Thursday, August 7, 2014

"Birds of a Feather Flock Together"

"Thompson: Common Core Will Double Dropout Rate, Says Carnegie Corporation*," by John Thompson, Scholastic Administrator, August 6, 2014. The writer asks: 
The goal of Carnegie “Challenge” research papers is “to lift up ideas and issues in a way that we hope will elevate them to the nation’s agenda.” So, why has this all-important finding not influenced the debate over the Common Core agenda? [bold in original]
What above statement says obliquely is that Carnegie -- which is deeply involved in Communist Core  (Common Core) since it paid for and created the original Common Core (National Assessment of Educational Progress, NAEP) in 1969 -- knows that Common Core cannot succeed without putting in the lifelong community education/school to work/social service support system, using the less privileged minorities as their guinea pigs. This agenda will eventually -- if Americans don't stop tax-funded school choice/charters and the community school agenda -- include ALL American children and adults as well. Beware homeschoolers! You are included in their agenda. (Read more HERE.)

This lifelong communist system, called for by Carnegie in 1934, is necessary for the "planned economy." It is supported by John Ayers, ex-VP of Carnegie Foundation for Advancement of Teaching, who put eight charter schools (necessary for school to work training) into Chicago, with the support of his Weatherman bomber/ brother, communist Bill Ayers (close to Obama), and the whole nest of red birds out of University of Chicago, Brown University, Harvard, etc., receiving funding from Annenberg and other corporations/foundations. (Read more HERE.)

The Feathered Nest occupants (all deeply involved over MANY years) in this radical Cowen Institute agenda out of Tulane include:

(1) The late Ted Sizer (Coalition of Essential Schools), New American School Development Corp (NASDC), Annenberg/corporate-funded model, which is basically the Chicago "small schools"   model necessary for school to work training. Sizer's philosophy is the same as Hitler's: "Less is More." (Read more HERE.)

(2) Don Davies, editor of Communities and Their Schools (one of 4 books included in The Goodlad Study which discussed Chinese Communist community ed as possible model). Davies' leftist change agent activities date back to the fifties! Davies created the Institute for Responsive Education (IRE)  in the late 1970s. This group calls for community education, parent/school partnerships and new forms of governance (non-elected boards), and discussion of alternate methods of funding of education, vouchers, etc. (Read more HERE and HERE.)

(3) Tony Wagner, long-time associate of Davies, is now heading up Davies' "Community Education" group (Institute for Responsive Education). Wagner, a leading change agent/writer who focuses on "deeper learning" activities and small school philosophy, recommends the Finnish education model for the USA. Wagner, in the early eighties, founded Educators for Social Responsiblity (ESR), a very far-left anti-war/pro-disarmament group that has worked extensively with the Soviet Union and Russia on education restructuring.  (Read more HERE and HERE.)

(4) John Goodlad, the grandaddy of ALL change agents. The Goodlad Study, 1981, funded by numerous American tax-exempt foundations  (the 4 books on U.S. education restructuring, global ed, community ed, arts ed, and Goodlad's A Place Called School) promoted the lifelong education agenda under the umbrella of the unelected chartered school district, being implemented nationwide as I write. (Read more HERE.)

John Ayers is heading up Tulane's Cowen Institute agenda. The agenda has two primary prongs:
  1. tax-funded school choice and charters with unelected board
  2. lifelong services/education under the umbrella of the community school (community education with unelected boards)   
The Cowen Institute has announced to the world that Louisiana is in effect the pilot for Louisiana schools, USA schools, and international schools. (Read more HERE.)

What Ayers is looking for is not raising the academic level of students, so they will have upward mobility and be able to pursue, on their own, their life's dreams. He and others of his ilk are involved in creating the New Soviet Man, the creature of the state, obedient to the state, using the lifelong education/social services and workforce training system to do so. (Read more HERE.)

The Common Core standards alone, although vital for Marxist indoctrination, cannot succeed in the above grand venture.

Lifelong education/brainwashing is the name of the game.

No matter how they try to disguise it....

 A leopard does not change his spots,
or change his feeling
that spots are rather a credit.
Ivy Compton-Burnett