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S1177 (the Reauthorization of  ESEA...the old No Child Left Behind Act)  is a combination of  Republican Congressman John Kline's  HR5 Student Success Act and  Republican Senator Lamar Alexander's Every Child Achieves Act 2015 (S1177)     

 You, members of Grassroots America, killed HR5 last February.  You can  kill its companion bill S1177, which is coming up for a full vote in the Senate any day now.


                                                                                       By Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D.

[Note: Just like Skull & Bones (S&B) member John Kerry was the designated loser (he could have challenged the vote in Ohio, but he didn't) to fellow S&B member George W. Bush in 2004, now Lincoln Chafee (son of Skull & Bones member and Governor of Rhode Island, John Hubbard Chafee, and classmate of Jeb Bush at Phillips Academy in Andover, MA) has entered the Democratic race for the presidency against Hillary Clinton. Chafee's role is to oppose Hillary from the left, thereby dampening leftist support for her in the general election. I have already written how Hillary was "dirtied up" with Benghazi (and more recently by her emails), and how potential Republican threats to Jeb such as Perry in Texas, Christie in New Jersey, and McDonald in Virginia were "dirtied up" as well.

Recently, Jeb's Florida friend Sen. Marco Rubio has entered the Republican race which will split the Hispanic vote with Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas. This is like Teddy Roosevelt split the vote with William Howard Taft allowing Woodrow Wilson to be elected president in 1912, and Ross Perot took enough votes away from George H.W. Bush in 1992 so Bill Clinton was elected president. Additionally in the 2016 race, Rand Paul will siphon off the libertarian Republican voters, all of which will allow Jeb Bush to win some early primaries with only a plurality (nowhere near a majority) of votes. Jeb's team will also see to it that conservative Republicans' love for Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin will be dampened by showing his lack of knowledge of foreign affairs and asking such questions as "If Scott Walker is really a conservative, why does he say he admires/respects Bill Clinton's Secretary of State Madeline Albright?"

Another example of how the global power elite runs things is the fact that President Obama is lining up with Congressional Republicans and against his own Party regarding authorization for the currently discussed Pacific trade deal. When it comes to the global economy, presidents whether Democratic or Republican are told what to do by the global power elite.

For those who read my last column on April 13, you will want to read the last paragraph again as something has been added.]

Relevant to the effort to move us toward a "comfortable merger" with the Soviet Union as mentioned above, in 1960 HEW published SOVIET EDUCATION PROGRAMS, wherein one reads: "...wherever we went, we felt the pulse of the Soviet government's desire to educate and train a new generation of technically skilled citizens....USSR plans to bring all secondary school children into labor education and training experiences through the regular school program."

Beginning in the early 1960s, the Deweyites in control of education in the United States moved the emphasis in education from the cognitive domain (basics of reading, math, etc.) to the affective domain (social relationships, feelings, etc.). Grade inflation and social promotions began along with a fall in SAT scores. The educational elite said that the "new math" would help the United States to lead the world in the future (similar to Common Core proponents today saying students will have more depth of understanding), but it turned out to be a disaster.

Following the shift away from the basics, NEA president Catherine Barrett in the early 1970s in SATURDAY REVIEW OF EDUCATION remarked that : "Dramatic changes in the way we will raise our children in the year 2000 are indicated, particularly in terms of schooling....We will need to recognize that the so-called 'basic skills,' which currently represent nearly the total effort in elementary schools, will be taught in one-quarter of the present school day....When this happens---and it's near---the teacher can rise to his true calling. More than dispenser of information, the teacher will be a conveyor of values, a philosopher....We will be agents of change." Furthermore, Carolyn Warner, Arizona State Superintendent of Public Instruction, was quoted in the ARIZONA REPUBLIC (January 7, 1975) as saying that "those who educate are more to be honored than those who bear the children. The latter gave them only life, the former teach them the art of living."

In 1972, UNESCO's bestseller LEARNING TO BE: THE WORLD OF EDUCATION TODAY AND TOMORROW was published. In this editor work, the authors say they are in search of a "new educational order...based on scientific and technological training, one of the essential components of scientific humanism." The book also emphasized relativity and dialectical thought, and proclaimed that " individual should avoid systematically setting up his beliefs and convictions...his behavior and customs as models or rules valid for all times."

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