Saturday, August 16, 2014

How Charter Schools Are Being Marketed

Talking Points for Deceiving the Public
An amazing document is posted online that divulges how Charter Schools are being professionally marketed to grassroots Americans. The following excerpts illustrate the methods of deception. Note carefully the use of language to deceive.

Here are the talking points from page 8. Notice how this is trying to disguise that Charters are for-profit business corporations by referring to them as "schools." An alarming talking point warns not to use the word "experiments" or "experimentation" (!!!) regarding children in these schools, but rather refer to it as "Responsive to student needs" or "Innovation." And Charter "operators" are supposed to be referred to merely as "school leaders. "

Page 5 divulges a list of language and terminology that should be avoided when discussing Charter schools because it is "Language That Can Produce A Negative Reaction." This is how the politicians, legislators, the media, and the public are all being deceived. So Charter marketers and operators are being warned to avoid any perceived attacks on public education, and to avoid gloating when public schools "don't perform well." 

Charter promoters are also to do everything they can to avoid mentioning that Charters are "Partnerships with Business and Foundations" -- in other words, cover up the for-profit motives of Charter corporate sponsors. It isn't said here below, but it can be assumed that Charter marketers are also told to refrain from mentioning how they profit from monies siphoned off from the public school budgets, thus harming local school districts.

From page 3, we learn the horrifying truth about this marketing deception: "when we use words that work, people like what they hear--and that means more support for charter schools."
Note that the definition of Charter Schools above cleverly and deceptively defines Charters by using  all of the "correct "Say This" terminology that is recommended on page 5.