Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Urgent! ESEA Vote This Week!!!

Charlotte's interview with Rense 11/30/15:

Rep. John Kline, Republican Chairman of the House Education and Workforce Committee, issued the following press release regarding the House Version of the Reauthorization of ESEA, which will be voted on tomorrow, December 2, or later this week:
Compare Charlotte's harsh critique of the House and Senate versions of the Reauthorization of ESEA legislation (above Rense link) which includes her request you call your elected officials at 202-224-3121 to demand a NO vote on House and Senate bills, and a call to Sen. Mike Lee of Utah, requesting him to call for postponement of the vote on the Reauthorization of ESEA.
Rep. John Kline's press release which includes North Carolina Republican Rep. Virginia Foxx's  words of praise for the Reauthorization of ESEA.
Anyone from outer space would think that Charlotte and Virginia live on different planets.
Call, call, call your representatives and senators immediately (today) and demand they vote NO on the House and Senate bills which, through misleading wording (semantic deception) lead the average American to believe the legislation will reduce the federal/international footprint from education at the local level.
Call, Call, Call Utah Sen. Mike Lee's office and thank him for exposing in the Congressional Record the illegal shenanigans which have taken place related to passage of this bill, including the rush for a vote on a 1,059-page bill that few Senators and Representatives, and no taxpayers, have had time to read, much less study. Please ask him to publicly (on the Senate floor) call for postponement of the House and Senate votes to provide for a thorough Congressional investigation of these perceived procedural illegalities.
Such a postponement will allow congressmen and senators and YOU (the parent, teacher, and taxpayer) adequate time to study this 1,059-page bill which, if passed, will end many of the protections and freedoms guaranteed under the United States Constitution.
One notable freedom Americans will lose, through tax-funded school choice/charters (with unelected school boards) which are a major "new" requirement found in both bills, is their right to vote (aka "taxation without representation").

Education and Labor Committee Republicans
Congressman John Kline, Chairman

December 1, 2015
Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC): Replace No Child Left Behind to Improve Education, Empower Parents
As a child, my family’s home didn’t have electricity or running water. My parents, while dedicated and hardworking, were poor with little formal education.
Fortunately, I was pushed by the right people – teachers and administrators who wouldn’t let me settle for less than my best. In the mountains of North Carolina, I learned firsthand the power of education and its vital role in the success of individual Americans.
Unfortunately, today’s K-12 education system is failing our students.
Decades of Washington’s counterproductive mandates have resulted in stagnant student achievement, disappointing graduation rates and high school graduates entering college and the workforce without the knowledge and resources they need to succeed. Parents and education leaders have lost much of their decision-making authority to Washington bureaucrats, and the Secretary of Education has bullied states into adopting the Obama administration’s pet policies.
In November a House-Senate conference committee reached an agreement on a proposal to reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, bringing Congress one step closer to replacing No Child Left Behind. As a grandmother, educator and former school board member, I know students are best served when teachers, parents and administrators are the driving force behind improving education. This proposal does just that by reducing the federal footprint in the nation’s classrooms and restoring control to the people who know their students best.
The compromise between the House-passed Student Success Act and the Senate-passed Every Child Achieves Act of 2015 gets Washington out of the business of running schools. It protects state and local autonomy by prohibiting the Secretary of Education from coercing states into adopting Common Core and by preventing the secretary from imposing requirements on states and school districts through executive fiat.
The proposal eliminates the burdensome, one-size-fits-all accountability system that has done more to tie up states and school districts in red tape than to support local efforts to educate children. It also reduces the size of the federal education bureaucracy by eliminating 49 ineffective and duplicative federal programs and requiring the Secretary of Education to reduce the department’s workforce accordingly.

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