Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Common Core Psych Data on Children

Anita Hoge's Call for Student Data Moratorium
Receives National Attention

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 The readers of abcsofdumbdown blog will want to know that the Press Release sent out last week by Pennsylvania parents and citizens generated media attention. Here is what we published on the blog:

Here are some of the other articles that have appeared in the press:

Note this article from the Delaware County News Network by Lois Puglionesi, dated March 24, 2014. In one Pennsylvania school district officials admitted the excessive amount of data collection.  "Student data overload worries Haverford school officials":

School officials at a recent meeting expressed concerns about increasing amounts of data the district is required to submit to Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Information Management System (PIMS).

The longitudinal data system continuously collects information for approximately 1.8 million students, pre-K through college, used to support testing and accountability systems....

PIMS data includes demographic records, courses, assessments, discipline, programs, services and more.

...Haverford annually submits a whopping 15,023,713 fields of information to PIMS.

Student templates total 7,841,600 fields, with 52 fields submitted 26 times throughout the year due to corrections and changes.

“On a regular basis, we are updating and chasing down data,” Keilbaugh said.

“It increases every year,” said Director of Technology Jane Greenspun, “The demands, fields, pieces of information requested from us by the state...It’s substantial and takes a great deal of time from our staff.”

“This is what I call a quiet, unfunded mandate,” Gray said. “All of a sudden you realize you’re spending a small fortune to collect data but you’re not sure why.”