Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Governors Closing Barn Doors After Horse has Bolted!


The above cited article by Dr. Susan Berry, published on Dec. 6, 2014, went on to report the increasing unpopularity of Jeb Bush's continued drive for Common Core:
"With polls showing Republican support for Common Core plummeting, common sense would dictate that Bush call it a day with the nationalized standards, as has been done by other Republicans, such as Maine Gov. Paul LePage..."
Read the remainder of this article. It also goes on to report that
Bush is also the founder and chairman of Foundation for Florida’s Future, a statewide group that says its mission is to “make Florida’s education system a model for the nation.” 

Those familiar with Common Core will note that FEE’s “reform agenda” includes college and career readiness; digital learning; effective teachers and leaders – a goal that observes the need to eliminate tenure and utilize student assessments to determine teacher performance ratings; K-3 reading assessments; outcome-based funding; school choice; standards and accountability – which includes “high academic standards with their progress measured,” and grading schools on an A-F scale.
Not surprisingly, the reform agenda for Foundation for Florida’s Future is nearly identical to that of FEE.

Additionally, Bush has joined with former president of the pro-Common Core Fordham Institute Chester Finn and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Conservatives for Higher Standards, a group that promotes the Common Core standards but whose supporters still call themselves “conservatives.” Among the organization’s supporters are Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN), soon-to-be head of the Senate committee that oversees education; former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour (R); former U.S. Secretary of Education Bill Bennett; Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad (R); Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam (R); former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R); and New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez (R). [links removed, all emphasis added]

Maine Governor Le Page called me one day before his inauguration four years ago (he was re-elected last November!) to ask why I disapproved of charter schools which is the major part of Ex-Gov. Jeb Bush's Foundation for Excellence in Education (FEE) agenda.

[Steve Schran, public school teacher, and I attended a Governor/Maine Commissioner-approved FEE (Bush/Levesque/Jeanne Allen, formerly with Heritage Foundation/former Florida Ed, Supt. Tony Bennett) road show conference that came into Maine with all its bells and whistles two years ago to push for tax-funded public school choice and charters with no elected boards. Steve and I tried to speak against this tax-funded school choice agenda, but were not allowed to do so; in other words we were told to "shut up."]

Continuing with my conversation with Governor LePage:
GOVERNOR: "Mrs. Iserbyt, what problems do you have with charter schools?" And then he gave all the reasons naive Americans have bought into on why charters will save American education from catastrophe.

CHARLOTTE'S RESPONSE: "Charter schools are public schools, Governor. The only difference between a charter school and a public school is that public schools have a school board elected by all the taxpaying voters of the municipality. Charter schools are run by unelected boards/councils.  Therefore, they do not represent the taxpayers who are paying for the schools.  They do not allow taxpayers/parents a say in what goes on in the school.  This is taxation without representation."

GOVERNOR: "Oh, well, we will have to do something about that." 

CHARLOTTE'S RESPONSE: " Governor... if you do something about that, you will be right back where you are now with a public school with an elected school board."

So, four years later, Gov. LePage who became so famous across the country as the conservative Republicans' savior, pushing Communist Core and Tax-Funded School Choice and Charters (with unelected boards) is withdrawing from communist Core?

I have one question left for him, and all the anti-Communist Core tax-funded/ pro school choice Governors, although I doubt he or they will want to talk to me:
"Mr. Governor, do you really believe that your withdrawing Maine from the Communist Core standards is going to get rid of the Communist Core Standards?  Don't you realize that students in tax-funded charter schools, which you support, will have the federally-funded Communist Core once they move out of the public school  system and into a tax-funded public charter school?"
The reason for that is very simple: Communist Core is not new it is just the latest label for the national/international curriculum necessary for the Marxist brainwashing of students for life in a totalitarian global system and for  limited learning for lifelong labor. 



And the parents of those students in the long-planned new form of education (tax-funded charter schools run by unelected councils which is being used in Russia and many other schools internationally as well) won't have anywhere to go to complain about the Communist Core since  charter schools do not have elected school boards."

Is it any wonder Jeb Bush, part of a famous CFR-connected internationalist family, would support this long-planned Communist Core (Marxist planned economy) curriculum?

One almost has to give him credit for sticking to his globalist COMMUNIST CORE principles.
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