Monday, June 2, 2014

We Will Not Conform... What?

Marxist social justice, TQM, non-competitive, workforce training, Skinnerian Outcome-Based Education (OBE, our brains are empty!), dumbdown standards which will be THE curriculum your children will have in the tax-funded choice schools you are so looking forward to implementing across the nation.

What the government funds the government controls.

See, for example:

We Will Not Conform
Common Core Can Still be Stopped.

Are these people for real?  Read the bolded words below, taken from the We Will Not Conform website, and ponder my questions.

These standards are still being implemented across the country--but the window for action is small and closing quickly. The more parents, teachers and administrators understand this issue, the more strongly they oppose it. But education is the key. This event will give you the tools you need to go out into your community and make a real difference. Besides, victories against Common Core at all levels only help to pave the way to expand school choice opportunities and educate more people on why additional federal intervention into education is not the answer.
Will the neoconservative corporate billionaires and  tax-exempt foundations, such as Heritage Foundation which drafted the Marxist North American Free Trade Agreement  (NAFTA), and others (Pioneer Institute, et al) put out a necessarily updated movie We Will Not Conform II after the public education system with its elected boards, and all private education, are DEAD due to becoming one federalized system under the  tax-funded school choice called for above?

Don't hold your breath.  They will have accomplished their objective:  the federalization/ nationalization/ internationalization of ALL education through tax-funded school choice. How else to get their lucrative tax-funded Soviet polytech system (school to work agenda) adopted in ALL schools of the nation?

The only resisters remaining on the scene will be true homeschoolers -- who better not take a penny of tax money or tax-funded services associated with computers, art, sports, etc. at the local public school.

What will the innocent parents being lead to slaughter by these money-grubbing types do when, after the paper tiger (Common Core) has been slain, they unknowingly and willingly put their children into the belly of the beast (the tax-funded charter, private, or religious school) which will have the identical Common Core standards and assessment they thought they had killed? They may, since they are so uninformed about the results of tax-funding of education, be SHOCKED that they have nowhere to go to complain.

They will have to conform to all the above "baddy" standards which we have had for at least  44 years under the National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP) test.

They will rightfully ask "Why didn't someone tell us about this highly-funded  Common Core brainwashing deceit?

If you are telling the truth to the people why do you need  the following four expensive films to get the point across?
  • Waiting for Superman
  • Agenda:  Grinding down America
  • Building the Machine
  • We will Not Conform
All the while Exposing the Global Road to Ruin through Education (ETGRTRTE),  which contains 18 hours of videotaped presentations by long-time education researchers/activists/public school teachers, some in the trenches for over sixty years (!) has been boycotted by the neoconservative groups!  Fortunately for parents and taxpayers it is available FREE at or by clicking HERE.  

Exposing the Global Road to Ruin through Education was NOT produced by a globalist tax-exempt foundation or corporation. It was produced and paid for by concerned Americans who care about academic excellence, the survival of our constitutional form of government, and our capitalist system of economics.

Here is just one presentation by Anita Hoge, who won her case against  the Pennsylvania  Dept. of Education's Education Quality Assessment (EQA) under the Federal Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment in 1991.

CLICK RED TEXT for link:
This clip alone should persuade you that Common Core is not new. Anita was fighting it 20 years ago, with NO help from the neoconservative groups mentioned above who are funding the anti-CC bandwagon across the country.

You may wish to ask yourself WHY?

Ask yourself: WHO DO YOU BELIEVE?