Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Common Core Tax Funded Technology

Through Tax-Funded Computer Technology

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This bond did pass in New York on election day: "Late debate over Cuomo's $2 billion school-tech plan: Debate intensifies over Cuomo's $2 billion bond act to fund school technology — Proposition 3, up for vote Tuesday," by Gary Stern, 10/20/14, reported a week before the election that
In the final days before Election Day, supporters and critics of Gov. Andrew Cuomo's $2 billion bond act to fund school technology are stepping forward to sway voters.

Some school officials, politicians and the statewide teachers union NYSUT are among those contending that the bond act — Proposition 3 — would help close the technology gap between affluent and needier school districts.

But critics say the bond act is a Cuomo political ploy and a poorly conceived way to fund limited school needs....
The state Education Department's goal... is for districts to prepare for online tests aligned to the Common Core....
School districts face a choice: Submit investment plans that (state Education Commissioner) John King wants or relinquish any chance of having the plan approved," Tampio said. "And what John King wants is the technological infrastructure to support online Common Core testing." [bold added]

  1. The Communist-inspired School-to-Work polytechnical education system which is closing in all around us!
  2. Control through assessment and computer technology -- tax-funded, hard-wired, and wifi computers for schools and communities to implement lifelong womb-to-tomb learning.
  3. Curriculum content control over all education, including all public, private, religious and home schools.
  4. Implementation of tax-funded school "choice" and/or charters with unelected boards that are not accountable to local citizens, parents or voters.

From an article "SED rethinks computerized testing, plans phase-in over several years," by Eric D. Randall, Oct. 13, 2014, published by the New York School Boards Association:

Last spring, more than 16,000 students in New York State took computer-based tests in a pilot project. This spring, it could be zero.

The State Education Department has slowed down its plan to switch from paper tests to computer-based tests as early as this school year....

Education Commissioner John B. King Jr. has publicly stated that he expects all schools in New York to switch from paper tests to computer-based tests at some point.

“The question is not if there will be computer-based testing but when and how,” King told superintendents at the annual fall conference of the state Council of School Superintendents, which was held in Saratoga. He said he anticipated a “phase-in over the next few years.”...

Wagner said districts should not make technology purchases solely to be ready for computer-based testing. Rather, they should keep that application in mind when they upgrade technology for the purpose of instruction. [bold added]

When you read the above articles remember why computer technology is so important to the future of your child's education. Computers plus Skinner's behavioral psychology equals B.F. Skinner's Programmed Instruction. Recall what B.F. Skinner said: "I could make a pigeon a high achiever by reinforcing it on a proper schedule." (B.F. Skinner: The Man and his Ideas by Richard Evans). Evans added:
... His [Skinner’s] concern for what he believes to be the inadequacy of our formal education system led to applying the principles of operant conditioning to a learning system which he called the teaching machine, but Skinner’s approach is concerned with more than merely methods and techniques. He challenges the very foundations by which man in our society is shaped and controlled. (p. 10)

Skinner said in his book Science and Human Behavior: "Operant conditioning shapes behavior as a sculptor shapes a lump of clay." Read more at my blog post HERE. And be sure to read the month of October's "Skinner Horror Files" that give all of the details and background.

The above Skinner quotes can be found in my book Back to Basics Reform or OBE...Skinnerian International Curriculum* available at This 1985 39-page booklet was boycotted by all conservative organizations nationwide.