Monday, August 25, 2014

"Community Education"

aka UN Agenda 21/Regionalism/Communism?

All Aboard, All Aboard the Train to Global Slavery....

You have a "choice"!! (Don't you just love that word?)!
  • Track 1:  UN Agenda 21 (1990 latest community education model train)
  • Track 2:  Community Education  (1966 rusty wagons still running. Cheaper ticket.)

This train wreck was postponed 18 years thanks to patriot resistance in the 1970s-1980's. Below are 6 key points.

(1)  In 1946 the Community-Centered Schools: The Blueprint, Montgomery County, Maryland Schools:
[The] program should be put into operation gradually… and Dr. Paul Mort and others have accumulated evidence which shows a period of almost fifty years between the establishment of need (need assessment, etc.) and the school programs geared to meet it.  
If the school as an agency of society is to justify itself for the period ahead of us, it must be accepted that its fundamental function is to serve the people of the entire community, the very young children, the children of middle years, early adolescent youth, older youth and the adults as well.
Concerned Americans should read Dorothy Dawson's articles published in 1968 in The Montgomery County (MD) The  Advertiser (see pages 31 and 38 in my book the deliberate dumbing down of america). Her articles include the 1946 totalitarian womb to-tomb community school plan for Americans which I think is the early UN Agenda 21; new name/same agenda).,

Dawson, who was the Secretary to the Superintendent of Schools in Montgomery County in 1968, gained access to the original plan. Her articles cover the 1946 lifelong education plan under the umbrella of community schools which I believe is the UN Agenda 21 Plan. This is simply the new label for Community Education which we all fought in the seventies and which, due to our success in stopping it, went underground, and is now surfacing under comprehensive new label UN Agenda 21.  Note the date of 1946. This plan was developed IMMEDIATELY after, or perhaps even before, the United States joined the United Nations.

For more information about the contents of The Blueprint, read down further in this post. Also read Appendix 1, of my book and read two previous posts on this topic HERE and HERE.

Click on the link to Watch Rosa Koire:

(3)  THE GEORGIA VISION PROJECT: A VISION FOR PUBLIC EDUCATION. The Georgia Visions Project is a good example of implementation of The (1946) Montgomery County Plan. Note the first quote below: "Establish each school as the center or hub of the community in which it exists." This is, in fact, Community Education, which appears to be UN Agenda 21.

(4)  John Ayers, former VP of Carnegie Foundation for Advancement of Teaching, is promoting the international  agenda for lifelong community education schools, along with tax-funded school choice/charters, out of the Cowan Institute, Tulane University.  He is the brother of Bill Ayers, communist Weatherman building bomber who I believe has recommended U.S. implement Cuban education. For more info regarding Cowan Institute/Tulane, go to the post The Deliberate Dumbing Down of the Village. 

"To come back, Cowen [Institute] decided: 'We have to build a village'."

(5) For more history of the Community Education agenda, go to American and type "Feld" into search engine for important report on Community Education written by Feld and Wilson in the early eighties.

Once you locate this file, click the red "Download Now" button to access it.

The images (photo of city plans, etc.) should scare you to death! This report is also part of Disc #8 (Written Submissions/Exposing the Global Road to Ruin Through Education Disc set) available FREE at website/order page.
Related to this, go to American and type "Conclusions" into the search engine in order to read Carnegie Corporation's 1934 "Conclusions and Recommendations for the Social Studies," which calls for using the schools to change America from a capitalist economic system to a "planned economy" and also recommends, in some instances, the taking of our private property.

Once you locate this file, click the red "Download Now" button to access it.
Go back to Point 1. Under “The Educational Program” of the Mongomery County, Maryland The Blueprint one finds:
  • continuing and improving the teaching of the cultures of the past;
  • developing the ability to communicate effectively;
  • developing the ability to think;
  • developing desirable personality and character traits;
  • discovering and developing worthwhile interests;
  • developing respect for others, or intercultural relations; protecting and promoting health;
  • developing wholesome home and family life (Other agencies must accept at least some of the responsibilities formerly borne by the family. The school must study the problem intensively. It must experiment.);
  • developing wholesome habits and understanding of work; good members of society cannot be developed if they are ignorant of work and what goes into it.
  • In the years which lie ahead, it would appear that the school is the only agency which society has which can be expected to accept this responsibility. IT MUST BE DONE. [emphasis in the original]
  • developing understanding of economic principles and forces (Emphasis must be placed upon the economic principles and forces which are operating at that time rather than upon those of the past)....
  • developing consumer competence… schools of the future must do much about such things;
  • developing vocational competence;
  • developing social and civic competence—understand obligations as a member of the group;… and to give wholeheartedly and unselfishly service to his local, state, national and world government;
  • developing understanding of, and skill in, the democratic way of life;
  • developing knowledge, understanding of, and skill in, the creative arts;
  • developing understanding of, and skill in, wholesome and worthwhile leisure activities (Much depends upon people discovering and practicing worthwhile leisure pursuits.);
  • developing a well-rounded emotional life with particular attention to moral and spiritual needs. (A well-balanced emotional life is the final test of a well-educated person. It is our belief that all people are religious, that religion finds expression in many different ways. We do not believe in America that they should teach any particular kind or type of religion.)
Under “The Service Program” one finds Health and Medical Services. (In the school of the future, provision must be made not only for children enrolled but to all people, young and old.) The list is endless and includes the following cradle-through-grave services: recreational, library, guidance and counseling, child care, demonstration and experimental services, planning and research, employment, audiovisual, social welfare, group meeting place, character-building services.

The Blueprint from Montgomery County, Maryland (cited in point 1 of this post) states further:
The end results are that the school makes itself indispensable to all phases of community life. In the future development of school programs, the service program will receive increasing emphasis until the school becomes in fact the agency to which all the people in the community turn for assistance.

Is all of this not UN Agenda 21?

(6)  Click on following link for background info on UN Agenda  21: National Strategy for a Sustainable America.

The target of the Community Education train tracks.