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No wonder thousands of parents were demonstrating in the streets of Hong Kong in August 2012!
Why are American parents not demonstrating over same agenda in USA schools.  See references below to Hong Kong's education agenda (same as in USA) which calls for school choice.

Click on this link and read the article: Protest Over ‘Brainwashing’ Schools - China Real Time Report - WSJ
Exhibit A*"Thousands of protesters, parents, and children gather outside the government headquarters in Hong Kong on Sept. 1, 2012."

Hong Kong schools and many other schools around the world have been following UNESCO's education plans as have we in the United States. The U.S. Dept. of education has been deeply involved in promoting this UNESCO agenda, sending change agents into foreign countries,
 transforming other nations' classical education systems to Outcomes Based Education for over 40 years!  The American taxpayer has been paying for the brainwashing of the whole world  in GLOBALISM - destruction of love of country, culture, history, etc. 

The following entry in my book the deliberate dumbing down of america, page 380, related to education in Hong Kong, explains the United States education agenda A-Z. NOTE ESPECIALLY THAT SCHOOL CHOICE IS REQUIRED!

“THE GOAL OF HONG KONG SCHOOLS—ESTABLISHING QUALITY IN ITS SCHOOLS” WAS THE feature article in the June/July, 1997 issue of The Effective School Report. This article continues the explanation of the transformation of Hong Kong’s educational system which began in last month’s issue. Excerpts follow:

Excellence is found in the innovations and outstanding performance which distinguish one
school from others.
 School Choice Should Be Made Available

Hong Kong’s education system provides parents with a choice of different types of schools.
The perception of parents and students of the educational process, and the satisfaction of
 with outcomes are also useful indicators of the quality of education.

Excellence is not confined to achieving outstanding academic results or promoting the
self-esteem of students. For instance, some schools might achieve excellence by developing
the potential of low achievers and producing value-added results.

In order to build a quality culture in schools, a number of measures must be taken.
They include:

  • translating the goals into achievable, observable and measurable [Skinner, ed.] quality indicators;
  • having a school funding system which is efficient and equitable, which meets basic needs and which is related to performance;
  • providing incentives to recognize and encourage initiatives and the pursuit of excellence.
To prepare students to become responsible citizens and maintain high moral standards....

Output Indicators
Output indicators may start with value-added performance in three areas; academic achievement;
students’ self-esteem; and perception of the school teachers, parents and students.
As a start, these three types of output indicators may be developed first, followed by the
development of indicators in other domains such as the students’ ability for self-learning,
social and communicative skills, moral attitudes and civic-mindedness. In order to encourage
continuous improvement, the sooner the various indicators are developed, the better….

Value-Added Concept of Output Indicators
We suggest that in assessing the performance of a school, it would be more appropriate
and fairer to bring in the concept of value-added achievement rather than simply looking
at absolute performance. Value-added performance can be assessed in a number of areas. For example, it would not be appropriate to compare the academic performance of different schools if they admit students coming from different backgrounds. The value-added concept allows comparison of students as they enter a school and as they leave. The same concept can be applied across the output indicators. The focus will be on a student’s progress over the years.


(Information used in this series has been derived from the publication, Education Commission
Report No. 7—Quality School Education, prepared by the Hong Kong Task Group on
School Quality and School Funding and the Hong Kong Education Commission, chaired by
Professor Rosie Young, November, 1996.) [bold emphasis added]


[Ed. Note: Anyone the slightest bit familiar with educational restructuring, Goals 2000, or
school-to-work programs will understand from the above excerpts, the extent of the internationalization of education and the duplicity of those—including the media—who deny that
restructuring is international. Rudyard Kipling’s “East is East and West is West” has been successfully repudiated by those involved in training the global workforce. A more appropriate
Kipling quote might be one from London Truth, reprinted in the Middlebury, Vermont Register
of March 1899, which follows: “Pile on your brown {white, black, red, pink, yellow} man’s
burden to satisfy your greed

Exhibit A is a photo in the article, attributed to Associated Press with the caption, "Thousands of protesters, parents, and children gather outside the government headquarters in Hong Kong on Sept. 1, 2012." See article, "Protest Over ‘Brainwashing’ Schools," 9/2/12, http://blogs.wsj.com/chinarealtime/2012/09/02/thousands-protest-hong-kongs-moral-and-national-education-push/