Tuesday, July 8, 2014

School "Choice" For Dummies


If someone told you that they could do the following. would you think it was a great idea?
  • Deliver learning and achievement for all students, regardless of race, socioeconomic class with the goal of graduating all students ready for college and the workplace.
  • Develop a new school-focused philosophy that empowers the schools to make more of their own financial and administrative decisions rather than relying on a central oversight board.
  • Establish a new Educational Network Model that organizes schools into small groups, or networks, to provide support, foster collaboration and ensure accountability.
  • Encourage new partnerships with business, faith-based, or community groups to develop programs for learning enrichment and emotional and psychological well-being....[1]
WOW!  That really sounds great, doesn’t it? But wait. Did they tell you how they will do it?
  1. First public and private schools must be turned into Charter Schools. This will put all schools under government control and state accountability regulations.
  2. And… all local school boards must be dissolved. All control would be placed in private hands, and you, as a taxpayer, will have no say in what is being taught to your child. 
  3. Next your child would be tracked for a workforce career starting in the very early grades and assigned a school location and career according to a professional assessment of what is deemed your child’s capabilities.
  4. Next Community Education will become established and the social, psychological, mental and behavioral community experts will assure proper student and family attitudes and adjustment. As parents, you are just a stakeholder so you must share your authority with all the others.
Hmmmmm… is this still sounding so good?

Will those who are promoting Charters, "Choice," Community Education, and transforming and reinventing education tell you that they are under the sway of the very Leftist Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, The Department of Education, and educators who promote a progressive, globalist, and socialistic education?

Will they tell you that one of their champions promoting and helping to spearhead this reinvention of education is none other than John Ayers, brother of Communist terrorist Bill Ayers? John was formerly with the Carnegie Foundation and now works at Tulane University to create a national model for Community Education.

Don’t forget that you no longer have any say and your voting rights as a taxpayer have been taken from you.
By now this should begin to deeply concern you, because your children and American culture are in the process of being “reinvented.”

Is there anyone from the many conservative organizations and foundations, which are strongly supporting Charters and "Choice," able to tell you why they support a system that forces government control of all schools and destroys local control?

Why are Conservative Groups, who have given great lip service to defending our Constitution supporting this unconstitutional and Leftist agenda?

What do you think now?

1. Paraphrased from: "Testimony of Scott S. Cowen Committee on Education and the Workforce Hearing on The Gulf Coast Recovery: Facing Challenges and Coming Back Stronger in Education" (related to the New Orleans charter school agenda), April 26, 2006, http://archives.republicans.edlabor.house.gov/archive/hearings/109th/fc/gulfcoastrecovery042606/cowen.htm

By the 3D Research Group.