Saturday, November 15, 2014


Necessary for the shift from academics
to limited learning for lifelong labor

Robert McNamara

"It is one of the happy incidents of the federal system
that a single courageous state may,
if its citizens choose, serve as a laboratory;
and try novel social and economic experiments
without risk to the rest of the country."

— Justice Louis Brandeis, 1932

Read my new article just posted at titled: "COMMON CORE'S GLOBAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM," By Charlotte Iserbyt, November 15, 2014:

Here is a brief excerpt:

In 1972, Florida's Associate Commissioner of Education, Cecil Golden, said:
“What we’re doing should soon become very visible.” However, he estimates it will take seven to ten years before the program is completely operational....
“Golden says it may sound like a lot of gibberish at this point, but “when we bring it all together” it should produce a more flexible and relevant educational system....
“He said many people in the State Department of Education are working independently on various facets and aspects of the program and, like those assembling the atom bomb, “very few of them understand exactly what they are building, and won’t until we put all the parts together.” “Schools to Try New Program,” The Ledger (Tallahassee), 7/27/72 [bold added]
Was Florida "one single courageous state" (a pilot) or were there many others? And did the citizens of Florida vote on this monumental change which would affect education forever? Commissioner Golden was talking about the use in education of the computerized Planning, Programming, Budgeting System (PPBS), being implemented nationwide today.However, Golden was too optimistic about anyone figuring it out "until we put all the parts together."

Evidently there were many traditional administrators and teachers who had figured it out and who resisted this total shift from academics to PPBS and its Skinnerian outcomes/performance-based education! The parts have been put together since 1985, at least. However... still... nobody, except a handful of academically-oriented teachers and administrators, understands exactly what they are building! Or "wants to understand what they are building?"

How is it possible that since 1972...over a period of 52 years.... nobody, except a few teachers and administrators, has yet figured "it" out?

Martha Spalding, researcher of educational and constitutional issues from New Hampshire, has figured "it" out and she hit the jackpot with discovering the Justice Brandeis quote. Martha wrote to me:

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