suffering in such a society.

The following information comes via Anita Hoge:

It's all about Skinner. 

Remember that the Pennsylvania EQA, which is the NAEP, tested "METHODS OF COPING WITH FREEDOM."  That is what 'adapting to change'  is ALL about. You cannot change a child without changing their attitudes values, and beliefs. AND, that cannot be done without BF Skinner conditioning. Also, see page 19-21 for Citizenship testing dispositions called threshold levels of change by reward and punishment.

8th grade