Thursday, October 23, 2014

"Common Core is a distraction"

Libertarian Candidate Quotes Charlotte!

We interrupt the current Skinner Horror Files series to announce that the Libertarian candidate for governor in New York state has just quoted Charlotte in his opposition to charter schools!
Go to:
Start listening at 36 minutes. The subject is Common Core. Below is a transcript:

38.20 Michael McDermott, Libertarian candidate for Governor, New York State:
"I don't agree with that...not for one minute. You know what charter schools are?  Charter schools are publicly-funded schools. They have no local control. Charlotte Iserbyt, former U.S. Education Secretary (wrong title!), under Ronald Reagan, said

"Charter Schools is the end game. Common Core is a distraction."
"Think about that for a minute. We cannot have charter schools expanded. We need to bring schools back to local control, to the local people - local school boards. There is no local school board with charter schools.  I know that Mr. Astorino has come through with "Stop Common Core" and all that might be true, but he seems to support charter schools.  We will see about that when he speaks today. Charter Schools is terrible. It takes away the people's control of education.

My little girl, Gracie...she is not going to a charter school. I will home school before she goes to a charter school. I want local control. I am the parent; my wife is the parent. I want us to control our children's education. I want local control. Local school board and  teachers being allowed to teach. That doesn't happen with charter schools and it won't."