Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tragedy in the Making

"By implementing tougher standards that are uniform across the country, Covault said Common Core would help ensure better human capital [i.e., your child's assessed economic value] for America’s armed forces."

See this article: "Lt. General Marvin Covault Defends Common Core: "The Military Has a Vested Interest in This"

Lt. Gen. Marvin Covault
Talk about a tragedy in the making!  This is it.

Below is an excerpt from the article:
...Lt. General Marvin Covault, a former chief of staff for NATO forces in Southern Europe who now lives in North Carolina. The [Common Core] standards, he said, would be invaluable for ensuring the U.S. military has the largest possible pool of qualified recruits.
“It didn’t come from the federal government, and that’s a big big plus,” he said. “None of this other garbage that has come out of the Department of Education every four years has worked.” Common Core, however, began as a shared effort by different state governors who were convinced that repeated federal efforts weren’t getting the job done of ensuring high educational standards, Covault said. If people believe it was dictated by the federal government, he added, it’s likely as assumption based on what has driven educational change in the past.
Covault also emphasized that Common Core did not dictate how teachers ought to teach.
Oh, really? They surely have NOT done their homework.

Are these retired Generals for real? Where have they been throughout the discussion of education assessment in the United States ever since 1969 when the Carnegie Corporation, which Dr. Dennis Cuddy, prominent educational researcher, calls the Carnegie Dept. of Education, funded (created) the National Assessment, 1969, upon which ALL assessments, including the Common Core, have been based? This is the same Carnegie which signed agreements with the Soviet Academy of Science in 1985 to develop computer courseware for early elementary school children in "critical thinking," and funded and controlled the Education for the Economy School to Work Agenda under Marc Tucker (1990s)! Is it possible they know nothing of the role of the Carnegie-created National Governors Association (1908) which has played in the destruction of academic education and in the  development of the Common Core?

He states for a fact that the U.S. Dept. of Education, which controls the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), which is deeply involved in the development of Common Core standards, had nothing to do with the Common Core standards.

And we are supposed to take these pro-Common Core recommendations seriously?

I am speechless. 

The Conference of Governors was held in the White House May 13-15, 1908 under governors' conferences, now held by the National Governors Association with leading industrialists, such as Andrew Carnegie and James J. Hill, and politicians. Read more at where it begins: 

The Conference of Governors was held in the White House May 13-15, 1908 under the sponsorship of President Theodore Roosevelt. Gifford Pinchot, at that time Chief Forester of the U.S., was the primary mover of the conference, and a progressive conservationist, who strongly believed in the scientific and efficient management of natural resources on the federal level. He was also a prime mover of the previous Inland Waterways Commission, which recommended such a meeting the previous October. On November 13, 1907, the President issued invitations to the governors of the States and Territories to meet at the White House on those dates. This 1908 meeting was the beginning of the annual governors' conferences, now held by the National Governors Association.