Saturday, October 18, 2014

What Educrats Won't Tell You...

Day 18: Skinner Horror Files

Your Child, the Lab Rat?!

See yesterday's post “School-To-Prison-Pipeline” System? Then examine carefully the graphics in this post. This tells a more complete story about Operant Conditioning. Similar graphics were used on previous posts this month during our "Skinner Horror Files" series. But these images have an added element.

Note the words "electrified grid" and "shock" and "electric grid" and "to shock generator."  Examine these diagrams. Then ask yourself: Do I want my child in schools that are performing these experiments? Is this is a more complete picture of the method being used on American children?

Once again, watch the video at this website: and listen to what this mother is saying happened to her child. Doesn't it sound just like what you see in these diagrams?

Look below and across. The cord that goes "To shock generator"?! What is happening to these rats?!
Now ask what is happening to children.

Arm yourself with facts, information and valuable history in this month's Skinner Horror Files series.