Saturday, December 5, 2015

The "Hidden Hand" Behind The Curtain



(Unelected staff is running the United States of America...
and we thought we had a representative form of government?!?)

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Dear Rep. Kline:

Those opposed to the Reauthorized ESEA/ESSA thank you for informing us regarding the source of the text of ESEA. 

Prior to the final vote on the bill, you singled out... with high praise... Mr. Brad Thomas, your Senior Education Policy Adviser, for his important role over a period of five years in the crafting of the ESEA Reauthorization legislation.

May we, therefore, assume that Mr. Thomas was one of the major architects of this unconstitutional family/nation-killing bill? 

Mr. Brad Thomas
Senior Education Policy Advisor
U.S. House Committee on Education and the Workforce

If so, we feel it is crucial that the American people understand the apparent sources and the alien political and economic philosophy behind this legislation.

From whence does Mr. Thomas, and possibly the rest of Mr. Kline’s educational staff (and perhaps the Senate education staff as well), draw its expertise?

Apparently Mr. Thomas has been a partaker of and contributor to a colossal international cabal (China, Russia, Australia, you name it) under the umbrella of the Content in Context (CIC) International Markets Forum.

Is the latter entity the breeding ground to turn our children into workforce fodder?

As Thomas is a major architect of the bill, may we surmise that the ESEA legislation was written according to Internationalist, Socialist, and Communist plans for the implementation of a global U. N. lifelong workforce training  agenda, using our children to spin off profits for the global elite?

Monday, June 4
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Breakout Strand: Research & PolicySouth American B"

There is agreement in the Nation’s Capital that reforming our education system is essential for U.S. global economic competitiveness.

There is not always agreement, however, about the best way to achieve this goal. This session will feature top Congressional staffers from the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee and the House Education and the Workforce Committee to discuss how each body is approaching education reform, STEM, and reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

Moderator: Jonah StuartTeaching Strategies


Soncia Coleman, United States Senate
Brad Thomas, U.S. House Committee on Education and the Workforce

Mr. Thomas: Did your staff take a poll of American taxpayers, parents, and  teachers to find out if “they” agreed with the above supposition that "reforming our education system is essential for U.S. global economic competitiveness?"

Mr. Thomas's role as a major architect of the bill enables one to see that the ESEA legislation calls for nothing other than the implementation of an unconstitutional global United Nations workforce training agenda (limited learning for lifelong labor) using our children to spin off profits for the global elite.
Mr. Thomas’ session was just one of many sessions at the 2012 Conference of CIC demonstrating the enormous global outreach of this organization. It is imperative to review the pages upon pages of sessions devoted to changing our children, our families and our world.
The following is just one example of the all-encompassing scope of 2012 conference. This session discusses the management of private schools, according to China, India, and Australia!  
Education and the Future Competitiveness of the American Workforce

The Users’ Perspective: What Our Schools Need and Why

Sunday, June 3
11:15 am - 12:15 pm
South American 

This unique panel of key educational organization stakeholders - in education ministries, schools procurement organizations and the management of private schools from around the world - will share their perspectives and insights from the users’ perspective into the local dynamics of their fast-growing K-12 markets and what they mean about the products and services schools in their part of the world need.  (Emph. added,blog)

Moderator: Peter Schneider, CEO, ict Maven Group

Jing ZOU, CEO, First Decision Education Group (China)
Vineet Joshi
, IAS, Chairman, Central Board of Secondary Education (India)
Susan Mann, CEO, Education Services Australia (Australia) 

Sponsored by – BrainPOPAtomic Learning, and ePals

CIC meets annually. The information for their 2015 Conference is also available for review.


How many other like-minded congressional staffers contributed to the text of the Every Child Succeeds Act?

Are we taxpayers and voters willing to permit unelected backroom staffers, colluding with foreign "entities", to write legislation which will affect our children's futures (and upward mobility)? 

Is this the "new" Congressional system we want to pass onto our children without a whimper or complaint?  How much of our nation's legislation is crafted in this manner? 

Since the  careful reading and study by our elected officials of hundreds/thousands of bills is  humanly impossible,  staff must be called on to perform this extremely important task and to make recommendations for changes and or recommendations of "ought to" or "ought not to" pass.

 Perhaps the requirement of our elected officials  to swear to uphold the Constitution of the USA should be part of the hiring procedure for congressional  Directors of Personnel and individual staff members.  One's support or non-support of the U.S. Constitution should be the litmus test for hiring and firing. National groups calling for reform of Congress might begin by calling for such a requirement.