Monday, November 17, 2014


Forced Out?... Or Found Out?

An article titled "Tulane's Cowen Institute head, John Ayers, resigns after botched report on New Orleans schools," writer Jessica Williams of The Times-Picayune (New Orleans) reported on 11/10/14 that
John Ayers, executive director of Tulane University's Cowen Institute for Public Education Initiatives, said Monday he is resigning at the end of November. His announcement comes a month after the non-profit research organization retracted its widely cited report on gains in New Orleans high schools because of botched methodology.

The repudiated report used what's called a "value-added" model to predict academic performance at 25 high schools, based on students' socio-economic standing and past testing history. But the researchers' conclusion -- that many high schoolers do better than expected, given their background -- was inaccurate due to their flawed methods, Ayers said. "We apologize for this mistake," Ayers said. [links removed]
An earlier report in The Times-Picayune by this same reporter, "Tulane's Cowen Institute retracts New Orleans schools report, apologizes," (October 10, 2014) stated that
In a high-profile embarrassment, Tulane University's Cowen Institute for Education Initiatives on Friday retracted its widely cited Oct. 1 report on New Orleans public high school performance. The study concluded that most schools are posting higher graduation rates and better test scores than could be expected, given the socio-economic disadvantages of their students....

The repudiated report, "Beating the Odds: Academic Performance and Vulnerable Student Populations in New Orleans Public High Schools," has been removed from the non-profit institute's website. Cowen's executive director, John Ayers, said the research was inaccurate.
John Ayers
"Officials determined the report's methodology was flawed, making its conclusions inaccurate," Ayers said. "The report will not be reissued." The institute plans to "thoroughly examine and strengthen its internal protocols" to ensure its future reports are accurate and have been appropriately reviewed, he said.  [links removed]

Ayers told The Times-Picayune that the flawed report and his sudden departure are unrelated.

Is it possible that, in addition to the high-profile embarrassment discussed above,  that's initial and ongoing exposure of John Ayers' background may have contributed to Ayers resignation?

This blog has covered the following John Ayers' activities:
  1. John Ayers is the brother of Communist building bomber Bill Ayers;
  2.  John is the ex-VP of the Communist-leaning Carnegie Foundation for he Advancement of Teaching;
  3. John created the first eight charter schools in Chicago;
  4. John is involved in implementing, internationally, tax-funded school choice/charter schools with no elected boards;
  5. John has been involved in promoting, internationally, lifelong community education (limited learning for lifelong labor).