Tuesday, August 5, 2014


The truth comes out about Charter School operations and operators

Read the following brief excerpt from a news article, "3 Hillsborough charter schools' future uncertain," by Kendra Conlon, WTSP, August 4, 2014.

Tampa, Florida -- Thousands of kids are getting ready to head back to school in just a couple weeks, but for parents and kids at three Hillsborough County charter schools, it's hard to make plans with the threat of a possible school closure looming over them....

The district is concerned the charter schools don't have a local governing board making decisions."...

"Charter schools should be run by a local board who has a commitment to the community, who live in the community, and care about the kids in the community," says Steve Hegarty from Hillsborough County Public Schools.

The district says the problem isn't how the three charter schools are performing, it's who's in charge to make decisions about the kids....

"We have reason to believe it's not being run by the local people. It's being run by the national group, the for-profit group. We just want to straighten that out," says Hegarty. [bold added]