Friday, June 13, 2014

Recipe for Educational Disaster

Combine the following ingredients for a total disaster in education.

Mix together:
  • 1 Plump Federal Government (pits and all)
  • 50 State Education Agencies
  • 2 Liberal Teachers Unions (NEA, AFT)
  • 1 National Diffusion Network
Sift together:
  • Several Socialist Foundations (Carnegie, Ford, Rockefeller, Danforth, Spencer, Pew and Kettering)
  • Graduate Schools
  • Teachers Colleges
  • Textbook Publishers
Fold In:
  • Planned Parenthood
  • SIECUS (Sex Information Education Council of the United States)
  • Drug Education
  • Self-Esteem Education [Character Education]
  • Death Education
  • School-to-Work “techademics”
  • (Be sure to remove all Basic Skills.)
Add the Following Funds for Extra Spice:
  • Title I (special provisions for disadvantaged youngsters)
  • Title II (school libraries, textbooks, and instructional materials, also “educational technology” and so-called “basic skills improvement”)
  • Title III (“innovative programs,” psychological experiments, “exemplary” programs; additional guidance, and “special” programs for wonderful classes in health, population and global education, testing and counseling)
  • Title IV (educational labs and centers, libraries, early childhood education, more guidance, testing and counseling, social workers and psychiatrists)
  • Title V (grants and resources to the state education agencies for data collection and management, personnel development, and handicapped, migrant children, “community education,” ethnic heritage programs, bilingual education, opportunities for Indian students, emergency aid, etc.)
If none of these ingredients are available in their original form due to “repackaging and renaming” because of “brand name” changes, presently available substitutes work just as well! Potential substitute items: Educators for parents (Parents as Teachers) or Together We Can “caring communities.”

Strain out all ABSOLUTE values and morals.
Sprinkle with Change Agents.
Simmer for twelve years to fourteen years.

Add all four-year-olds, blend with year-round school and Head Start programs.
Combine the following (stirring constantly):
  • Learner Outcomes
  • Accreditation Standards
  • (Teach-to-the-Test adds flavor, too.)
Pour in secretive, federal- and state-mandated tests (personality profiles passed off as academic
tests) and report cards for parents.
Add a huge supply of edible “tokens” for immediate gratification after correct responses
blended into mixture.
Baste until ALL are completely BRAINWASHED.

Serving Size: Approximately 40,000,000 children
Serve leftovers to the next generation. (Ideal to serve to State Senators and Representatives, U.S. Congressmen and Senators, and other public officials during black tie dinners.)

[Excerpted in its entirety from pp. 448-449 of my book the deliberate dumbing down of america.]