Tuesday, April 21, 2015


                                  MORE TAX-FUNDED CHOICE WITHOUT  FREEDOM!
                                                                       A 3D Research Report by a Grassroots Mother
                                                  This is the most insane proposal of all!

We knew this ultimate budget-busting//illegal (no taxpayer control) proposal was coming down the pike. 

Click on link below for Glenn Delk's article "Solution to Atlanta Cheating Scandal Is Education Freedom Accounts":

 "My answer to both the Atlanta and national “cheating” scandal would be to authorize Education Freedom Accounts, giving parents a debit card allowing them control over 100 percent of the annual per pupil spending on public education in their city or county. They could spend the money only on education expenses, such as private school tuition, the cost of attending a charter school, remedial education, blended learning, or additional tutoring. Any money not spent in one year would be rolled over to the following year, and ultimately could be spent on college. Under this system, perhaps for the first time in American history, all students would “own” and control their education. With Education Freedom Accounts, all students, not just those with parents wealthy enough to buy a house in a good school district, would have equal educational opportunities."

COMMENT:   This latest proposal  for Education Freedom Accounts presented for our consideration in The American Spectator, by an attorney, seems placed to advocate for a lucrative and expected-to-expand business model. 

This advocacy advert for Charters supports this blog's researched findings that Charter schools, which are PUBLIC schools financed by TAXPAYER dollars, are a boon for  PRIVATE Crony Capitalist Profiteers.

And we know that as Private Corporations with deep pockets secure Government contracts and PUBLIC monies to promote the growth of Charter Schools, they simultaneously create a system of Taxation WITHOUT Representation and redistribute citizens' local tax base without citizens having any recourse. Not to mention that once again, with government funding comes government controls, which means "Standardized" education Everywhere.
Education Freedom Accounts are nothing more than the federal government deciding for YOU how, where and in what manner your har -earned money should be spent.  Such a scheme will provide parents with the choice to attend any government-run school of their choice.
Perhaps each Education Freedom Account balance sheet will have as its slogan:

" Your Freedom Is Your Slavery"- Orwell

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