Monday, June 2, 2014

Radio Interview with Louisiana Activists on Tuesday

with Louisiana activists Karen and Angela

How to listen to the interview on Tuesday, June 3, at 10 AM EST:
Go to; A Google page will pop up. Click purpled link " - "The Alternative to the Alternative Media." A GMN page will pop up. Click on black rectangular icon link (GMN PLAYER).

Be sure to listen to these two Louisiana activists who have been furthering passage of important bills in Louisiana regarding:
    Corporate lobbyists are having hysterics over passage of HB 1076 data privacy bill in the House. It is up for concurrence in the House and is still under attack. If you have any contacts in Louisiana please have them contact their legislators regarding the need to pass HB 1076.   
  3. STOPPING COMMUNITY SCHOOLS (LIFELONG EDUCATION) under the umbrella of school superintendent... includes all health, leisure, workforce training, etc. services. 
Click on the following link for video below to get to know Angela and Karen. Then read more information below the link.

  1. Karen Champagne & Angela Alef are two small business owners in Louisiana who began showing up at their State Capitol armed only with their constitutions and with the intention of having their voices as individual citizens heard in various committees in 2009.  When it became painfully obvious that only special interests had the attention of most legislators, these two ladies formed “The People, LLC.”  Their standard response to an officeholder’s question of “Who are you with” has effectively become, “The People.”
  2. Many thanks to Rep. Schroder for allowing us to assist in the drafting and promotion of these bills.  It was the greatest opportunity for gaining education, understanding, and experience with which we could ever have been blessed.  Little did we know that this involvement would include working on amendments; working with various departments, the school boards, and superintendents to make certain that the provisions of the bill did not hamstring those entities from fulfilling their necessary functions; helping to fend off special interests; keeping all four of our eyes out for other bills that could work against the provisions in Rep. Schroder’s bills; educating and updating the public and media as often as possible.
  3. Links to bill info (correct spelling is “Schroder”). You can access the text, amendments, votes, notes, and tracking of progress of all bills from these pages:
Mark your Calendar for Tuesday, June 3rd at 10 EST.
Please forward this information to your loops.