Thursday, November 13, 2014

Common Core Devil's Fork

The Devil's Fork Has NINE Prongs!

On January 13, 2007 I published an article on NewsWithViews titled "THE DEVIL'S SEVEN-PRONG FORK." I now recognize a few more prongs in this fork!

Here is a summary of the first seven prongs:
  • Prong One: Semantic Deception, covered by George Orwell in 1984, calls for lying through the deceitful use of words.
  • Prong Two is the constant use of German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Hegel’s (1770-1831) Dialectic in moving persons toward predetermined goals and objectives.
  • Prong Three is the use of Gradualism (put the frog in cold water and gradually turn up the heat until the frog is dead, without having the faintest idea what happened to him.) 
  • Prong Four is Control of the Media. 
  • Prong Five: Endless Money Supply depends on the unconstitutional, private Federal Reserve Bank’s ability to create hundreds of billions of dollars out of thin air, when necessary. 
  • Prong Six relates to control of agenda of Republican and Democrat Parties, allowing only those individuals with an international socialist philosophy to be nominated and, once elected, ensuring they vote the One Party (internationalist) Line.
  • Prong Seven is UN control of education lifelong under the umbrella of the school district (community re-education).

Here are two more PRONGS to add to this madness:
  • Prong Eight: Diversion: Opposition to Common Core while Trojan Horse "tax-funded school choice/charters" with unelected boards (taxation without representation) proceeds without a peep from the public, supported primarily by the Trotskyite neoconservatives! Click on following link for Reed Hastings, Netflix, speech on need to get rid of elected officials! Read my blog post "Charters Kill True Choice" which has the transcript of Hastings talk to the California Charter Schools Association. Read my blog which focuses on this prong!
  • Prong Nine: Marginalization:  Ability to, in effect, "eliminate" opposition by marginalizing. No need to send knowledgeable patriots off to a concentration camp or Gulag. Words of persons who are telling the truth (warning the American people what is coming down the pike if they don't wake up) simply do not appear in controlled major media print or radio or TV. Thank the Good Lord that there are exceptions such as the late Stanley Monteith's radio program, Paul Walter's and some valuable websites/blogs on the Internet. How long will those exceptions be tolerated?   

In the last century opposition to Socialism/ Communism/ Fascism resulted in patriots, like the Russian writer, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, being hauled off to the Gulag (Soviet Union and Communist China), concentration camps (Nazi Germany). In this case citizens could "see" or "hear" what was happening to their neighbors (those exposing the truth) and interpret the reasons for their neighbor's disappearance and perhaps join the resistance.

In the 21st Century patriot resistance is dealt with in a much neater, cleaner, silent way. No more need to break down doors in the middle of the night and drag off to internment. Just marginalize through media control of any opposition.
The silence is deafening! Total control of the media (book reviews, newspapers, radio, and TV) is more effective... much neater and cleaner, since no one, not even your neighbor is aware your voice of opposition is being or has been silenced! No one is aware of the book you wrote or of your letters to the editor (never printed) explaining (defining for your neighbor) what is coming down the pike and calling for citizen resistance.

Your neighbor still knows you live next door, sees you hauling groceries and walking your dog, but doesn't know you spent several hours/days writing a letter to the editor which was never published, or that your efforts to be heard on radio or TV have been fruitless. Perhaps they don't even know you wrote a book documenting exactly what has happened to America and what they can do to hold onto their constitutional freedoms.   

And, just to cover their bases, in case your neighbor should miraculously find out about your attempts to inform others of the treason taking place, the media will spread the word that you are a conspiracy theorist.

The media at the top  knows full well that what we are all being exposed to is  a gigantic conspiracy to destroy Americans' rights to enjoy the rights/privileges spelled out in the U.S. Constitution and put us under a totalitarian world government run by the major corporations in bed with government.  

Your words have been silenced by the enormous power of those in charge of the major media. You might as well be in a concentration camp as far as your ability to get the word out.

Wouldn't we like to have a list of all of us who have been "marginalized"?  All of us anti-communist/United Nations/ New World Order Americans who, when shaving in the morning or putting on our makeup, look in the mirror and see "no one"?
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