Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Charlotte's interview with Jeff Rense (link below) contains her call on the younger generation to save America by taking the battle to their respective state legislatures and getting legislation passed to abolish the 50 state departments of education which now control education 100%, and which are in partnership with the corporations. She explains exactly why this MUST be done. She calls on restoring academic education at the local level with elected superintendents and elected school boards making ALL decisions related to our children's education.

American education researchers/writers/speakers have, over a period of fifty years, provided enough history of the deliberate dumbing down of america to sink several ships.

All this research is available at:; (especially articles written by Dennis Cuddy, Ph.D);
which includes links to the deliberate dumbing down of america, 1999 (free download); Exposing the Global Road to Ruin through Education disc set; and Back to Basics Reform or OBE, Skinnerian International; and in numerous books and pamphlets written by researchers, some of whom are no longer with us, many  of which are available on the Internet.

A special thanks to Jeff Rense,, without whom we researchers/activists could never have succeeded in getting the word out regarding the crucial importance of education in the preservation of a nation's freedom.

Charlotte speaks only for herself and a few other leading old-time researchers regarding this passing of the torch to the younger generation.

 If anyone involved in the project to pull down the state departments of education needs help from any of us, all they need do is ask for it.  We are here to help, but not to lead.

The leadership is now in your hands.

Good luck and may the Good Lord bless your efforts to save our children's minds and souls, and to provide them with a classical/academic education without which they will have no upward mobility, and without which our nation cannot survive as a free country/constitutional republic.

As the noted English novelist, C.S. Lewis said, words to the effect, "when training beats education, civilization dies".  

The above picture and related article describe LIMITED LEARNING FOR LIFELONG LABOR workforce training/ tax-funded charter schools with unelected school boards, being implemented across the nation as I write.


“In, we have found an extraordinary partner that shares our values around the importance of teaching innovation and design thinking, the power of diversity and inclusion, and the necessity of reinventing education,” reads the project’s description.