Monday, July 7, 2014


Return to the education that Kenny Hignite had in the mid-1950s in central California! 

Go to for 1954 public school test on the U.S. Constitution, 8th Grade, on which Hignite received a score of 98.

Constitution Test - Kenny Hignite - 8th Grade 101Qs -1954-CA-6pgs-EDU.sml.pdf

or click on this, which is the actual url:

This test shows very well what was expected from an eighth grader in the 1950's and gives a great example as to where education today has clearly failed.

A Report From The People LLC, Angela and Karen, 3D Research Group

On the day that we celebrate America's Independence and Exceptionalism, Dr. Sandra Stotsky chose to publish the article "What We Need Instead of Common Core" in which she encourages us to become like the socialist/communist nations of the world (you know, all the rest of them!).

Before you share her article with your contacts (as we are being asked to do), please consider the following:

  1. Dr. Stotsky's recommendations are all based upon tests we parents have never been able to see. UNTIL WE ARE ABLE TO SEE THE EXACT TESTS THAT OUR CHILDREN TAKE AFTER THEY TAKE THEM, we can never trust such conclusions.
  2. Also, to suggest that we become, in anyway, more like socialist and communist countries is unfathomable. Let's take a real look at the Finnish model, shall we?
It would seem that all is NOT so marvelous in Finnish Schools...

Finnish schools demand only that the most basic of educational levels are met. After that, parents are on their own to finance any real education.

It is on the basis of this very basic level that Finland has always scored so well. Finland’s high scores, then, would not be because they are stretching minds and increasing breadth of knowledge. It is more based on:

  1. Has the population being tested met the low educational levels that have been set by UNESCO for Education for All?; and, 
  2. Does the information collected on students demonstrate that the students' values and beliefs are reflective of the standards for the UN’s Education for Sustainable Development (aka Communism)?
The answer to both is a resounding YES; and Finland wins the prize!

Finland began their Common Core type standardization in the 1960s. Given that it is a completely socialist country in which everyone's "needs" as determined by the government elite are provided through unbelievable levels of taxation; and, which was the perfect experimental environment for all of this due to its relative geographic isolation and extremely homogeneous population, it is no wonder that this country has surpassed every other in meeting the UN's and UNESCO's goals.

It is easy to think that it is all rainbows and unicorns in Finland if you only take in the propaganda about how lovely it is that children aren't taught much until they are 7; and, that they are allowed to be children.

However, when you consider that:

  • this nurturing is done largely by the state, not the family--so much so that the state has begun to consider programs in order to get the parents to connect at least a little more with their children to counter the evident and harmful effects such emotional separation has caused;
  • the vast majority of Finnish children are taught VERY LITTLE during the time that they are to reach the standard level expected;
  • the elite then pay for their children to receive the education that the masses do not;
  • even at the most basic level, there is not the equitable distribution of funding and equipment and services that we would expect to see given the fabulous news reports; and,
  • you can top all of that off with the fact that Finland's schools are 100% unionized while remembering the huge role that the unions in the US have played in Common Core development and their collusion with Gates Foundation and TFA and now Charters.
It would seem that all is NOT so marvelous in Finnish schools.

On the other hand, only the U.S.A. can lay claim to The Greatest Generation: highly educated and successful without Standards or Outcome Based Education and Testing.

America knows how to educate better than any country on the planet.

Let's get back to that, shall we?!